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This book changed my life as a writer, a teacher of writing, and as an individual I use this book currently in my high school Creative Writing I class I read chapters to the students we talk about what they might mean, and how the advice given could change their writing I wasn t sure if this approach would be successful with high school age students, but within weeks I have seenfree writing,stream of consciousness writing, andunedited writing than ever before My students are enjoying the drafting and brainstorming stages of writing because they seem to be less intimidating If they don t know what to write, they free write until an idea comes to mind Thanks Natalie I picked up Writing Down the Bones when I was still teaching elementary school, and used ideas from it with my grades two to four students My emphasis on these 10 minute writes was on unedited until later free writing The rules were a condensed version of Natalie s Keep your hand moving Don t cross out Don t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar Don t thinkI would set the timer, and on the word, start , pencils began moving, some faster than others And of course I would be writing, too Some students had no difficulty others couldn t let go No matter it wasn t a competition When the timer went off, I d say, Pencils down , and pages were filed into their writing folders After doing a number of these exercises, when a student thought there might be a story to develop, the raw material of the stream of consciousness draft was used to expand on the idea, rewrite, and then edit Eventually, each student improved in fluency and was able to create a hard cover book Some stories contained a line per page with an illustration Others filled their book with writing, and the odd illustration The published copy contained a picture of the author on the back, along with a short bio Quite a number of years later, I participated in a workshop facilitated by a friend and fan of Natalie Goldberg Most of the exercises began with the words, I remember To this day I still use a pen and paper, instead of the computer, to begin a new chapter or scene, or if I get stuck in the middle of one I would recommend this book for all writers, but especially for beginning writers And for teachers who might want to incorporate this exercise into their writing curriculum As the title suggests, Writing Down the Bones is actually Freeing the writer within This is a book, not about the revision required for all published writing, but about generating and recording the essential ideas in the first place. #EBOOK Ð Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within ë For Than Twenty Years Natalie Goldberg Has Been Challenging And Cheering On Writers With Her Books And Workshops In Her Groundbreaking First Book, She Brings Together Zen Meditation And Writing In A New Way Writing Practice, As She Calls It, Is No Different From Other Forms Of Zen Practice It Is Backed By Two Thousand Years Of Studying The Mind This Edition Includes A New Preface And An Interview With The Author For you poets out there, this book is for you.For those of you meant to write memoirs and light happy stories about light happy things, this book is for you.For those of you who want to write about things of no consequence that have some consequence The Light Coming Through The Window, Your Favorite Meal, Blue this book is for you too.For those of us who are busy thinking of short stories, who are thinking of horror, who think of sf that may deal with harder topics, that think of things that may not be so happy and want to write those things down For those of us who are dedicated to our short stories and don t want to think in poetical terms unless, of course, you are an Artiste , this book does not have as much for us as I had wished.It s not for lack of trying Indeed, the thrust of this book is to free the idea of what it means to write Stuck in a section Why don t you try dressing up as someone else and move to a different location and write there Sentences too boring Why don t you change word order and play with that punctuation And yet, for each one of these things that it brings up, I felt less and less like Natalie Goldberg was talking to me andlike she was talking to the Poet across town She speaks in a language meant for the Burl Ives of this world And, you know, kudos to them We need those folk just as much as we need the David Lynches But I hoped for a littleI wanted something that forced me to write Because and this is why I was reading this book for the last 9 months I wrote for 10 minutes after each chapter I wanted something that would gear my writing and yet, for 90% of those writings, I was just meandering about a phrase that I wanted to argue about or some other thing I m sure there are many out there who want to read this book, and if you fall into one of those lists from the start, you will get TONS from this book Otherwise, maybe read Book Bird By Bird Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott instead Reading Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott struck me as reading two very similar books from two distinct voices Writing Down The Bones is a personal reflection on the craft and what works for Goldberg and might work for you It s easy to digest, coming in short chapters, and it really does make you think about what you write, how you sit down to work, whether you re really dedicated to writing The allusions to Buddhism and Judaism and how they affect her writing are also interesting Some of her advice seems contradictory, but really it s just that it comes from different places in the process Some of it is the average advice you get from all writers keep a notebook, take it everywhere, write in it every day, just as an example but coupled with her experience of doing that.I felt like it was a little bit repetitive and it didn t focus much on what to do with the writing once you ve done it, but it was still worth reading. Okay, this book is amazing I feel that this will be one of those books that never stays on my bookshelf I will too often be taking it down to read bits and pieces Very inspiring. This is a great starting point aspiring writer s book, terrific for getting the creative juices flowing I have used Natalie Goldberg s techniques both as a writer and as a writing teacher Eventually, if you want to write Things That Other People Want to Read and not just Things That Are Good to Write, you need to work on the less free spirited, less blue sky, and occasionally less exciting stuff structure, pacing, whittling away extraneous words You need to learn to re write, to do something with the bones you ve flung onto the page This book won t take you there, but it opens up the first important part of the writing process, of accessing imagination and getting words on the page It s worth mentioning that Goldberg uses writing as a Zen Buddhist practice, like meditation, and in that context it s the writing itself, not the end product, that is important anyway. This is an encouraging and motivating little volume, filled with an assortment of anecdotes, advice, and exercises for writing practice it is a good way to get into the habit of writing It has, however, one of the ugliest book covers I have ever seen Writing Down the Bones promotes a Zen like writing practice, in which no errors are possible, provided that one be present and continue to write Goldberg gives the student permission to write badly, and creates a liberating safe space that helps a lot of students find the courage to write, and eventually to discover that they have something valuable within them. I ve owned this book for six years My copy is the pocket size version Its cover is wrapped in packing tape to slow the dog earing.The first time I read this book in college, and many times since, I carried it everywhere with me, reading it before classes, and over lunch in the dining hall Natalie Goldberg s short, friendly chapters filled with spiritual and practical wisdom and stories made me feel as though a very warm and welcoming teacher had sat down across the table from me and struck up a conversation about writing and the writing life.I have read some criticisms of this book, and all I can say is that for me, it works If you are looking for a book of writing exercises, instructions on prosody or advice on how to revise, this isn t that book If you don t want to hear about Zen Buddhism, this book is not for you What this book does for me is make me want to write again It is very much comfort reading, something I can carry around in my purse, pull out at a bus stop and read any chapter, then look out at the world with eyes a littleopen and a mind a littleclear And most importantly, it makes me want to write. I heard about this book a lot while doing Nanowrimo last year, and thought I d read it It s a little amusing, written in 1984, so pre computer really And some of her advice was pretty repetitive, but I did get some glimmers out of there We walk through so many myths of each other and ourselves we are so thankful when someone sees us for who we are and accepts us You re never free unless you are doing your art I write because to form a word with your lips and tongue or think a thing and then dare to write it down so you can never take it back is the most powerful thing I know If you give yourself over to honesty in your practice, it will permeate your life Writing can teach us the dignity of speaking the truth, and it spreads out from the page into all of our life, and it should.