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Adventure, magic, mystery, sisterly bond and romance all you need sometimes Like the other books before, this book had me completely glued to my kindle But what I loved about this one in particular was the different types of love that were featured, between sisters and especially between Nymia and Ella I love seeing how all the characters have become connected and continue to help one another break their curses All I can say now is that I can t wait to hear about Aerewyn s story and get some mermaid action A great addition to the series I loved hearing about the fairies and what happened with the worlds I enjoyed the characters and the twisted fairy tale retelling through curses, magic and love. #READ BOOK Ã Chasing Midnight (Once Upon A Curse, #3) Ú This Faerie Godmother Has An Agenda Of Her Own Don T Miss CHASING MIDNIGHT, A Fantasy Romance From Bestselling Author Kaitlyn Davis That Reimagines The Classic Fairy Tale Of CinderellaI Could Redeem Myself If I Wanted To I Could Help Them But I Won T I M The Villain Of Their Story, Because It S The Only Way To Be The Hero Of Mine Hundreds Of Years Ago, Humans Learned The Secret To Sealing Magic Beneath Their Skin And Stole It From The World Faeries Reverted Back To Flowers Shifters Remained Trapped In Their Animal Forms Mermaids Turned To Foam And The Magical Creatures Who Survived Vowed RevengeNymia Is One Of Those Survivors, A Faerie Brought Back To Life By The Return Of Her Magic When She Finds A Human Girl Named Ella With Her Sister S Power Trapped Beneath Her Skin, She Ll Do Anything To Get Her Back, Including Kill There S Only One Problem This Isn T The World She Remembers Humans Here Have A Power All Their Own Technology And When A Human Prince Sees Her Using Magic, He Ll Use Every Invention At His Disposal To Track Her Down The Countdown Is On, And Time Is Running Out Nymia Needs To Find Ella, Take Back Her Sister S Magic, And Escape The Determined Prince Before The Clock Strikes Twelve, Or She Might Not Make It Out Of His City Alive This Is The Third Book In Once Upon A Curse, A Series Of Interconnected Stand Alone Novels All Set In The Same Fantasy Universe I was kind of hoping this would be out by now but obviously, that hasn t happened.I m going to go cry in my corner, brb.Update 5 12 19 Hi I just checked my email and omg is that a cover reveal host sign up for Chasing Midnight AYE, SIGN ME UP PLS.Update 6 3 19 Just wanted to say the cover drops in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is at midnight EST And yes, ya girl is helping reveal the cover come drop by Bookwyrming Thoughts in a few hours wink wink nudge nudge Okay, that was total shameless self promo I will now exit. A review will be on my blog August 26th as part of a blog tour. The author publisher provided a free copy of the book for review purposes thank you Receiving a review copy does not guarantee a positive review and therefore do not affect the opinion or content of the review. Going into Chasing Midnight and into the fantasy world Davis created in Gathering Frost and Withering Rose two years later felt as awkward as me in any social situation, only with a smol memory So I kind of spent some time wondering when the Cinderella vibes would come in when in reality I forgot about the synopsis The third book in the Once Upon a Curse series has got to be my favorite book It almost made me cry at the end If I had the ability to cry from reading.Chasing Midnight connects both of the previous books together, with appearances or mentions of the past mains It s exciting to see all of the stories come together especially since we re nearing the end of the series.But what makes this book top the previous books isn t just how neatly all three books connect The story follows a faerie named Nymia, and she s like all of my favorite villain stories She s full of evil and stabby vibes, but secretly soft and precious because she s been through a lot We learn her magic is stolen and returns centuries later She wants revenge for her fellow magical creatures and she spills blood mercilessly She wakes up again to an entirely different world years later Oh, and she ll do whatever it takes to get her sister back when she finds out her sister s magic is trapped under a girl named Ella Ella and Frederick are a delight Other than Nymia, who is soft and precious and must be Protected , her companions who join her for most of the journey were a delight Much of Chasing Midnight focuses on Nymia s struggle and building backstory to the series While it s interesting to read, having Ella and Frederick were fun to have in the story and made the retelling enjoyable They also play a huge role in Nymia s character development Chasing Midnight is Nymia s constant battle as she is forced to return Ella back to her sister As Nymia gets to know Ella and learns to navigate the world she finds herself in, she s deciding if she should mercilessly continue her revenge, or if there s another way around it This book is about two people who lose their sisters in different ways but the universe decides to force their stories together It s also how different communities can come together I just love seeing this happen throughout Chasing Midnight through character interactions and their various stories that bring them together.And it s so seamlessly put together maybe I ll actually cry because it s beautiful I m excited for the release of Parting Worlds and seeing the final piece of the story come together This review was originally posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts Many, many, many years humans found out about magic and wanted it for themselves Humans wanted magic so bad that they were willing to do anything to have it and do anything they did Humans finally got their hands on magic by stealing it but it came at a price it came with a curse attached to it When humans stole magic for themselves it took away magic from all magical creatures killing them One of the survivors was a faerie Nymia who was brought back to life when her magic was restored to her Nymia goal now is to find her sister Aerewyn and bring her back to life but for her to do this she will have to find the girl Ella who has her sister s magic and take it from so she can return it to Aerewyn Nymia will do whatever it takes to bring her sister back even if it means she will have to kill for it.Chasing Midnight is a fast paced read that had me hooked from the first page with one minute rooting for Nymia to find her sister and bring her back to life and then the next rooting for Ella that somehow she would be kept safe Once I picked up Chasing Midnight I was racing through the pages rooting for both Nymia and Ella at the same time wanting to know how it all turns out in the end All the characters are very loveable people whom you can t help but like Each character has their own personality and you find yourself caring for them in different ways for different reasons.I really like how each character s story from the first two books, Gathering Frost book 1 and Withering Rose book 2 was woven into Nymia and Ella s story and each being from different fairy tells so cool I have really and truly loved reading all of the books in the Once Upon a Curse series and can t wait for the next book Parting Worlds book 4 This is one series that I highly recommend to anyone who has ever read a fairy tale One click yourself a copy of each book today and begin the wonderful adventure that is waiting in each My suggest begin with Gathering Frost book 1 and then on to Withering Rose book 2 and last but not least Chasing Midnight book 3. I could redeem myself if I wanted to I could help them But I won t I m the villain of their story, because it s the only way to be the hero of mine Hundreds of years ago, humans learned the secret to sealing magic beneath their skin and stole it from the world Faeries reverted back to flowers Shifters remained trapped in their animal forms Mermaids turned to foam And the magical creatures who survived vowed revenge.Nymia is one of those survivors, a faerie brought back to life by the return of her magic When she finds a human girl named Ella with her sister s power trapped beneath her skin, she ll do anything to get her back, including kill.There s only one problem.This isn t the world she remembers Humans here have a power all their own technology And when a human prince sees her using magic, he ll use every invention at his disposal to track her down The countdown is on, and time is running out Nymia needs to find Ella, take back her sister s magic, and escape the determined prince before the clock strikes twelve, or she might not make it out of his city aliveThis is such a magnificent retelling of this fairy tale This one just completely blew me away.Wonderful story line and plot that has a mystery in this one.Love the characters that have been created and loved reading about them.This author really knows how to take fairy tales to another level with her writing.Really enjoyed reading and recommend this one and the whole series.I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. 7 29 19 Update In case you missed it, I announced a pre order giveaway campaign on my blog Anyone who lives in the US who pre orders a copy is eligible to receive these three exclusive Once Upon a Curse bookmarks Check out the official announcement for all the details s a preview of the bookmarks I also posted a few teasers The first chapter reveal will be coming up next Tuesday, so stay tuned 6 4 19 Update The cover reveal was today I hope you love it Chasing Midnight is also now available to pre order It s all happening Here are some links iBooks Google Play BN Kobo Smashwords To everyone who has been waiting so long for this book, THANK YOU The time for an update reel is finally here Woohoo Chasing Midnight will be going on sale in August 2019, and I will have pre order links available in the next few weeks The cover reveal will be in early June, so for now, here s a quick teaser to hopefully get you all excited I can t wait to share Stay tuned I have to admit at first I was very excited to read this book as I had read the previous two in the series a while back and loved them Gathering Frost in February 2015 and Withering Rose in May 2016 I m not sure if it s the fact that it has been at least 3.5 years since I read the last book and my reading tastes have changed but I didn t enjoy this one as much as I had hoped I would as the last couple of years I have focused my reading on contemporary NA romances rather than fantasy novels Chasing Midnight is a Cinderella rendition as well which is why I thought I would love it but to me it was a borderline three star read In this book we meet Nymia who is a faerie with magical powers when the big earthquake happened and the world of magic got sucked to the human world and entered their spirits, her sister s faerie magic ended up in Omorose whom we know from the previous two books In Chasing Midnight, Nymia has rescued her sister s power or so she thinks, but when things go awry she must now navigate herself in the human world along with Prince Cole to find Omorose s sister who now holds the power of the faeries Can they do that or at least find a spell to turn back the clock before it s too late and Nymia would have failed for good One of the things I have loved about this series is that each book has the most amazing cover and if you do love YA fairytale renditions and fantasy then you will enjoy the Once Upon A Curse series by Kaitlyn Davis.