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Loved this book Sarah is a sweet and likable girl who was so over protected by her family that she no longer knows how to function in society and has no idea how to run the ranch she inherited Cade is cowboy with a horrible past sees his only value as his work product When he is hired as the ranch foreman, he learns that part of the job is to train Sarah on how to run the ranch Despite how broken Sarah is, he can t turn away from her, even though she s too good for him.This is very much a push pull type of romance with wonderful characters and told in an engaging way I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story unfolded and was sorry when it ended If you enjoy the genre, you will love this book The author is one of my favorites and is a master of contemporary romance Put this one at the top of your TBR list. [Free Kindle] ⚔ Cowboy for Hire (Wishing River, #2) ☦ When A Shy Woman Inherits A Ranch, She Ll Have To Find An Inner Strength To Succeed And Open Herself Up To Love In This Heartwarming Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Victoria James Sarah Turner Has Led A Very Sheltered Life So When Her Parents Pass Away Tragically, Suddenly She S Left In Charge Of The Family Ranch With Little Know How But Plenty Of Will To Keep It Afloat Determined Not To Lose Her Parents Legacy Or Her Newfound Independence, She Needs A Hero Fast Not To Save Her, But To Show Her How To Save Herself But She S Unprepared For The Ruggedly Handsome Cowboy Who Answers Her Ad Cowboy For Hire, The Ad Said, And Cade Walker Is Quick To Respond Betrayed As Ranch Manager By His Former Boss, He S Looking For A New Place To Put Down Roots Without The Pressure To Prove Himself Again Except When He Meets His New Boss, It S Clear He S Not Only There To Run A Ranch But To Also Teach Miss Independent How To Run It But As They Struggle To Make The Ranch Flourish, They Ll Both Need Courage If They Hope To Find A Familytogether After tragedy hits Sarah Turner struggles to find her way not only in her personal life, but also on the family ranch Losing her parents leaves her at a loss on all fronts, she doesn t have a clue how to run the ranch, but knows she better figure it out quick or she runs the risk of losing it She desperately needs help Which leads her to place an ad for a ranch hand, and winds up getting farthan she bargained for when Cade Walker answers it With it s delightful story line and charming characters Cowboy for Hire is certain to warm your heart Upon meeting these two it was evident that they had chemistry, but with Sarah being innocent and shy, and Cade hesitant to get involved it took a bit for them to see what was in front of them I enjoyed watching the progression of things between them, it had a natural feel, and their feelings for one another were quite palpable it was a slow burn kind of romance If you like sweet western romances then I have no doubt you will enjoy this one, the words are captivating and the characters will steal your heart upon first meeting Highly recommend I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, via NetGalley request, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion. I wanted to like this one and it just wasn t in the cards for me I couldn t connect with these characters so I gave up and DNF. Where to begin with this book I should start by saying it has its moments.That said, I did expectfrom it More conflict,tension to keep me turning the pages On their own, the characters were super likable and both had so much depth I could see the story unfolding in real life, but a story is not supposed to be like real life It s supposed to have a conflict I guess this is what bothered me the most.Fine, okay, there is a conflict, butI don t want to spoil anything, even though there is little I can say to truly spoil the book But there is something our cowboy Cade is keeping from Sarah That does work and has you wondering what will happen But it s something that is so in the back of your mind, it doesn t really matter throughout the book, until Cade begins to think about itand then the conflict actually comes into play.For a book to keep me hooked I needSo we get these scenes between our leads, which are nice, I guess But they re a teeny tiny bit dull It just feels like there s a lot of talking, and yearning, and pining, and not enough tension, spiciness I don t know I probably wouldn t feel like this if the word cowboy wasn t in the title It built my expectations, and I was expecting a different kind of story I expectedbanter between the characters Not that I wanted sweet, responsible Cade to be an asshole No, I like him as he is But while he got know Sarah, I really would have appreciated them arguing , and seeing them work on ranch problems together Really see how they pushed each other s buttons.Unfortunately, I didn t get to see that here But now, I m going to tell youabout what I did like.These characters really grow throughout the storyI can t complain about one dimensional characters here Their backgrounds are quite sad, and they clearly need the emotional support Sarah learns to stand up for herself, which I applaud so much She does it even when it means antagonizing Cade, who she cares for very deeply At one point when he makes a mess of things, she doesn t inmediately cave in but makes it clear he made a mistake.Cade too is super well defined Perhaps knowing exactly what his problem is makes him a bit dull, but I appreciate that at least he s got a story He s got motivations and fears They re a very important part of this story And you gotta appreciate a vulnerable male lead.Overall, I d say this is a nice book It lacked that added oomph that would ve made it awesome. This second story in the series, is worth your time.The story centers around Sarah Turner and Cade Walker.Sarah s happy childhood changed when she was 10 Her brother s life came to a tragic end and from that day on, her life was one of sadness, no love, sheltered and lonely After the death of her parents, she is left to run the family ranch Something she always wanted to do, but has no idea how to do An ad brings Cade to her door.Cade, whom we met in book one, is a complex man who believes he is not worthy of love His childhood left him with feelings of worthlessness and certainly not good enough for Sarah.As not only a working relationship but also a friendship develops, both of their lifes are enriched As he sees Sarah blossom, Cade s feeling intensify But when Cade tries to protect her, Sarah felt betrayed and their fragile friendship shatters.Will they be able to mend it Will Cade realize that he is worthy of love and can be not only good enough but also he can mean everything to someone special Will the trust be mended This thoughtful and at times heartbreaking story will touch your hearts Aside from the plot it s also a reminder that the experiences of our childhood, and family or lack thereof , will definitely affect the individuals as an adult.I am looking forward to the next story in the series Will it finally be Dean s and Holly s I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley and Entangled Amara The opinions expressed are solely my own.