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I really wanted to like this book I tried to like it While it s obviously well researched, I just found the storyline a bit on the skanky side To paraphrase a line from one of the Pirates movieI felt sullied.This book was twice as long as it needed to be, I want story and a bit of pirate behavior, I don t care about the rigging or details of the ships I d say wait until it s out in paperback to read it I expected better. I was very excited when I heard this book was coming out I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean films almost as much as the ride itself To get some background on Captain Jack Sparrow would be a great treat I even recommended it to a fellow fan, sight unseen In other words, I was predisposed to like this book.But I did not I gave it a try I slogged through it to the very end, after a fashion I fully read the first third, speed read the middle third and skimmed the last If it weren t for the fan boy in me, yearning to learn what I could about Jack, I wouldn t have bothered.It s overly long The first part of the book is filled with flashbacks that bring the story to almost a complete stop They are interesting bits, but it would have been wise to find another way to tell that even earlier tale of Jack s history Perhaps that is the main flaw of this volume It is trying to tell two tales.There are other flaws I noticed quite a few annoying word repetitions multiple sentences on the same page that started with or contained the same phrase two, three, or times This offended my inner ear And I m not pointing out Jack s constant use of the word savvy , which I expected, but also found it annoying after a while.This is not to say the book is not without its highlights There is the kernel of a good adventure, or two, here There are flashes of good characterization, both familiar Jack, Barbarossa, Cutler Beckett and new There is obviously good research into these and into seamanship The result, however, is overblown, badly structured, poorly written, and over long I was disappointed Your mileage may vary. First, a disclaimer I m Ann s friend and colleague, and I haven t just read The Price of Freedom, I witnessed its creation But I m speaking as a reader, not a friend, when I say this is a terrific book The Price of Freedom covers an earlier period of Jack Sparrow s life before the first of the POTC movies and tells the story of how he became a pirate Ann s an experienced tie in writer, and she has a unique knack for capturing the heart and soul of familiar characters there s a reason she s a New York Times best selling author Jack, Barbossa, and others come to vivid life on the page, and fans of the movies will be able to see and hear them as they read Fans will especially enjoy exploring different aspects of Jack s character, and learning about his life in Shipwreck Coveand what happened to make him leave it.But make no mistake this isn t just a novel for POTC fans It s a complete stand alone swashbuckling adventure, with mysterious treasure hunts, exciting battle scenes, exotic magics, menacing villains, a touch of romance, enough authentic nautical detail to satisfy even the most die hard Patrick O Brian fan, and, of course, pirates There s humor, suspense, and a serious treatment of the issue of man s inhumanity to man In other words something for everyone You don t need to have seen the POTC movies or even to have heard of them to enjoy and appreciate this wonderful novel. Original review from 2011 didn t realize it wasn t up here, I plan on re reading this soon It felt like I was right there with Jack everyone throughout all their adventures, found myself missing everyone soon as I finished the last page hugs book to chest I can see myself reading this many times in the future i also plan buying this as birthday Christmas gifts.The first meeting of Jack Barbossa was different than I expected but it was interesting loved having a little insight into Hector maybe Disney will commission his back story as well i would buy it I didn t care for Cutler Beckett in POTC but I wanted to strangle him even in the book i had a little sympathy for him in a flashback scene but it was ripped away not very long after miss crispin did an excellent job fleshing him out and giving him depth.Teague is a bit of bastard haha, but he s an intriguing person definitely wouldn t want to be on his bad side.The novel answers alot of questions I had about Jack but still leaves a few I m hoping Disney will answer one day.Miss Crispin s writing sucks you right in and doesn t let go, I found it very hard to put it down.Highly recommend this book many kudos to Anne Crispin, hope they tap you for the next Pirates book if there will be one down the road She captured the voices of everyone perfectly and the richness of details was amazing In my opinion, i would love for Disney to adapt this into a feature film I could see Jordana Brewster as Esmeralda, what do you think When I put The Price of Freedom on hold, it was half as a joke the thing seemed to me to be a giant, somehow published fanfic tome, and I wanted to see just how nuts it would be And come on Captain Jack I m not going to say no to that.And so the 653 pager sat on my library bookshelf for weeks, untouched My boyfriend laughed at me, incredulous that I would read something so so geeky wasn t the right word for it no, he was shocked that I d read something so ridiculous and that such a book even existed.I agreed with him a 653 page written prequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise Seriously Who came up with this idea Who on earth would read this Me, that s who I picked it up late one night, figuring I would read 50 pages, then skip to the end and see how it all turned out I was leaving for vacation the next morning, and needed something inane to get me to sleep but not the book I was bringing with on vacation A Clash of Kings I needed to pay too much attention to that one to read before bed.Two hours later, I was two hundred and fifty pages deep in Cap n Jack s sea jaunt, and had no intentions of putting the book down, ever.Now, in her acknowledgments, A C Crispin extols her editors for their prime work eliminating anachronisms, idiosyncrasies, and anything else that didn t need to be in the book And I m sure on those fronts, they did a great job On actual grammatical and type error editing not so much not that I cared, the only thing the book lacked in my devouring of it was an audio recording of Johnny Depp reading his lines to me in that wonderful Sparrow voice of his.Okay so what the heck did Crispin write about for 653 pages that we needed to know and wasn t in the movie First Mate Jack Sparrow, an employee of the East India Trading Company, YES, I LL SAY IT AGAIN AN EMPLOYEE OF THE EITC , is somewhere in the Caribbean when his cargo ship is attacked Luckily, the pirate captain of the attacking ship is a former lover of Jack s, and doesn t steal his entire cargo Unluckily, Captain Baimbridge, furious at being attacked, boarded, and stolen from by a female pirate, tries to attack la Dona Pirata In the ensuing swordfight, Baimbridge suffers from a heart attack and dies, leaving Jack in charge of the ship though not officially captain yet Across the ocean, a princess and her brother set sail from a magically hidden island in search of their missing father They are captured and sold into slavery, but not before Princess Amenirdis casts a protective spell over herself, altering her appearance to that of an old ugly hag Separated from each other by the cruel slave trade, Amenirdis now calling herself by the name Ayisha longs for her brother and hopes for a chance at freedom.Back at port, EITC employee Cutler Beckett comes into possession of a few pieces of golden jewelry he believes are connected to the legendary island of Kerma and if he can locate the slave these pieces were stolen off of, he can locate Kerma s treasure His hunt soon leads him to suspect Ayisha s involvement with the royal Kerman family, though her disguise and self imposed language barrier deter Beckett s ability to question her further.Upon Jack s return to shore with the pirate lightened cargo ship, and explanation to Cutler Beckett the events of the pirate attack, he is promoted to Captain huzzah huzzah and given command of the vessel Wicked Wench Beckett, ironically convinced that Ayisha was once a slave on the island of Kerma, tells Cap n Jack to offer the woman escape from Beckett s ownership and then charm her into giving up the location of the island Then, Jack is to return to Beckett with the coordinates and the fabled Kerman treasure and Beckett will set sail for Kerma with a dozen slave ships, prepared to snatch up the citizens.Of course, we all know Cap n Jack to be a moral man Don t we And of course, Cap n Jack has another plan up his sleeve one that doesn t involve stealing an entire population to be slaves or giving Cutler Beckett any treasure at all.In The Price of Freedom, we see Jack in an entirely new light than the four movies though I haven t seen the fourth Not sure about that one and love him all the for it His wobbling morality and quick wit, paired with his prowess at the helm of both a ship and a woman make him an entirely lovable, dimensional character One doesn t have to have seen the movies to fall in love with this adventurous naval romp The supernatural, mystical aspects of the book are, as in the movies, important to the characters survival, but not overarching I hope Crispin continues the series where the movies leave off though I imagine this to be a tricky undertaking what with the promise of five and sixquels for just as in the movies, Captain Jack Sparrow is an addictive character. Just like the films, I thought this book was a lot of fun, but not as good as it could have been Sometimes the writing seemed very juvenile, almost like something I would have written when I was 13 or 14 The first half of the book dragged, and then all of the really good stuff at the end went by in a flash I felt like some things were just tacked on to correlate with the films I also felt like Jack didn t really develop, and I had a very hard time picturing him I just had hard time reconciling the two characters the Jack in this book just didn t seem like the same character played by Johnny Depp So much of it just seemed weak to me However, it was a really fun read once you got past the monotonous stuff I would definitely read another POTC book by A.C Crispin, but because it will be a fun read rather than because it will be well written.P.S If you enjoyed the nautical piratical aspects of this book, you ll really like the Jacky Faber books by L.A Meyer The first book is a bit tough to get through, but after that, they just keep getting better and better. Fuller review hopefully to come, but let s just say I am a huge I was surprised when I really enjoyed this book I was expecting to be jarred by inconsistencies in setting, history or voice, but I can only think of one occasion where the book didn t read true to the movies I think AC Crispin did an excellent job of setting up the Jack that we met in the movies, showing where some of his interesting behaviour patterns came from What I really liked is that she didn t just rewrite Jack as he appeared in the movies it was much believable that his behaviour would be straight forward in his younger years, and that life experience is what created the persona that we met on the big screen She left some tantalising hints about Jack s childhood that I, for one even as a born cynic , would be willing to read another book to discover I also enjoyed how she treated the other characters in the books and, while their integration into this story was not as smooth as Jack s, they were obviously well thought out and the writing was smooth and very accessible IMHO, I think Ms Crispin took a difficult task and performed admirably at it Congratulations Must read because, you know, Jack Sparrow. ^DOWNLOAD ☔ Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom ☠ Twenty Five Year Old Jack Sparrow Is A Clean Cut Merchant Seaman Pursuing A Legitimate Career As A First Mate For The East India Trading Company He Sometimes Thinks Back To His Boyhood Pirating Days, But He Doesn T Miss Teague S Scrutiny Or The Constant Threat Of The Noose Besides, He Doesn T Have Much Choice He Broke The Code When He Freed A Friend Who Had Been Accused Of Rogue Piracy, And He Can No Longer Show His Face In Shipwreck Cove When Jack S Ship Is Attacked By Pirates And His Captain Dies In The Altercation, He Suddenly Finds Himself In Command The Wily Sailor S Skillful Negotiations With The Pirate Captain Who Turns Out To Be A Woman From His Past Result In A Favorable Outcome That Puts Jack In Line For An Official Promotion After Making Port In Africa, Jack Is Summoned By Cutler Beckett, Who Makes Him Captain Of A Ship Called The Wicked Wench Beckett Gives Jack An Assignment He Has Heard A Legend About A Magical Island Named Zerzura Whose Labyrinthine Bowels Are Said To Contain A Glorious Treasure Beckett Suspects That One Of His House Slaves, A Girl Named Ayisha, Is From Zerzura He Asks Jack To Take Her Along On His Voyage And Seduce Her Into Divulging The Island S Whereabouts In Payment For His Services, Beckett Promises Jack A Share Of The Treasure But This Task Isn T As Easy As Jack Initially Believes Before She Agrees To Reveal The Location Of Her Home, Ayisha Insists That Jack Take Her To The New World To Rescue Her Brother, Who Has Been Sold Into Slavery In The Bahamas Their Voyage Is Long And Arduous, And As They Weather A Vicious Storm And A Surprise Attack From An Old Pirate Foe, Jack Grows To Respect And Admire Ayisha S Bravery He Knows That Beckett Intends To Enslave Her People After Robbing Them Of Their Treasure, And Jack S Moral Compass Revolts At The Idea It Might Be Possible To Deliver Ayisha Safely To Zerzura, Obtain Some Of The Treasure, And Convince Beckett That He Never Found It But The Greedy E I T C Official Has Eyes Everywhere, And If He Learns That Jack Has Foiled His Plans, He Could Take Away The Thing That Captain Sparrow Loves Most His Ship And His Freedom