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BOOK ⚡ Save The Date ó Caroline Abbott Knows Her Way Around BridezillasWorking At A Stationery Store Means Helping Engaged Couples Pick Out The Perfect Save The Datecards And Invitations For Their Dream Weddings A Dream JobUntil The Bridezilla Of The Day Belongs To Her First Kiss, Alexander Wilder He S All Grown Up Now, Running His Family S Luxury Hotel Chain, And Even Hotter Than She Remembers From That Scorcher Of A SmoochSo When Caroline Catches His Fianc E Half Naked With Another Man, She Has To Tell Him And Alex Has To Break It Off And Of Course, The Ex Bridezilla Goes Completely BonkersGood Thing Caroline Has Plenty Of Experience And Friends To Help Save HerShe Also Has The Sudden Interest Of Alex, Who Has A Proposal Of His Own For Her Is It Just A Rebound For Him, Or Does He Also Feel The Same Spark That Drew Them Together All Those Years Ago My favorite part of this book is how Monica Murphy surprised me I thought this was going to be the story of a wedding stationer who falls for the groom to be and then has to managed their tortured interactions, kind of like that schmaltzy Jennifer Lopez movie The Wedding Planner It turns out, though, that there is to this book.For one thing, Caroline knows Alex They were each other s first kiss, back when she was ten and he twelve That designation cemented him in her memory and her in his He was always kind to her, and he had a huge crush on her.For another thing, Alex has a professional need, something he believes only Caroline can do This unexpected detour adds layers of conflict as well as sexual tension.You will love Caroline and Alex She is tougher than you might expect, and she s also steadfastly loyal There were several moments in this book when I felt proud of her Alex, too, is lovable He needs to trust his instincts a little , but that s a lesson he must learn Together, they have palpable chemistry, and Monica Murphy makes the most of that with some scorching sexy times.This is the first of an interconnected, stand alone series, and I am excited to get to know Caroline s friends and head out on adventures with them Caroline and Alex are a tough act to follow, but I have a feeling Monica Murphy is up to that task. Save The Date is the perfect summer read that is easy and just sweeps you off your feet.It has the perfect balance of whirlwind romance, drama and swoon worthy characters that makes it the perfect romcom.I feel like if this were made into a movie..I d sit with my friends watching the perfect chickflick ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review. Release Date June 25, 2019 Genre Contemporary Romance Actual Rating 5 starsSave the Date is the perfect summer read Readers who enjoy travel, fake relationships, second chance romances, and books that revolve around weddings are not going to want to miss Monica s latest novel I savored this novel like a fine macaroon I read it in one sitting as well It s a lighthearted read with an excellent cast of characters and an engaging story line Monica Murphy can write a diverse number of books romances, young adult thrillers, and YA romances which is why I am always coming back for Save the Date falls in the romance category maybe even chick lit and has everything it needs a cute relationship brother s best friend from middle school, and second chances , character growth Alex finally realized what LOVE is about , and a little bit of sexy times not too much, just enough to see that the two were compatible It s an all around wonderful book Caroline and Alex were very sweet together It was quickly apparent that their feelings for one another never fully went away even though they haven t seen each other since they were kids Their first meeting at the coffee shop proves this and the spark between them FLEW off the pages Gosh, I smiled so much There may have been a few things standing in their way at that time namely, his fiance Tiffany gasp but the hurdles were overcome even if a little drama played out Don t worry This is NOT a love triangle and there is NO cheating view spoiler unless you count the fact that TIFFANY was having a fling behind Alex s back hence why they broke up hide spoiler If I would like to describe this book with one word it would be cute.This is the perfect summer beach or vacation read Caroline and Alex were childhoods sort of friends and each other first kiss After 8th grade, they lose touch only to meet years later when Alex comes with his fiance to pick save the date cards for his upcoming wedding to shop where Caroline works This is very light and bubbly read I loved the characters, plot, and pace of the story It was very entertaining I loved all the Paris parts too Even though the story feels familiar and the plot line is predictable but so what It is a certain comfort in knowing that you will be getting a solid chick lit read with happy end and everything in between Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.