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Spoilers So, to recap Thea suffered a traumatic brain injury Her reality is then limited to five minute intervals Necessitating a stay at a sanitarium Where she meets Jim who recently started working thereThea gets a chance to lead a normal life after an experimental treatment She and Jim run off to NYC to live life to its fullest They fall in loveBut, noTragedy strikes againBack to the sanitarium Jim vows to stay with her forever 18 months and change laterShe s back on different medsThe love birds marry and all their dreams come trueThe end I m sorry, but dear lawd that was another level of boredom I never want to experience ever again I m sorry, okay KeepMeSafeKeepMeWildA FIVE MINUTE LIFE Is a full length, stand alone, romance novel by Emma Scott Spoken in Dual Perspectives God how do you write up a review for perfection You can t You just do what I did and shove it on your favourite shelf of 2019 This book was beyond amazing I don t know how Emma Scott does it but she just goes from strength to strength, leaving us the readers spell bound in her wake A five minute life took me by complete surprise, within a few pages and I was eating out of the palm of this author s hand, devouring her written words, like the speed of lightning I d finished it in record time, faster than I ve ever read before, I absolutely loved the journey she took me on I can t convey how much I loved this story For me this was a fast burn, that bitch got its claws into me right from the beginning This made my rainy day Sunday perfect Utterly unique, utterly unputdownable, utterly captivating, utterly and wholeheartedly in love with this book More than once my heart broke..More than once I got tears in my eyes Remember uswhen I can t.Two years ago at the age of twenty one the life Thea knew ended, just like that, in a blink of an eye she was never going to be the same again Lost in darkness An unheard voice screaming to be heard She has the second worst recorded case in history of amnesiaHer long and short term memory are shot to hell She s got no memory of her life before the accident, and no memory of her life now She d lost so much..She used to attend art college and was considered one of the most talented with a bright future in front of her But the thing is..She just doesn t know it She doesn t remember anything You see Thea Hughes has a brain that resets itself after every five minutes Now she s living at Blue Ridge Sanitarium where long term permanent brain injury patients resideShe has a few minutes of consciousness then she has to start over She resetsHow long has it been I ask the beautiful man Two years, he says in a low voice, almost a whisper But the doctors are working on your case He s right The doctors are working on my case That s one of the Things I Know.My name is Thea Hughes.There s been an accident.The doctors are working on my case And like a broken record those questions get asked many many times throughout the day Enter twenty four year old Jim Whelan he s the newly appointed orderly at Blue Ridge Sanitarium Jim s first meeting with Thea was so heartbreaking, so soul crushing, so utterly unfair Along with Jim s my heart got shattered But slowly as their tale unravels the author puts me back together again I ve tried to make this review as spoiler free as I could This book right here is a must one click, go in blind, and I hope you love it as much as did. @READ DOWNLOAD ⚛ A Five-Minute Life ⚶ Remember Uswhen I Can TThea Hughes Has Five Minutes To LiveA Car Accident Stole Her Parents And Left Her With The Second Worst Documented Case Of Amnesia In The World She Now Has Only Minutes Of Experiences, Of Consciousness, Of Life Before Her Memory Is Wiped Clean The Once Effervescent Artist With A Promising Future Is Reduced To Scribbling With Pens And Paper, Living An Empty, Quiet Life, Three Hundred Seconds At A TimeJim Whelan Is On AutopilotA Foster Kid Shuffled Around The System Since Birth, He S Lived His Entire Life Without Knowing Love And It S Taken Its Toll Until He Learned To Fight Back, Carry His Armor, And Keep His Head DownWorking As An Orderly In The Blue Ridge Sanitarium, Deep In Virginia Countryside, Jim Looked Up And Found TheaWhen Thea Has The Chance To Break Free Of Her Five Minute Prison With A Risky, Experimental Surgery, It Could Lead Them Both To An Epic Love They Never Thought Possible Or One That Could Require The Ultimate Sacrifice First Dates Meets Awakenings In This Emotional Love Story By International And Best Selling Author, Emma Scott It S One Of The Best Books I Ve Ever Read TM Frazier, USA Today Bestselling Author Of King Standalone Newadultromance Notparanormal 5 You gave my life back to me Stars I always feel like a kid in a candy store when reading an Emma Scott novel I just know I am in for a delectable, romantic treat Honest to Pete, all her storylines speak to me E.V.E.R.Y S.I.N.G.L.E O.N.E I highly recommend going in totally blind don t even read the blurb , snuggle down into your comfiest chair, and prepare to bask in the lives of Jim and Thea with each turn of the page.I can guarantee their love story will be unlike anything you have ever read before But the beautiful artist took the stutter less version of me by the hand and led him out into the bright light of day. I won t ruin the total uniqueness of the storyline by saying any, except for this glorious tidbit if angst or slow burn is your jam, like it is mine, you are in for a mega treat because this is chock full I am re quoting a line from my dear friend, Robin Hill s review She did it again Yes, Emma, you definitely did it AGAIN, and we your avid readers are the lucky recipients. It s LIVE early And I highly recommend this book to you Remember for me Tears spilled down her cheeks and over my fingers, and then she pulled me to her, her voice tremulous Remember us when I can t OMG I can t stop my tears One of the best books of 2019 Ms Scott, I love you so much Thank you for this wonderful storyARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review Expected publication May 16th 2019BLURB Remember uswhen I can t.. Thea Hughes has five minutes to live.A car accident stole her parents and left her with the second worst documented case of amnesia in the world She now has only minutes of experiences, of consciousness, of life before her memory is wiped clean The once effervescent artist with a promising future is reduced to scribbling with pens and paper, living an empty, quiet life, three hundred seconds at a time.Jim Whelan is on autopilot.A foster kid shuffled around the system since birth, he s lived his entire life without knowing love and it s taken its toll until he learned to fight back, carry his armor, and keep his head down.Working as an orderly in the Blue Ridge Sanitarium, deep in Virginia countryside, Jim looked up and found Thea.When Thea has the chance to break free of her five minute prison with a risky, experimental surgery, it could lead them both to an epic love they never thought possible or one that could require the ultimate sacrifice. FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author We kissed to seal the pact, but it wasn t enough A feeling I didn t have a word for made my chest expand I couldn t describe it except that when I looked in Thea s eyes, or held her, or kissed her, or listened to her talk, it grew bigger Sunk in deeper Embedded itself into the marrow of my bones, and yet I was fucking petrified it would crumble and vanish A FIVE MINUTE LIFE is Emma Scott s latest EPIC romance This story is another testament to the amazing talent of this gifted author It was mesmerizing and heartfelt There is no way you will not fall head over heels in love with this story and the characters who live and breathe within its pages Thea and Jim s love story is hauntingly beautiful Life has broken Jim and Thea in completely different ways but somehow something deep within them calls out to each other s soul Jim grew up being transferred from one foster home to the next Suffering from verbal and physical abuse Bullied by kids in school because he was afflicted with a severe case of stuttering Only ever having experienced brief moments of true kindness, he grew up to be a gentle soul whose only purpose in life was to try and help others It s only after he sees the beautiful girl with dazzling blue eyes at his new job at Blue Ridge Sanitarium, that his heart comes to life.Thea was once a vivacious and happy young woman with a promising career as an artist waiting ahead of her until a terrible accident steals it all away She s been a patient at Blue Ridge for two years Thea suffers from a catastrophic brain injury which destroyed her memory Her memory resets every five minutes She s destined to repeat the same five minute conversation for the rest of her life That is until the beautiful man with the kind eyes walks into her life.Jim sees something in Thea s drawings and in her eyes that no one else takes notice of He can see the woman fighting to break free of the prison that her broken mind keeps her entrapped within It all seemed to be such an incredibly hopeless situation I wondered where the author planned to take these two characters I soon learned to never doubt Emma Scott Jim and Thea will go on an epic journey filled with so much love and hope My heart was bursting for them, but the worry was never too far behind.This story was a true masterpiece It s one of those books that you wish would never come to an end Here are my overall ratings Heroes 5 Heroine 5 Plot 5 Angst 5 Steam 4.5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 A FIVE MINUTE LIFE releases on May 16th I have no doubt that this book is going to be getting a plethora of Five Star reviews US Worldwide mybook.to AFiveMinuteLife Five unforgettable sweet child and sweet love of mine stars Instead of writing a review, firstly I wanted to write reading instructions because it s not for everyone 1 if you can handle edgy, angsty, heart punching breaking hammering books, you chose the right one 2 If you re ready for new heart transplant and having a great surgeon, it is still a great book Because when your heart crumbled into little pieces as you were reading Thea and Jimmy s story, you re gonna need a brand new one 3 You re gonna also need a new home decorator for the punching holes on your walls Because Thea s evil also ultra protective sister will make you so pissed off so you will want to punch some places or change the decoration of your living room by throwing glassy objects 4 You re gonna also need boxing gloves it helped me a lot to get rid off the stress that book gave me And f ck off Delia or Black Dahlia one time So sorry for Roger 5 Too much napkins for ugly cries needed 6 You ll need hard liquor or gallons of ice cream but trust me they re not enough 7 And finally you have to raise your hands to clap the author for doing amazing job I wrote the instructions because just like Thea when I see, live, feel or read tragic things, I start making bad jokes and using sarcasm to fight against the pain This book hurt me a lot If you survive after reading %40 of it, then you can enjoy these wonderful characters amazing journey Thea is the most livid, sarcastic, unpredictable, creative, joyful character I love her determination, her fight, her devotion, but mostly her amazing love story And our kind, lovely, tormented but not broken, loyal, sweetest Jimmy It s impossible not to love, care this man This book might have too many illogical and unrealistic parts like the doctors lack of performance to find any cure for Thea If she didn t meet with Jimmy, she would be a lost soul And the trail process parts, miraculously healing of Thea, side effect parts are really argumentative I still have some doubts about Delia s power of the hospital and her sister s life But when I read a romance book, I mostly test how that book makes me feel This book made me torn apart, cried, laughed, pissed , screamed, cursed So when my emotions are everywhere, it means the book does a wonderful job As a summary, this book not flawless , not the masterpiece but it captured my mind, soul and heart at the same time So I give a big applause to the author I wish I could give the characters a big hug Emma Scott did a wonderful job and made them real for me I m so filled with love after finishing A Five Minute Life This story grabbed hold of me from page one and didn t let go until the final page Wow Absolutely breathtaking and so beautiful in its storytelling, writing and portrayal of characters.Jim and Thea are two extraordinary people who I ve come to care deeply for while reading AFML They display values I treasure in people Their humanity, empathy and respect of and for others are what carries them through this story and life Jim and Thea are warriors and never gives up no matter the struggle and obstacles life throws at them I have to be honest and say I struggled reading AFML but only because it was so damn good I felt too much and it made me pause to think about this story and life in general.The author excels in capturing the helplessness, the frustration and the feeling of being lost with an effortless ease Jim and Thea had to go through these emotions and it was excruciating to be on the sideline with them Emma Scott has constructed this story with so many layers Not only with the storytelling but also with the characters Yes, Jim and Thea are incredible characters but so are the secondary ones as well Especially Rita and Alonzo who become so much than colleagues and caregivers to Jim and Thea A Five Minute Life is a story that I will remember and treasure Especially for Jim and Thea Their love story is unique and breathtakingly beautiful It has to be experienced and felt You won t regret it Wow indeed 5 Keep Me Safe, Keep Me Wild Stars 5 stars Emma Scott always does this to me I pick up one of her books expecting it be amazing and she blows that expectation right out of the water A Five Minute Life is a romance unlike anything I ve read before It was outstanding Perfection I loved every single second of it and it is 100% my top favorite book of 2019 so far I jumped into this book only knowing the title, cover, and that it was by Emma I decided not to read the blurb or any teasers because Emma Scott is an author I love reading blind The impact is that much greater If you want to go in blind, I would highly recommend that.This story starts out with Thea, a brilliant young artist with her whole life ahead of her Thea has a great family and is excelling at her art One accident changes her entire life Thea remembers everything before the accident, but her current memories are not there Her brain runs on this five minute loop and she s in a facility for traumatic brain injury because of it When Jimmy gets a job at Blue Ridge, he doesn t know what to expect He doesn t expect someone like Thea to be there She seems so normal Then five minutes will pass And she won t remember anythingEvery time, the confusion swept across her eyes, wiping everything away Erasing our five minutes Erasing who and what we were to each otherJim sees Thea every day at work and grows to care for her Even though it s not possible, it seems that Thea recognizes Jim as well They connect every time they meet, even if it feels like the first time every time Thea has spent years trapped inside her own head, but now she has a chance to get a procedure done that could change everything for her It s risky and the outcome is unknown, but if it works, it could change it all Jim and Thea are both broken characters in different ways Jimmy s past broke him, but he s working hard to heal and move past it He needs someone like Thea to encourage him to follow his dreams, help him heal, and help him move forward Thea s life is so unpredictable She s a wild woman in the best way but needs someone to keep her calm, keep her safe, and never ever give up on her Jimmy is that guy And Jimmy needs someone to help him live and take chances Thea is that girl There has never been a perfect pairing than these two I loved them to piecesI want to live, Jimmy Don t you I don t know what that means, I said, my own autopilot existence feeling like a prison too one I d made for myself Really live, Thea said Not just exist I want that too You should have it, Jimmy She tilted her head up Go out in the world and Her hand came up between us, on my chest, over my heart take what you wantAfter reading this, I was filled with so much love and happiness Even though it was extremely emotional, it was such a feel good book By the end, I couldn t wipe the smile off my face I will never forget Thea Hughes or Jimmy with the kind eyes This book was so very special to me and one that will stay with me always It s my favorite book of this year, my favorite book by this author, and quite possibly one of my favorite books ever I m one of those readers who needs to feel to truly love a book I need that emotion, for the story to touch my heart, and to be moved Scott does this with each and every book she writes I swear, Emma Scott s writing is a gift to the world and I hope she never stops putting out such amazing reads This is one of those books I would recommend to any and everyone A Five Minute Life is something truly special Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Thea and Jimmy You won t regret itI love you I kissed his mouth and kept my lips on his I love you, Jimmy I love you so much My warrior who never stopped fighting for me I won t, he said I never will I swear it It s LIVE now and FREE on KU