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ARC received for reviewA great friends to lovers story Kozart had a sh t childhood and Aubrey had a sh t night As their friendship develops so does their love Of course, there has to be rock star drama thrown in, but love conquers all in the end I wonder if the author has any plans for the rest of the group or for her friends to get HEAs. 3.5 stars I really enjoyed Kozart and Aubrey s story It was such a good mix of humor and heartache Especially Kozart and his past His character progression was great I just had a problem with the plot point that caused the angst It seemed pretty unrealistic and weak to me Music fans don t really care if the musicians are in a relationship I m just glad he finally came to his senses and realized he is allowed to live his own life. This for me is the perfect example of a 3 read.It s a nice easy, enjoyable book It has likeable characters and a feel good ending.While as a rule I m not a fan or rock star or sports star romances The blurb for this intrigued me.Like I said it s a nice easy read I never felt I d really got to know either of the characters, especially Aubrey.At times when Kozart opened up about his past I truly felt for himWhy not He shrugged It s mine And I don t have to share it unless I want to My heart splintered He d never had anything of his own This was his, and no one could take it away from him Thanks for sharing it with me He said nothing.Aubrey on the other hand was all over the place I never really got a lock on her.As a result I wasn t fully committed to them and their relationship.So while it s a pleasant read it s not a book that will stay with me or one that I ll ever re read.I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley. REVIEW 4.5 STARS I want to text you every day and talk to you every nightThe minute I read this synopsis, I knew I had to read it I am always looking for the next rockstar book to make me fall in love with the genre again Some are hit and miss, but I keep coming back for Well, I feel like this hit every rockstar fantasy that I could think of Grand gestures, a realization that you re the one, being swept up in the whirlwind of a high profile romance I loved it all I am still smiling while I am writing my review What a great book I love the way J Nathan pulled me in with this one The synopsis obviously had me excited for how the book was going to go, but knowing how she has written before, I wondered how she was going to get the story across with the grit it needed A rockstar and a college student I mean, c mon If you think about it, that would be a very difficult thing Studying, tests, world tours, traveling, love, drama.and other women Mmm mmm Newp That was going to get hairy pretty quickly AND I WAS HERE FOR ITI m still smiling While the story was getting set up, the meeting between Kozart and Aubrey was nothing short of smile inducing and giggle producing I absolutely adored their meeting and their banter was spot on It was completely pivotal to the entire storyline but also what carried it throughout, and that made me sigh Their dynamic worked so well for me I didn t question much, and if I tried to there was a viable explanation immediately following I just loved the flow of the book, the story, the loveALL of it It made my day reading this oneand.still smiling Kozart was not your typical looking rocker to me, so the cover threw me for a loop when I saw it, but as I read his story and his personality came out, it was so fitting for him ForhimI was absolutely smitten with Kozart I liked his vulnerability I liked the way he was truly the Rock God , but I enjoyed the intimate side of him that came out when his world got rocked by Aubrey pun intended I think the best part, for me, was that sense of normalcy only Aubrey could provide She was just a littleand her strength and understanding made me love her But, along with that comes the worst part, and that was realized early on The added scrutiny you would get being in the public s eye talk about intense To be in their position What a conundrum not only was he in, but she was too Holy cow J Nathan gave me a story that had me thinking and smiling 95% of the time Clearly there is some drama to work through, but that was easily followed and understood Even though I may not have liked it, it was a nice, due course that needed to play out in the story and it worked perfectly welland I m still smilingsee a pattern I m pretty sure J Nathan is the sweet to my bitter I like the angsty, heavy hitting books she writes the perfect sweetness with a hold on your heart I like the triangles she hates and love the alphas she loves I am pretty sure we are soul sisters stalker same thing because margaritas This was my favorite book by her and cannot wait to read I am sincerely hoping she gives the band members each a story as well because I like what she s done with Kozart s story, but there is to be toldFailure s not an option BEEPURCHASE LINKS AA LINK HERE TO WIN AN ECOPY Kozart was a great take on the rockstar story I liked that this was a bit different, a bit sweeter than many of the books you ll find in this trope Kozart, the man, isn t your typical manwhore rock god, who thinks he s God s gift to women Yes, he pretty much holds the world in the palm of his hand, but he needs than the fame, fans, and fortune being in a band brings him Enter Aubrey When Kozart meets Aubrey, someone who has absolutely no idea who he is, he realizes what his life has been missing Although their relationship may have started out unconventionally, I liked that they worked their way back to friendship and then to much than friends.Of course you can t have a book about a rockstar without at least a little drama, and while it was somewhat predictable why didn t you just trust him like he asked Aubrey I appreciated that it wasn t drawn out I really enjoyed Kozart and Aubrey They were exactly who the other needed, even if a relationship was the last thing they were looking for. Very good new adult rockstar romanceI completely enjoyed this romance between jaded rockstar Kozart Z Savage and college student Aubrey who meet in the bar at a hotel after Kozart starts getting sick of the rock n roll party, sex with groupie lifestyle and Aubrey finds her boyfriend cheating on her at her sisters wedding with another bridesmaid.Aubrey is a bit drunk and is a Country music fan so she has no idea who she is talking to, and Kozart likes that, he also feels like standing up for her so he takes her back to the wedding so she can show everyone she is not defeated From there they start texting and learning about each other I like the fact that the relationship develops before they actually have sex Also Kozart has some issues from his childhood in foster care and Aubrey helps with those They deal with issues about him being famous and paparazzi and not wanting it to get out that they are dating as well as issues of him being on tour an possibly seeing other people It is very well done and I ended up really liking both characters. I loved this book I ve read J Nathan s For You series and really liked it, but this blows those out of the water Kozart and Aubrey were amazing characters, well developed with great chemistry The back and forth narration was done so well and my heart broke for both of them Aubrey is such a strong female and her sarcasm was fun Kozart is sexy and sweet and I totally fell for him I highly recommend this book *Free Kindle ☝ Kozart ⇯ Kozart Savage Is The World S Biggest Rock Star At Twenty Five, He S Got It All Money Fame And The Adoration Of Fans Everywhere He Thought That Was Enough To Make Him Forget His Past Enough To Transform His Distrusting Heart Turns Out That S Not How It Works Then He Meets A Bridesmaid Hiding Out In A Hotel Bar Probably The Only Girl On The Planet Who Doesn T Know Who He Is But She Seems To Be The One Girl Who Can Give Him Something No One Else Can Aubrey Prescott Just Discovered Her Boyfriend Cheating At Her Sister S Wedding Trying To Escape Humiliation, She Seeks Refuge In A Hotel Bar While Trying To Figure Out How To Pick Up The Pieces Of What Was Supposed To Be An Amazing Senior Year In College, A Handsome Stranger Interrupts Her Wallowing A Stranger Who Quickly Makes Her Forget Why She S There One Who, After An Unforgettable Night, Disappears Without A Second Glance But Walking Away Doesn T Always Mean Letting Someone Go Because he would break my heart Maybe not purposely, but it was inevitableAs I ve come to expect from this author, once I started reading putting the book down was no longer an option She threw me right into the scene where Aubrey gets rescued by a rock star at her sister s wedding, without even realizing who he was Even if he had told her, she still wouldn t have known who he was I m sure that s where the attraction started for him How refreshing it must have been to not be groped by groupies but instead try to convince a beautiful girl that rock music is better than her beloved country songs.I must say, I was entertained from start to finish The banter between Kozart and Aubrey was so fun She didn t fall all over herself trying to please him, she threw sass, and he liked it He felt like he could be himself with her, he didn t have to perform for her But, once she learned the truth, would she still be interested He was on a concert tour, and he couldn t stick around to see where things could go between them So, best not to make any promises, right I loved this story so hard I m smiling right now just telling you about it I didn t want it to end I don t know what the author has for us next, but I m ready The line forms here I was gifted a copy for an honest review.I love a rock star book and I really enjoyed this one Once I started, I couldn t put it down Kozart and Aubrey meet she has no idea who he is and she was mildly drunk after finding her boyfriend with someone else at her sister s wedding What begins is a friendship that develops in to something Kozart has had a troubled life and Aubrey just gets him and they get on really well Then comes along the obvious need for them to split management say he needs to be with someone famous yada yada yada He asks Aubrey to trust him but didn t tell her what was going on It would have been nice if this had played differently in that she did trust him and see the relationship build from there They do eventually get their HEA which is great as they are suited much than her douche of an ex