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5 Burn StarsI gotta say I wanted Blaine and I GOT BLAINE That man is all kinds of discipline smexy Alpha AF male and I seriously wouldn t mind calling that man Daddy if he swung my way Sorry, Ronan Talk about a man comfortable in his own skin and in total control even when it looks like he might lose it, he does and it s.And then there s Xavi They always say, never judge a book by it s cover, and boy does it apply here I hurt for him I wanted to Gibbs smack him I wanted to hug him and in the end Well, I kinda loved him almost as much as Blaine.Their journey is a quick one and for all the smexy going on, it s also an emotional one that pulls at those heart strings even as your panties are meltinga somewhat strange combination, but it totally worked for me.So, if you re looking for a quicky, smexy as hell MM read then this one is for youCopy provided by Just Another Book Bitch voluntarily reviewed #Free Epub ß Hurt Me Í From International Bestselling Authors, Ker Dukey And K Webster Comes A Fast Paced, Hot, MM Instalove Standalone Lunchtime Read From Their KKinky Reads Collection I Got My Dream From A Young Age The Lead Singer Of One Of The Most Popular Bands In The World Berlin Scandal I M A Rock God But Underneath The Fa Ade Of Living The Dream Is Dark Secret Consuming Me Angry Lyrics And A Brooding Attitude Propelled My Career Getting Wasted And Lashing Out Behind The Scenes Could Be My Downfall I M Spiraling And Don T Know How To Stop The Descent Now My Record Label Has Issued Me A Babysitter Blaine Mannford, A Hardass Detective With A Dark Thirst And He S Looking At Me Like I Can Quench It He S Not My Type In Ways Than One Bossy Forceful Firm A Man I Don T Like Cops And I Don T Like Him Unfortunately, He Likes It When I Fight Him Enjoys Punishing Me How He Sees Fit I M Screwed Up In The Head, Because I M A Willing Player In His Dirty Game I Want Him To Hurt Me This Is A Steamy, Kinky Romance With A Small Amount Of BDSM Themes Sure To Make You Blush A Perfect Combination Of Sexy And Intense You Can Devour In One Sitting You Ll Get A Happy Ending That Ll Make You Swoon OUT NOW UK AUS CA sweet, sexy and intenseand of course HOT Xavi our tortured rock star has some SERIOUS emotional baggage to the point he s self destructivea bomb ready to explode Blaine is our tough, gritty cop with an innate need to set troubled boys on the right path This book is beyond heatit s passion and tangled hearts and finding a new path that doesn t hurt so much 3 Standalone 3 Enemies to lovers3 Age gap3 Gay romance with straight to bisexual journey for one character 3 Kindle Unlimited Damnnnnnthis book is H.O.T I m gonna put it out there and say it s my favourite of the KKinky Reads Collection so far Blaine and Xavi have insane chemistry and I could have kept on reading their story all night. You re a good boy but I m going to fuck you like you re a bad one num num num.Normally i dont like to read characters like who think he is not gay in homophobic and fractious way Xavi is not like this he think and keep repeating i m not gay but this situation is different this one has been well connected with his past, you saying like oh god i got it babe im so sorry I like that.Blaine is in charge He knows his place, he is not pushing or forcing the opening scene with a OM before they met was smth i just giggle and was like omg delicious possessive kinky fatherfucker.No role play safe bdsm Age gap MM romance with a confused and troubled young man rock god a dominant and firm cop with daddy vibe dont get wrong with fight and punish game , book is not dark.I m giving 4 stars bc storyline was compatible with blurb if you read Dane, you know what i mean my review of Dane but imma good girlxoxoxoiko Show me See me Please me Burn burn burn Hurt Me is the new addition of Ker Dukey and K Webster s KKinky Reads collection Short, compelling and scorching hot, this novella is a treat you re going to devour.I like to call these books my little treats because they are shots of emotions that you could eat, I mean, read all day long.Xavi is the lead singer of a rock band Tormented by guilt since his best friend overdosed, he is spiraling down Blaine, is the cop the manager of the band calls when things get heated and out of hand.When the dominant cop decide to take the young singer under his wing intensity skyrockets.I loved Xavi s struggle and the way he fights his emotions and feelings Insta connection mixed with insta lust, but will Xavi find the acceptance he craves through Blaine s rules Fans but not only of M M romance will love the rawness of this relationship Well done, ladies I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED AN ARC COPY OF THIS BOOK THANK YOU I have feelings and I want words cries You get the best of both worlds with this one Hurt Me is not only sexy AF, but it s also passionate and emotional and powerful These ladies can deliver on thesexy , we all know that but when they mix in an emotional ride that grabs your heart and doesn t let go, they become a powerhouse writing duoI really wanted this story to continueXavi was the best kind of tortured character and Blaine was just the perfect match for him There is depth in this short story that you do not normally see in kinky reads and oh the layers I meandaaaaayum , I love this world these ladies have created and keep expanding on It s just the best kind of afternoon escape and every time I read a new one, it becomes my favorite 4.5 StarsAt 20 years old, Xavi Jacobs is the lead singer of the world famous rock band Berlin Scandal Often causing pain from reckless behavior, Xavi is headed down a path of self destruction However, hot cop Blaine Mannford is a dominating presence quite willing to offer Xavi a firm hand With combustible chemistry, it s just a matter of time before it all explodes Beneath the angry exterior is a very broken boy He needs someone to put him back together For so long, Xavi has been hurting and hiding his true self from everyone, but Blaine pierces that outer shell As they spend time together, their attraction to each other exponentially increases and Blaine is happy to give Xavi exactly what he needs I m going to whip the fuck out of you, and then you re going to ride my dick like a good boy Ever since Xavi and Blaine were first mentioned in a previous book from this collection, I was hoping they would get their own story The hotness is high in this one with Blaine acting often like a Daddy Dom giving Xavi a proper punishment In addition to the kink and dirty talk, there is also a tenderness to their relationship and I liked how Blaine offered a safe space for Xavi Hurt Me is a steamy MM romance with elements of kinkery that is sure to make your Kindle combust This story will appeal to those who are looking for a hot quickie with the theme of acceptance.KKinky Reads CollectionAn ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review This was a F BR with Twinsie Hawkey For reviews reveals giveaways visit Beneath the angry exterior is a very broken boy He needs someone to put him back together.Bad boy rockstar who is self destructing, because he doesn t know how to and is afraid to open up Hot cop who is willing to whip him into shape This one is a little bit emotional and even had me tearing up a little bit Other than that it s a smutty M M romance that s a quick and easy read