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This is the first book I ve ever read by Kelsey Kingsley and holy buckets, you guys it was such a delight Such an emotional, feel good, unexpected surprise I L O V E D it I don t even know where to start with all the flaily gushing I have to do Which awesome bit of adorableness and emotional perfection do I pick first The band, maybe The guys The adorably fun bromance that occasionally acted like a sisterhood Those yahoos caused my heart to literally bubble over with glee at their utter adorableness Gahhhhd, I loved that I loved them I loved who they were to Chad, but also who they were to Molly and just who they were, period The layers they added to this story, the lightness they provided, and the way I had a smile on my face every single time they popped up in the storyline This was such good stuff Such rich, delicious, delightful stuff.Also Apparently they all have their own stories and I had no idea So suffice to say, if this is also your first Kelsey Kingsley book, it works beautifully as a stand alone However, judging by how much I fell in love with these bandmates, I m going to have to circle back to get their stories so beware this book might do some damage to your TBR Anyway on top of these amazing characters, Ms Kingsley delivered a storyline that was simply top notch I wasn t sure how she was going to pull off the chronic illness here I was intrigued enough to want to find out I mean, I love a wounded hero, and I loved that this was such a different obstacle for him to overcome, and it was so real life But I still didn t know how she was going to make something so decidedly unsexy work in a romance novel And then, she just did it She just did it And it wasn t sexy But it was emotional and honest and handled with such delicate care that I didn t even notice how unsexy it was She made Chad real, and then she made his struggle real and my heart hurt for him and my mind worried over him and it was interesting and authentic and it just worked I m so impressed I m so in awe And then, of course, there s Chad and Molly themselves adorable, easy to love, and sweetly sexy Their burn was slow though it fizzed and sparked throughout the early pages, it wasn t until late in the book that it really caught flame And somehow I didn t mind that I didn t feel impatient with it It was slow and steady and just perfectly lovely It s a friends to lovers vibe with just a little bit of second chance mixed in and it was perfectly executed I adored them I shipped them, hard and when they finally got together I literally felt like cheering my heart bubbled over with happiness and, well, I still can t wipe this smile off my face It was just so good So so so good This is one of those times I am thanking my lucky stars I took a chance on a new to me author The writing was engaging, smart, and effortless to read The storytelling was honest and sweetly addicting I craved it when I wasn t reading it, I wanted to sink into it for hours, lose time with these wonderful characters and their original, adorable, emotionally satisfying love story I can t say it enough I loved it I adored it This is an absolute MUST read Shelly, 5 Chally Stars I received an early copy of Forget the Stars from Kelsey Kingsley and holy smokes I love Chad and Molly This may be my favorite story so far I love how real her characters are. I just finished reading an early copy of Forget the Stars and let me say that Chad s story will not disappoint you If you have been reading this series since Daises and Devin, you have come to know Chad Wilcox, the tatted Texan guitar player Chad is now turning 30 and for him it s a big deal He had a vision for his life and that included being married and possibly having a couple of kids His girlfriend of 8 years was never on board with Chad s plan and he wonders if its just not meant to be Chad also has a serious health issue going on that he keeps pushing under the rug Maybe if he ignores it enough it will go away on its own Chad is home in Texas living with his parents before heading out on the band s next tour While he is there, he runs into his childhood best friend Molly These two were inseparable until high school and its cliques broke them apart They have rarely seen each other in the last 12 years even though their mothers are best friends Molly is an amazing character She has grown and matured and is in a very happy place in her life She has no desire to look back and just lives in the present Forget the Stars is a very reflective story It s all about personal growth, finding ones happiness and choosing the path that is right for oneself I loved these two together and enjoyed every moment of their way to rediscovering each other Chad was great but Molly is my hero She is a fictional character that I think every reader can connect with because I think that everyone has a bit of Molly in them Forget The Stars is a must read It s not a rock band story but a story about two people that just happen to perform in a rock band Do yourself a favor and read this today 4.5 Wish List StarsI think my heart broke with the opening pages And I m sure it was supposed to because Kelsey Kingsley is good like that Those feelings and emotions, happy or sad, are what I ve come to expect from her stories and it s what I love about them too She writes a beautiful romance about life the good and the bad.Chad Wilcox is a loving son and fantastic band member but he wants He wants a wife and family He wants to feel better I wanted for him He deserves it.Molly Dyer is so sweet it s hard to imagine what she went through But from that experience she s grown into a strong, self confident woman But with that confidence she may have given up on some of her wishes I hope she hasn t.We all have wants and regrets and things we would change given the opportunity I loved how Chad Molly s story explored that through the past and present It focused on true support and unconditional love and health issues we sometimes have no control over They may be characters in a romance, but they are as real as you can get.Kelsey s stories are always filled with characters you want to know on a personal level And not just the main couple, but the supporting cast as well It s all about love, second chances, family, friends, acceptance, and everything in between I loved it.P.S Friends are the best Sebastian is definitely one of them Read his story in The Life We Wanted. I love Ms Kingsley s writinglike adore her This book just enforces why I recommend her to everyone Do you know when you start reading a series s characters are introduced and you just hope that they get their own books Welp..welcome to Chad s Book I LOVE Chad and adored Molly so much Their story was complete and pure love The pain the Chad endures, I just could not imagine And Molly..I just loved how she was there for Chad, wanting to help You could tell from the written word their love for each other was timeless AVAILABLE NOW Kelsey Kingsley s stories always bring emotion and poetry Her words are powerful, and this story is no exception Chad and Molly s story is real and beautiful You won t want to miss this lovely story If I could just stop time from carrying on, I would never, ever choose to leave this moment for as long as I lived Just to be free and happy, with her. &E-PUB ↟ Forget the Stars ⇪ You Re My Best Friend You Re Mine I M YoursGuitarist Chad Wilcox S Life Isn T Going According To Plan At Thirty, He Never Thought He D Still Be Unmarried And Living With His Parents And With The Added Stress Of His Poor Health, He S Convinced The Only Thing Within His Control Is The Success He S Found As A Rock StarAfter Reconnecting With His Childhood Best Friend, Chad Sets Into Motion A New Plan To Regain Control Over His Happiness, And Things Start Looking Up But When He Finds Himself Diagnosed With A Potentially Debilitating Chronic Illness, He Begins To WonderIs This As Good As It S Going To Get Or Is It At All Possible For A Guy Like Him To Get Everything He S Ever Wished For Could not put this book down Forget the Stars is an extremely entertaining read that pulled me in from page one, and I was addicted to every word I loved Molly and Chad and my heart reached out to them, cheering them on from the beginning. I make no excuses for my love of Kelsey Kingsley s characters, and this Forget the Stars is no exception We met our successful guitarist in previous books Chad Chaddington Bear, oh my gosh is thirty and not where he thought he d be at this age He is living at home between tours with a over involved parents, has a girlfriend who won t commit, and has some serious health issues that are getting worse He also has some lingering guilt for treating his childhood friend and neighbor, Molly, poorly while chasing high school popularity Molly, on the other hand, has worked hard to put the bullied girl and abandoned friend of her childhood behind her as she enjoys local success as a singer She, too, has an overbearing mom with whom she shares some trauma from her dad leaving them for a newer, shinier family This understandably shapes Molly s self worth Where Molly could easily be written as a bitter, she chooses to remain as open hearted and caring Molly has scars with which we all can relate, but she shines in spite and in some cases because of them Chad and Molly reconnect and forge a new friendship, one where Chad and his band give Molly the chance to open for their band s tour The proximity lends Molly a window into how serious Chad s health issues have become She forces him to be honest about it and is his support when he is diagnosed with UC Here, Kingsley not only shows the real symptoms and effects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease but also lends such vulnerability to both characters In the hands of a less compassionate or capable author, this storyline could have been mocking or become preachy The opposite that happens here Chad cannot be separated from his chronic diagnosis, and that has repercussions His parents don t understand, his girlfriend is horrible, and he has to take time off from the band Molly is his steadying force, and their friendship grows Through the book, both Chad and Molly explore their regrets, what happens when one stops wishing, and what happens when real life doesn t align with the plan As Molly s star rises, can she see that she is worthy of life s opportunities and permanent romantic love Can Chad find the love and family he so badly wants while learning to live with his diagnosis You will root for these two to embrace what they each deserve.I wish I could explain my love of the world of the band members and their families Through each book, they just get better I love seeing all of my favorites again, and their support of Chad through his diagnosis is exactly what we would want for ourselves Sebastian and Chad s friendship is so sweet and authentic to the two characters Molly s parking lot yoga sessions, rom coms galore, and plenty of unsolicited Sebastian advice give the book heart and laughter I would want these characters to be my friends They are so down to earth and decent.I ll end with what I always say about Kelsey Kingsley s work Just get it and read it But this book is extra special It gives us a glimpse into a painful disease that so many of us either experience or know someone who is affected Many people with IBD suffer alone since people can be so insensitive to the disease s realties I hope by shining a light on IBD UC, we can all be empathetic to those whose diseases aren t visible There s so much goodness in this book, and I cannot wait for people to experience it