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Abandoned It s a collection of short stories from I think the eighteen hundreds The first three I read were all about Italian renaissance families and I just don t give a shit nothing get s weird enough to really hold my attention and it is just a chore to read I might give it another shot some day, but I have books I m interested in reading waiting to be read. the short stories are lovely [Read Book] ☣ The Virgin of the Seven Daggers: Excursions into Fantasy ☩ The Brutal Don Juan An Unrepentant Sinner Makes A Pact With The Virgin Of The Seven Daggers He Promises To Forever Proclaim Her Supreme Beauty And Asks That In Return She Save Him From DamnationEmboldened By The Deal And Driven By Insatiable Greed, He Embarks On A Necromantic Journey To An Enchanted Palace Beneath The Alhambra In An Orgy Of Beasts, Demons And Slumbering Infantas Don Juan Is Called Upon To Uphold His Side Of The Bargain And In Doing So Lose Everything His Lustful Heart DesiresContents Prince Alberic And The Snake LadyA Wedding ChestAmour DureA Wicked VoiceThe Legend Of Madame KrasinskaThe Virgin Of The Seven Daggers Some gems Some less than riveting tales Worth the read if you life ekphrastic horror stories. She writes like Cezanne paints, lots of colors and probably pretty shocking for its time Is this review pretentious sounding Probably, but still true Loved it. My review of the short story A Wicked Voice A great read for fans of fantasy short fiction and Gothic literature. It s safe to say I m pretty bummed that I bought this book It s supposed to be short story horror, which is my FAVORITE These stories were written in the late 1800 s early 1900 s and I ve read plenty of horror from that time period, so I knew what to expect However I just felt super let down by all of these I honestly didn t truly enjoy any of them The only one I felt was halfway decent was the Snake Lady story but I mean it still wasn t great I ll probably only end up keeping this one on my shelf because I like the cover so much. These are supernatural horror stories full of things that cause obsessions read at Prince Alberic and the Snake Lady A Wedding Chest on the eve of a wedding, the bride is stolen by the lord s son 3 stars Amour DureA Wicked VoiceThe Legend of Madame KrasinskaThe Virgin of the Seven Daggers