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Came for the Glob faces and ridicule of hawkeye, Was not disappointed.I enjoyed this, maybe because i haven t been reading very many graphic novels lately so maybe thats part of it Anways Brisson tackles a lot of stories in this volume and he balances it well I like the fact they are tying together the old man stories and at the same time putting old man logan to rest, it feels right Another awesome moment was the end with Cap and Logan, really well written and touching I think I would be down for a cap and wolv team up The art is fine nothing amazing but it works A solid start to the end of old man. Perfect for one sitting RTC Old man logan is heading towards deaths door and he has one last battle Really good fun Didnt think I d enjoy this as much as I did. Old Man Snikt Old Man Logan is dying, but before he goes, he s taking Mysterio down with him It s a shame that Mysterio has new friends, and they ve got the opposite idea they want to make the future that Logan has been trying to avoid come to pass, and they don t care who they have to hurt to do it Picking up literally right where Old Man Logan 50 left off, Dead Man Logan definitely feels like we ve come full circle The first arc of OML in the main Marvel Universe was about him tracking down and killing the people responsible for his horrible future, and this final story starts out that way too The interplay between Mysterio and the hordes of Neo Hydra is a little overly long, but the constant side swapping and the illusions do keep you guessing I also appreciate that Ed Brisson is jumping through hoops to keep Beck s continuity straight, since he s been all over the place lately.The final issue of this volume makes it clear that this is a tale of two halves, and so this is a very complete story all on its own Issue 6 is easily the best of the bunch as Logan goes on a farewell tour of the Marvel Universe, touching on some plot points from across the entirety of his run and tying them off neatly Brisson s putting all the toys back in the box, but it s for completeness than because he seems to need to he s giving Logan a good sense off, and there s even a sequence where the Old Man and recently resurrected versions of Logan meet which I thought was expertly done.The art here is entirely by Mike Henderson, who I feel like I should know, but I don t think I do Maybe he did some Deadpool I m not sure His style s quite blocky and chunky, reminiscent of Kev Walker, and aside from a few characters that look like they ve been squashed Miss Sinister s thigh high boots threaten to disappear up her own butt a few times , he s a solid artist for the book, and manages to turn out a consistent performance across all six issues.Dead Man Logan feels final, but not in a bad way at all Brisson has a clear vision for this last Old Man Logan story, and while some of the middle s a little messy, it ends on a high and feels very much like the Old Man Logan we ve come to expect at this point Let s hope he can stick the landing in the second half. This mini series starts where Old Man Logan left off Logan just fought Maestro basically to the death and a few of the Xmen find Logan face down in the snow and barely alive. |READ KINDLE ♒ Dead Man Logan, Vol. 1 ♔ The Writing S Been On The Wall For Months NowOld Man Logan Is Dying And He Ain T Going To Get Better This Time Sick From The Adamantium Coating His Skeleton, Logan S Search For A Cure Has Led To Nothing But Dead Ends But For Once, He S Actually Trying To Leave This World With Some Unfinished Business Can Logan Take His Last Breath Without Slaughtering The X Men Again Not If Mysterio Has Anything To Say About It The Villain Means To Set In Motion The Mutant Massacre At The Crux Of Old Man Logan S Apocalyptic Future Timeline But Is Someone Pulling Mysterio S Strings The Master Of Illusion S Newest Benefactors Will Surprise Youand Logan COLLECTING Dead Man Logan I m only still reading cause I ve been reading so long I feel like I have to keep reading them It s pretty good 4 stars. I enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would Obviously, Marvel needs to get rid of Old Man Logan now that Hugh Jackman Logan is back, and if it ended here, this would be a really good send off I sort of wish that the last page of this volume was the last page period, but there s at least one volume coming I don t know, maybe that will be really good, too. I loved this series Hoping they collect them all.