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Book 4 of Eisler s Livia Lone series finds the Seattle PD sex crimes detective searching for a gruesome pair of rapists Livia has been approached by Homeland Security Investigations agent B.D Little whose daughter mysteriously vanished ten years ago Little has been obsessed with finding out what happened to his daughter ever since and he now thinks he s stumbled across a pattern of disappearances that might just throw some light on his daughter s fate But he needs Livia s help.Livia however is under the microscope at work her Chief of Police has suspicions concerning previous activity she s been involved in, during which a number of unidentified man were killed, and she s made it clear that she s not happy about the lack of clarity Livia has provided concerning her involvement in these deaths Time to fly under the radar for a while Except Livia becomes drawn into Little s story and agrees to help him But events quickly escalate and soon she s neck deep in trouble but also convinced that there s some merit in Little s theory How can she possibly square the circle on this unholy mess In previous episodes we ve learned how Livia was sold to traffickers by her Thai parents along with her younger sister, Nason Finding themselves stranded in America, having been physically and mentally abused along the way by who took them away from their homeland, the sisters became separated What happened from this point shaped Livia into the determined, vengeful person she now is Her job offers her the perfect way of hunting down the type of people who prey on young women, but sometimes the sentences handed down by the judiciary just aren t sufficient to satisfy her desire to see these people properly punished So Livia goes off the books too, meting out her own form of retribution.Eisler has created a link with the John Rain books that preceded the Livia Lone series and from time to time characters I ve met before turn up This works well, I think, as it feels like something of a continuation of the Rain books, except that Livia is a very different person who does thing in her own way In essence, it s allowed fans of Rain like me to continue to enjoy the pace and excitement of Eisler s earlier work but with an extended cast and with the lens pointed in a slightly different direction In Livia, the author has created a complex but believable character who displays a mix of compassion and ruthlessness I cant wait to read her next adventure.These books are superbly researched and as in the notes appended to my copy of this book Eisler often provides links and additional information to support the authenticity of place settings, featured technology and combat techniques included in his text I believe that it s his focus on these elements of detail that set him aside from other writers in this genre.Another brilliant offering My sincere thanks to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. A solid read in the Lone the series Salton Sea figures prominently in the storyline Interestingly enough we live an hour from the Salton Sea, our step dad and step brother have homes there avid motorcycle community wide open deserts to ride Been there many times. Eight girls vanished One of which was the daughter of Homeland Security Investigations Agent Each crime bearing the same evidence.Livia Lone has been brought on for this case to search out and find this grueling predator.Revenge is the rule Money and power is the game Protect at all costs is the end result Break the case wide open and you may subsequently ruin a career for lifeSadists, rapists, and dare I say the Congressman s scion of the Vice President of the United States are all feeling above the law.Perhaps now is the time to bring them all down My review of ALL THE DEVILS can be found at High Fever Books.Livia Lone returns in All the Devils for her fourth grueling investigation, and third series proper novel, after The Killer Collective saw her joining forces with Barry Eisler s other series character, John Rain And it just might be her biggest and most challenging case to date after Homeland Security agent B.D Little finds new information surrounding his daughter s disappearance that compels Livia to investigate.Congressman Bradley Boomer Kane III is up for reelection when Snake, his old buddy from their Special Forces days, makes his way out of Leavenworth The two reunite so that Snake can help Boomer deal with some pesky rape allegations being made by Kane s old high school classmates, and reignite the bonds they forged in Iraq Both men are serial rapists and the seven women they ve disappeared all share a common signature, a fact that draws Livia into their orbit while hunting for Little s missing daughter Complicating things even further is Kane s father, the vice president of the United States, who is seeking to protect his own political career while saving Boomer from himself, by any means necessary.Eisler, as usual, does a terrific job establishing credible and multifaceted threats and situations brimming with tension It makes All the Devils a high strung, pressure cooker read, one that grows increasingly tense the Livia is backed into a corner And fans of this series will know damn well that Livia is not the type of woman you want to back into a corner She s as complex, fierce, determined, and motivated as ever here, not to mention tough as hell In addition to facing increasing scrutiny from the Seattle PD s top brass over some unanswered questions from her involvement in The Killer Collective, Livia is forced to contend with an array of threats from a number of different directions, each seeking to take her down in their own various ways, either politically or through direct use of force Thanks to her history and psychological make up, there are times, too, where Livia may be her own greatest adversary All this makes for a complex and very timely story given the recent Jeffrey Epstein news and the MeToo movement interestingly, Livia was first introduced in 2016, nearly a full year before the hashtag s popularity grew into a global phenomenon to speak out against and raise awareness of the prevalence of rape and sexual harassment and assault , but Eisler has a knack for delivering the plot in a straight forward, easy to follow way There s a good amount of moving pieces here, and a good number of thriller layers, but it s never overly complicated All the Devils, though, does rely pretty heavily on being familiar with Livia s past exploits, particularly Eisler s series crossover novel The Killer Collective Eisler brings readers up to speed capably, explaining the backstory for new readers, but you ll have an easier time with it all if you re at least familiar with his last release from earlier this year All the Devils also closes the loop on several story threads introduced over the course of the last two Livia Lone novels, Livia Lone and The Night Trade.Emotionally, Livia s a tough nut to crack, and for good reason The author s exploration of her as both a killer, a cop, and a brutally damaged survivor is ridiculously compelling stuff Eisler does a wonderful job exploring the human condition of this fractured soul and her attempts at not only making peace with herself, but with her attempts to heal and find her place in the world as something other than a revenge driven killer There s a purpose to her mission, and even as she leaves a trail of bodies in her wake, it s honestly touching to see her realize she s not alone She s a vital heroine, particularly given the times we live in and, frankly, I wish there were like her out there.All the Devils offers up plenty of closure for fans who have stuck with this trilogy, and opens up some possible new avenues for Eisler to explore in future novels, should we be lucky enough to encounter Livia again There s still plenty devils out there for Livia to contend with in her own special ways, and I m keeping my fingers crossed this is not the last time we see her Note I received an advance readers copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley. Enter the world of never ending despair 10 years ago, Homeland Security agent B.D Little s teenage daughter vanishes while returning home from the store most likely abducted and murdered No closure is provided in the last 10 years In his personal research , at least seven other teenage girls have vanished in similar circumstances Little has always suspected the crime was the work of two heinous individuals, and has searched relentlessly for clues He is aware that the disappearances of teenage girls has begun again with the same signature He enlists the aid of Seattle sex crime detective, Livia Lone He respects and needs the skills and dogged determination of this obsessive hunter He has both worked with and aided her in the past to exorcize her own demons They narrow the search down to two men, who unfortunately are skilled Special Forces veterans who most likely are sadist, serial rapists and probably killers Livia is nothing less than a heatseeking missile when on the trail of these predators it is irrelevant that one is the son of the Vice President of the United States Eisler proves to be a master storyteller and spins a fascinating and relentless tale of revenge and escalating tension building to an amazing denouement Although this is the fourth in a series of Livia Lone novels it can be enjoyed as a standalone due to the expert background provided by Eisler.Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer Publications for providing an Uncorrected Proof of this gem in exchange for an hones review is a series of Livia Lone I really enjoyed this book It was a BIT hard for me to get through, as someone who has been in the receiving end of a home invasion and having been attacked while walking to my car some of the incidents in this book hit a little close to home However, it is because of these that I was able to appreciate this book For it to hit so close to home and have me struggling to get through it was a feat I ve read similar books and found that it didn t really seem realistic I ve found that most of the time when men write about it they can t quite convey the emotional trauma, or what the person in that situation is like Barry did a great job though I liked the villains I thought in this political climate that it was well done, and relevant.I ended up giving this book to my mother to read also as this is right up her alley She LOVED this book Where I liked it but struggle, not having to have dealt with what I have she was able to really get into it and appreciate it for what it was A great book There wasn t much bad that I could say, or much that I was unhappy with The plot was there, you were never at a loss for what was happening You didn t get annoyed at characters being written one way and then doing a 360 and thinking where did this characters gumption go The structure was also there It didn t take you from left to right, to centre, maybe back and to the left It took you from a z on a great journey All in all this book was good I would recommend it to almost anyone I wouldn t recommend it to people who have been assaulted as there are some triggering points in the book The description of the book states what it is about though So, regardless of that if you know what it s about you can gauge yourself Two thumbs up for the author and this book I tend to find detective novels rather predictable, but I still enjoy them We all know the formula, first third of the book introduces you to the characters and the crime, second third develops the crime but nothing exciting really happens until the last third this book breaks the mould.I was really excited to be allowed to read this book pre launch and was not disappointed Admittedly, I have not read any Livia Lone novels before however I didn t feel lost or confused about her character at all.From the start every character is interesting, every chapter has just enough suspense to make it impossible to put the book down and the action scenes are gripping The story line itself has layers than you expect which makes the read stand out from the rest If you enjoy a good detective novel, add this to your list Now to go read the first 3 books *READ DOWNLOAD ↴ All the Devils (Livia Lone #4) ☉ A Search For A Pair Of Serial Rapists Leads Livia Lone Down The Darkest And Most Dangerous Trail Of Her Life In A Pulse Pounding Thriller By New York Times Bestselling Author Barry Eisler Ten Years Ago, The Daughter Of Homeland Security Investigations Agent B D Little Vanished Into Thin Air So Did Seven Other Girls The Crimes All Bearing The Same Signature CharacteristicsNow The Disappearances Have Begun Again And Agent Little S Efforts To Investigate Are Being Blocked By Forces Far Above His Pay Grade Desperate, He Turns To Seattle Sex Crimes Detective Livia Lone, The Most Obsessive Hunter Of Predators Little KnowsLivia Will Need That Obsessiveness, And A Lot Because The Two Men Little Is Pursuing Are Fearsome Both Special Forces Veterans With A Dozen Tours In Iraq Between Them Both Sadists And Serial Rapists And One, The Congressman Scion Of The Vice President Of The United States A Man Who Will Use All His Power To Protect His Son S Secrets And Further His Own Ambitions The Conspirators Have All The Assets And All The Angles And Every Reason To Believe They Ll Evade Justice, As They Always Have Before They Don T Understand That For Livia Lone, Justice Is Only A Guideline Revenge Is The Rule Barry Eisler never disappoints This is another fantastic read featuring Livia Lone a Seattle detective who will stop at nothing to bring people to justice.DB Little is part of Homeland Security whose daughter disappeared 10 years ago We have seen him before in a previous book with Livia In this story Little is being stonewalled by everyone, even his boss He goes to Livia for help The story continues Fast paced, quick read in fact I read it twice Each book is better than the last and each one it 5 stars I love any book by Barry Eisler John Rain, Dox, Delilah, scary Larson, are all great characters. A real well written book that is full of action and intrigue and ends in a different spot than you might initially think I love the story of how Livia Lone has come back from a horrible childhood full of trauma to become a self appointed avenger against those that prey on women and children This story brings a duo or men who have been committing sexual assaults forever and put them against Libya Lone The only complaint I have is how often Lone is able to skirt arrest or death during her vigilante acts If you suspend disbelief a bit, it is a very good book.Thank you Netgalley, Thomas and Mercer and Barry Eisler for the ARC for my honest review