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The Frozen Witch Academy Magic Book 4This was another winner I just love this author and her books She writes wonderful characters and great storylines and wonderful love stories I highly recommend all her books to everyone who loves witches, paranormal characters and a good love story Diana Romano If I could give this book a million stars, I would in a heartbeat Chandelle just keeps getting better and better I ve been in love with the Coven since the start, and this new instalment will NOT DISAPPOINT It had everything, and the writing is absolutely flawless Chandelle is up there with the greats of writers in my opinion The story has all the emotions, the characters are stunning and the world we re thrust into has so much adventure that you will definitely read this book in a day I have no words for how much this story is fantastic Epic The story starts right where we re left off in book 3 and that ending You ll be hanging for the next book Chandelle has out done herself with this series and this book will make you laugh, cry and scream Love love love I received an arc for an honest review Read Pdf ☪ The Frozen Witch (The Coven: Academy Magic #4) ☣ My Magic Runs Ice ColdI Am JudgementI Ve Gone From Human To Witch To Now Coven Member It S Amazing, Awesome, And Entirely Overwhelming I M Scared Out Of My Mind Right Now I Shouldn T Be, I Know That I Finally Have Real Magic I Have Elemental Magic I Have Ice At My Fingertips And Its The Deadliest Weapon I Ve Ever SeenBut Now I Can T Run From Joseph I Have Power And With That Comes Responsibility Our War Is Getting Dangerous By The Day And Now I Have To Face Him Head On The Frozen Witch Takes A Chilly Turn For This Sharp Witted Heroine And Swoon Worthy Hero Their Epic Rollercoaster Romance Set Inside A Magical Academy Is Only Just Getting Started Fans Of The Mortal Instruments, Twilight, Or Harry Potter Will Love Chandelle LaVaun S Brand New Urban Fantasy Series So that just happened Jackson completed his mission for the Archangel Michael Bettina and him are back in Eden where she s finally a full fledged member of the Coven now that she has her mark Joseph has amped up his attacks on not only the Arcane but also the humans around The question becomes how to stop him and why does he seem to be two steps ahead of them The action keeps ramping up with each book The induction of new characters is flawless, everything just flows together seamlessly that you wantfrom all of them not just your favorites After I finish one book, I get a serious book hangover that I can t wait for the next adventure to begin. Seriously this one of the most amazing and completely addicting books series ever This is the fourth book in Jackson and Bettina s story and still just gets better and better with every new book I absolutely love this authors writing style and the world she built with every single character will have you hooked from the very first page and not let you go I was so excited to be able to read this book to see if we get some of the answers that everyone is desperate to know and to see what was going to happen to the coven, family and friends This one definitely had my emotions all over and one I could not get enough of Now I am anxiously waiting for the next book to find out what s going to happen with them next Just absolutely freaking amazing story If you like a book full of gripping battles, intense emotions, magic, mystery and unbound fantasy then look no further than The Coven Academy series books Chandelle LaVaun will take you away from your reality and invaded your world with characters full of life and vitality in a world you won t question that it s hard to remember its not your own I love this group and the love story that runs alongside it, which once again bought me to my knees My husband thought I was crazy as I cried and cried as my hopefulness continued to turn to heartache for my favourite characters in this series Each book gives mequestions than answers asandthings are revealed Chandelle LaVaun certainly has no intention of letting go of her readers with her impenetrable, storylines and striking strong, distinct unrestrained imagination with a pen full of wonderful powerful descriptive emotional phraseology Now once again I m desperate for the next book in this fantastical series. The Frozen Witch The Coven Academy Magic Book 4 By Chandelle LaVaun 5 Stars May Contain Some Spoilers I will try my absolute best to keep spoilers to a minimum or completely out of my review Sometimes it can be hard to do so.Wow this was an emotional rollercoaster More fighting between the Coven and Joseph Somehow Joseph knows everything the Coven is doing There is a trader among the Coven Even with Jackson having a soulmate, he Tina spend time together Jackson is sent on a mission to locate his soulmate and get her to safety Jackson has to also see if the coma girl is the tower card I absolutely lost it when Tina finds out about Jackson s mission I cried while reading that whole chapter Oh, some craziness goes down with Saffie I didn t see that twist coming I highly recommend this book series I have Kindle Unlimited, and I used that service to read this book. OMG I love this series A total rollercoaster that has had me hooked from the start and this latest addition is every bit as good Fantastic storyline in a fantastic world built by this author with awesome characters it s fast paced and filled with twists and turns , magic and fantastic fight scenes, you will not be able to put this down Omg this book was so unbelievably awesome I ve cried like a baby , laughed so hard I ve had tears B is a badass Queen and she s proven that time and time again Jackson s family is awesome especially his mom and granny I loved their characters I can t wait forto come. I swear Chandelle is trying to kill me I m not even going to lie, I have such high expectations for this series book And once again she has blown me away I mean my gosh, the romance, the drama the epic fight scenes This book has it all One of the things I seriously loved about this book is all the character growth And can we talk about the plot progression Everything happens so organically, nothing felt forced in this book Yes, Joseph is still at it He is causing so much death and destruction even towards the human and seems to always be one step ahead of our team Almost as if he had someone in the inside There is definitely a betrayal, One I at least didn t see coming If you know Chandelle you know she loves her twist and turns and boy do you get a lot Side note Bettina is such a badass in this book She has grown into her powers so much and I live for her friendship with Tegan But Tegan and her stunts nearly gave me a heart attack in this book, poor Tenn One another note, Jackson just finished one mission to be sent on another to find our tower and location of his soulmate while the others are in Eden fighting There is one scene in this book that really made me tear up not going to lie I truly can t wait until December to find out what happens next in their epic journey.I received this book an an Arc for my honest opinion.