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Advise to read Glubbslyme is one of Jacqueline Wilson s earlier novels in which the title is the name of the magical toad that main character Rebecca accidentally befriends This toad has the ability to talk and to cast spells upon others When Rebecca and best friend Sarah fall out, Glubbslyme might just have the perfect spell to bring them back together again.I have read many Jacqueline Wilson books and the reason Glubbslyme stands out for me is because it s quite different from the others in regards to fiction Many of Wilson s books are stories about young girls that could be real life stories, thus relating to the young female readers Glubbslyme has the most amount of imagination in the story line as of course there isn t such a thing as magical toad An interesting twist to this book is that Glubbslyme is hundreds of years old and speaks with old English terminology, teaching the reader a little about history This story still bares as much of an important message about the importance friendship and how you shouldn t judge a book by its cover. @Download Book Ö Glubbslyme ⚠ Glubbslyme You Re Magic When Rebecca Wades Into The Witch S Pond After A Row With Her Best Friend Sarah, She Meets A Very Unusual New Friend A Huge, Warty Toad And Glubbslyme Is No Ordinary Toad Hundreds Of Years Old, He Can Talk And Best Of All He Can Work Magic Maybe, Just Maybe, He Can Help Rebecca Be Best Friends With Sarah Again Ahhh ini buku Jacqueline Wilson pertama yang aku baca dan aku langsung suka dengan gaya bahasanya yang ceplas ceplos Buku ini berkisah tentang seorang anak perempuan bernama Rebecca yang bertemu dengan seekor kodok ajaib di kolam taman Suatu hari Rebecca bertengkar dengan sahabatnya, Sarah, perihal kolam penyihir yang terletak di taman Em Si Rebecca berkali kali menegaskan bahwa kolam tersebut dulunya adalah kolam tempat dibuangnya penyihir penyihir di jaman kuno Karena Sarah dan Mandy, teman Sarah lainnya, nggak ada yang percaya dengan perkataan Rebecca, maka mereka meninggalkan Rebecca yang sedang berusaha membuktikan bahwa kolam tersebut memang kolam penyihir.Saat menceburkan diri di dalam kolam, Kaki Rebecca ditempeli seekor kodok buruk rupa oke, kodok memang jelek, tapi sepertinya kodok di sini lebih jelek lagi rupanya Spesialnya adalah, Kodok ini bisa bicara Dulu ternyata dia adalah famili penyihir yang bernama Rebecca Cockgoldde sedangkan Kodok yang ternyata juga bisa menyihir ini bernama Glubbslyme.Petualangan Rebbeca dan Kodok ajaibnya lucu meski kadang juga mengesalkan Mulai dari belajar terbang sampai mengusili tetangga Rebecca Selain kocak, cerewet, banyak maunya, sok keren dan sarkatis, Si Glubbslyme membuat saya tak bosan membaca buku cerita ini Bahkan dalam setengah jam saja saya sudah merampungkan kisahnya Ditambah huruf yang memanjakan mata dan ilustrasi yang lucu di dalamnya, buku ini cocok dibaca sebagai teman anda di kala perjalanan Sayangnya mungkin ada beberapa kata kasar yang dipakai di buku ini, yang menurut saya belum cocok untuk dibaca anak anak Sayang ya, padahal ceritanya itu lucu bangeett Tak apalah, Glubb bla bla namanya susah buat diucapin kan , aku kasih tiga bintang buat kamu I admit, I haven t read this book in a number of years, so my memory of it is fuzzy, but I am quite sure that this was the book that got me into reading as a younger child, and for that, I owe this book a lot I remember really enjoying it, particularly the injustice of no other characters believing the main protagonist when she tells her friends of Glubbslyme Dame Jacqueline Wilson a very deserved title is, in my opinion, the best contemporary children s writer She writes perfectly, in content, theme, style and accessibility for children from aged 6 to 13 ish of course this varies among children She writes flawlessly for children, I could not find a single fault.She is never patronizing and introduces young people to important life issues such as love, poverty, friendship, adolescence, separated parents, illnesses and so much , in a manner that is accessible and completely appropriate for young people Children challenge themselves with their reading skills as the lexis and syntax are by no means easy but are happy to do so as the plots and characters are so engaging.A fantastic writer, whom I am sure instilled my love of reading and fiction from a young age Glubbslyme is one of the most fantastical of Wilson s books. I used to adore this book as a child Back then it seemed a long book I reread it last night for old times sake, and whilst, obviously, a childrens book, it still raised a smile as well as a few childhood memories DA sweet read for children who like magic and witches I registered a book at BookCrossing.com I ve had a bad day and this was the perfect remedy Such a cute little story about a very distinguished frog. This book is full of laughter and entertainment and I really enjoyed reading it It is a about a girl, Rebecca, who jumps in a witches pond after an argument with her friend Sarah She then befriends a talking frog called Glubbslyme who can also do magic They both have great adventures together This book mainly deals with two girls who do not get along with each other but the good thing, at the end of the story, is that Rebecca is brave, as she decides to go and be nice to her enemy Children, ages 7 10, would particularly enjoy reading it as they would be able to relate to the issues the characters in the story deals with Jacqeline Wilson books are great to read because she writes about challenging themes and topics that young children face and are able to relate to the different situations This would also be great for independent reading.