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ARC provided in exchange for honest review waitMULTIPLE beautiful covers someone take mercy on me COVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVERCOVER hello i would like to read this now please 2019 is not going to work for me thank you Just got my hands on an ARC Can t wait to read it D i know for a fact that this book wont be everyones cup of tea morgensterns writing style is an acquired taste , but it sure is mine this quenches my thirst for a story that was meant to be told, a love letter to the art of storytelling, as well as the stories we find ourselves in it is an ode to those who write their own paths in life and there is an aromatic intimacy to this that can only be created when such words are so tenderly placed on a page with delicious notes of myth and legend, imagination and wonder, this supplies the perfect blend of magic, bravery, adventure, wisdom, and love it is a full bodied flavour that impacts the palate, leaving it satiated, yet somehow desiringthis is a story to be savoured from one page to the next, entincing the reader to acknowledge all the smooth layers and undertones, because each word has such a meaningful presence, it would be a shame to miss something and as i drink up every last letter, i become so delightfully intoxicated on the notion that we are all made of stories and stardust its a buzzed feeling that reminds me exactly why i fell in love with reading in the first place and how we all become a part of the stories we love every star to return to the starless sea I always imagine Erin Morgenstern s books like paintings She is that good as describing things. THIS IS THE BIGGEST BOOK RELEASE OF 2019 FOR ME Seven years ago I read a fantastic book called The Night Circus and it helped me fall in love with books and fantasy I can still recall most of the novel vividly And I d almost given up hope that the author would write another novel, then I found out about this I m so damn EXCITED about it Only one year to go and then I can read it I really hope she delivers it with the same skill so I can rave about it on here. GUESS WHO IS BACK TO FUCK ME UP ONCE MORE UPDATE APRIL 30THWE HAVE A COVER AND IT S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.a bee, a key,and a swordI thought I was writing a book about books, but as it turns out I was writing a book about stories No words Nothing I just Twitter Bookstagram Youtube This book is a love letter to stories and storytelling, myths and fables, symbols and imagination This was haunting and magical, foreboding and whimsical in a way only Erin Morgenstern can achieve This is a story in which something new can be discovered every time you read it Breathtaking. ^DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☚ The Starless Sea ⇮ From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Night Circus, A Timeless Love Story Set In A Secret Underground World A Place Of Pirates, Painters, Lovers, Liars, And Ships That Sail Upon A Starless SeaZachary Ezra Rawlins Is A Graduate Student In Vermont When He Discovers A Mysterious Book Hidden In The Stacks As He Turns The Pages, Entranced By Tales Of Lovelorn Prisoners, Key Collectors, And Nameless Acolytes, He Reads Something Strange A Story From His Own Childhood Bewildered By This Inexplicable Book And Desperate To Make Sense Of How His Own Life Came To Be Recorded, Zachary Uncovers A Series Of Clues A Bee, A Key, And A Sword That Lead Him To A Masquerade Party In New York, To A Secret Club, And Through A Doorway To An Ancient Library, Hidden Far Below The Surface Of The Earth What Zachary Finds In This Curious Place Is Than Just A Buried Home For Books And Their Guardians It Is A Place Of Lost Cities And Seas, Lovers Who Pass Notes Under Doors And Across Time, And Of Stories Whispered By The Dead Zachary Learns Of Those Who Have Sacrificed Much To Protect This Realm, Relinquishing Their Sight And Their Tongues To Preserve This Archive, And Also Those Who Are Intent On Its Destruction Together With Mirabel, A Fierce, Pink Haired Protector Of The Place, And Dorian, A Handsome, Barefoot Man With Shifting Alliances, Zachary Travels The Twisting Tunnels, Darkened Stairwells, Crowded Ballrooms, And Sweetly Soaked Shores Of This Magical World, Discovering His Purpose In Both The Mysterious Book And In His Own Life