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I WILL READ ANYTHING THIS WOMAN WRITES I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed McGee s previous series of novels, The Thousandth Floor, and was intrigued to see her take on the alternative history genre with an America ruled by the descendants of King George Washington Unfortunately, I was disappointed This has a lot of froth but no substance, and although the The Thousandth Floor has interesting characters and an overall plot arc, this just doesn t really have anything, with a plot that feels contrived, predictable and just dull The story is divided into several POV, ranging from Princesses Beatrice and Samantha, both struggling with their responsibilities and falling in love with the wrong people, Daphne the ex girlfriend of Prince Jeff and Nina the childhood commoner friend of Princess Samantha who s having a secret affair I didn t find any of the stories particularly interesting, or different from anything that s gone before them and the voices lack any distinct qualities At times it was a struggle to remember who s chapter I was reading as the tones are all very one note and nondescript They were all too similar to each other, and none of them is developed enough to carry a proper narrative arc on their own.The character s individual stories never really intertwine, and their conclusion is incredibly obvious from the start Even though nothing actually is concluded here, as over the course of the novel nothing at all is resolved, clearly hinting at further novels, which I found incredibly annoying I also found the whole concept of an American royal house a little bit too absurd Yes, you can suspend your disbelief for most aspects of the plot and just go with it, but I found that in reality I just wasn t invested in the concept The world building itself is none existent, and the reader is never really told how this world has been shaped by Washington s apparent decision to take a crown I know very little about American history , and found that without any background here to support the story, I didn t want to know it either As a positive, I will say that the writing is good and flows well, making it easy to read McGee has the real potential to turn out an excellent novel, if given the right story I just wish the subject matter was a little exciting Disappointing. American Royals is a fun and frothy novel as one would expect from the blurb It reimagines history so that George Washington became the first king of Americathe background detail of expanding upon this alternative history is a little lacking though I would have liked a few nuggets of info about the how and the why America came to be ruled by a monarchy The story is told from a number of different viewpoints which was enjoyable but it also meant that it was quite hard to ever truly engage with one particular character and their storyline as the book kept flip flopping from PoV to PoV too frequently for my personal taste.I probably enjoyed Beatrice s story the most as it was interesting to see how her life was dictated by her mis fortune of birth as she is heir to the throne and is due to be the first ever ruling queen.Samantha s story frustrated me the most I felt she was quite a cliched character with the stereotypical chip on her shoulder at being the forgotten Royal sibling Nina s story was quite engaging as it was interesting to have the commoner s take on the royals.And I did enjoy Daphne s story as the villain of the piece as she was just fabulously over the top with her schemes and vendettas What was disappointing however, is how every story is dictated by paint by numbers romantic plot lines It s easy to see where ultimately this story will finish up with every character happily paired off no matter how illogical their romantic plot line is will be I m also not a fan of the ending Because this book felt like quite a long read and ultimately the story went no where except to a cliffhanger style ending and therefore is reliant on its sequel to finish out the tale Overall this was a fun read but I do wish this was a standalone rather than a first in a series.3.5 stars An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher, Penguin Random House UK Children s, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews and book related chat check out my blog YES MORE DRAMAMORE BEAUTIFUL COVERS I went into American Royals hoping it would be better than the author s first book, The Thousandth Floor, but honestly it might have been worse Probably the only thing it has going for it over that one is the one non straight main character doesn t die at the end of the book, but it s only because there isn t one Don t worry though Katherine McGee still loves to make marginalized people have great falls one of the few people of color in this book is a Japanese girl who is in a coma There were zero characters I was rooting for, and the plot was utterly predictable and derivative I don t recommend it. The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 3.75 5 StarsI m always down for a good royal romance and I definitely did enjoy this one here, even though there were some things that, in my opinion, could have been developed a little better This novel is basically all about the characters feelings which is okay but following four main storylines all about the same thing, romance and relationships, can also become a little boring The characters were all quite interesting but I would have really preferred to have some pages dedicated to actual political royal problems and their resolutions, maybe with some chapters from a general narrator, instead of a specific point of view Overall the characters all had their ups and downs, but my favourites were probably Sam and also Connor With this ending, I m definitely looking forward to the next book in the series, even though I don t think there will be a lot of surprises relationship wise because I truly believe that all the couples are pretty much set in stone by this point Nonetheless, I m still pretty excited to read the next book My Rating 3.5 Stars Mostly a fun read, imagining a royal family for America and getting an insider s view of how truly human and flawed they are with their rather unroyal behavior behind closed doors and even in the eyes of their people A bit of a soap opera, tangled webs of desire, duty and deceit abound as Katharine McGee takes us into the world of the AMERICAN ROYALS.From George Washington I to the current day George, there had always been a king, until now when Princess Beatrice is being groomed to be the first queen As her younger brother and sister live their lives in her shadow, the family intrigue grows when hearts become entangled in affairs that can never be allowed.From the typical sibling squabbles to the fawning deceivers, who can be trusted Some beautifully quirky and fun moments, some heart wrenching moments and moments that will leave readers scratching their heads This family is as real as any commoners, all while having to keep a regal public persona.I really enjoyed most of this tale, but the part of the conniving teen got to be a bit much, the nastiness too over the top and the hopes that love could conquer all too questionable for me The cliffhanger at the end was definitely unexpected A nice read, a fascinating concept, but maybe just a little too fluffy for me in parts that deserved pages.I received a complimentary ARC edition from Random House Books for Young Readers This is my honest and voluntary review.Series American Royals Book 1Publisher Random House Books for Young ReadersPublication Date September 3, 2019Genre YA FantasyPrint Length 448 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher This in no way impacted on my view.This book was one that I knew as soon as I heard about it that I needed A modern American monarchy, with two sisters dealing with all that entails, and their friends and love interests playing integral roles in their lives Definitely a book for Sophie After the American War of Independence, rather than becoming President, George Washington became the first King, and his descendants still occupy the throne The current Washington king has three children, Crown Princess Beatrice, Princess Samantha, and Prince Jefferson Each of the royal three have their own issues caused by their lofty position, and this book explores how they navigate the turbulent times in their life Beatrice is being groomed to one day become Queen, and it s time for her to settle down, or at least decide on who she wants to marry However, the only person she could love is her secret service bodyguard, Connor, who isn t suitable to the role of Prince Consort When she thinks she finds someone who could fit the bill, it just happens to be the person that her sister, Samantha, is falling for Samantha finds it difficult being second billing to her sister, and to most of the country, she is the party animal princess, who people think they know, but she s actually completely different When she meets someone at one of the balls she s forced to attend, who just seems to understand everything she s going through, she thinks she s sorted, but like I ve already said, she really isn t.The other Washington, Prince Jefferson Jeff to his friends would ve been heir apparent a few generations ago, but now third in line, he has a bit freedom His ex, Daphne, has been groomed and pampered her whole life to marry a prince, and will not accept that they are through However, Jeff has moved on, and is falling for Sam s best friend Nina, who isn t from their circle, but instead the daughter of Minister of the Treasury, and basically a commoner Her relationship with Jeff is so good, but if anyone finds out, it could ruin her, if Jeff won t stand by her She s also plainly made an enemy of Daphne, which is not somewhere anyone would want to be.I just adored that this book was written in multiple PoV, with each of the four leading ladies having their own arc, and chapters I ve seen some reviews that say the number of PoV s made it a bit confusing to get your head around what was happening, but, for me, I found it improved the reading experience, as you got a lot of the backstory and foreshadowing, as you would ve done with only one or two The plot was surprising at times, too, not all predictable, but I will admit I found some of the cliches a tad annoying However, that s something I just expect with contemporaries these days The ending was out of the blue, though, and so fantastic that I am desperate for book 2 I wish I hadn t read this book so far before the official release, and I hope I ll be lucky enough to be approved for a proof of book 2 (FREE DOWNLOAD) ⚧ American Royals á What If America Had A Royal Family If You Can T Get Enough Of Harry And Meghan Or Kate And William, Meet American Princesses Beatrice And SamanthaTwo Princesses Vying For The Ultimate Crown Two Girls Vying For The Prince S Heart This Is The Story Of The American RoyalsWhen America Won The Revolutionary War, Its People Offered General George Washington A Crown Two And A Half Centuries Later, The House Of Washington Still Sits On The Throne Like Most Royal Families, The Washingtons Have An Heir And A Spare A Future Monarch And A Backup Battery Each Child Knows Exactly What Is Expected Of Them But These Aren T Just Any Royals They Re American And Their Country Was Born Of RebellionAs Princess Beatrice Gets Closer To Becoming America S First Queen Regnant, The Duty She Has Embraced Her Entire Life Suddenly Feels Stifling Nobody Cares About The Spare Except When She S Breaking The Rules, So Princess Samantha Doesn T Care Much About Anything, Either Except The One Boy Who Is Distinctly Off Limits To Her And Then There S Samantha S Twin, Prince Jefferson If He D Been Born A Generation Earlier, He Would Have Stood First In Line For The Throne, But The New Laws Of Succession Make Him Third Most Of America Adores Their Devastatingly Handsome Prince But Two Very Different Girls Are Vying To Capture His HeartThe Duty The Intrigue The Crown New York Times Bestselling Author Katharine McGee Imagines An Alternate Version Of The Modern World, One Where The Glittering Age Of Monarchies Has Not Yet Faded And Where Love Is Still Powerful Enough To Change The Course Of History ohmygod i need the next one