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#FREE DOWNLOAD ä Music and Gender ⚷ Through The Experiences Of Performers, Composers, And Ethnomusicologists Working In Africa, Europe, The Middle East, And North America, Music And Gender Explores How The Uses And Descriptions Of Music Shift In Response To Rapid Political, Economic, Or Technological Change A Cross Section Of Case Studies From The Central African Republic, Finland, And Turkey Addresses Issues Of How Performance Reflects Gender And Furthers Other Social Goals, Such As Negotiating Identity And Transforming Consciousness Articles On Croatian And Serbian Popular Music And On The Changing Circumstances Of Women Musicians In War Torn Ethiopia And Post Soviet Estonia Consider The Fate Of Fragile Constructions Of Gender And Nationhood In Times Of War Or Crisis Other Essays Consider The Relationship Of Gender To Digital Sound Technology In Terms Of Access To The Field, Interactions Among Musicians, And Aesthetic Decisions And Gender Issues In Writing The Musical Lives Of Women Composers And Performers Articulating A Theoretical Agenda That Encompasses Perspectives From Vastly Different Musical Cultures, This Important Collection Shows How Music Can Help Bridge The Radical Transformations Of Individuals, Groups, And Nations cross cultural analysis of women and their relationship to music Good research book Very academic and dry.