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!Kindle ⚖ HWFG ⚆ Here We F King Go HWFG Is The Much Anticipated Follow Up To Chris McQueer S Hilarious, Award Winning Debut Short Story Collection Hings In HWFG Your Fave Sammy Gets A Job And Angie Goes To Craig Tara Plans Are Made To Kick The F Ck Out Of Kim Jong Un You Ll Find Answers To The Big Questions In Life What Happens When We Die What Does Brexit Actually Mean Why Are Moths Terrifying What Are Ghosts Like To Live With It S Just A Load Short Stories N That Hwfg X INCLUDES Big Angie Goes To Craig Tara, Brexit, Santa, Extreme Polls, Sammy Gets A Job, The Moth, Hawns, The Biggest Riddy, Haircut, The Deep, Sammy The Crime Scene Cleaner, Afterlife, Under Surveillance, Snails, Interview With The Shoe Guy, The Moth Part , Sammy S First Acid Trip, Leathered This will definitely be the most unique collection of short stories you read this year McQueer returns with, in my opinion, an even stronger book than his debut The stories here are generally longer, fleshed out, and allow the characters to come to life My highlights Santa, Extreme Polls, Afterlife, Interview with the Shoe Guy. I love Chris McQueer s work, and HWFG did not disappoint A brilliant selection of stories surreal but relatable, and thoroughly Scottish I loved seeing of some characters from Hings, and seeing McQueer push into new areas of writing. A exceptional follow up to your favourite characters from Hings with some darker shorter tales thrown in too Chris McQueer is one of the most brilliant writers on the short story scene today I will never look at moths the same way again. There s ways of showing your follow up book is going harder than the first, and then there s calling it Here We Fucking Go HWFG is the darker sibling to Hings, McQueer s first collection of short stories, in which some big personalities from the first book have new adventures and the drink, drugs, and knees on backward my own summary of Hings become the meaning of Brexit, the horrible truth about moths, and fighting Kim Jong Un.Hings was hilarious and uncanny HWFG takes the black comedy up a few notches, with serial killer haircuts and the threat of a giant squid looming over two warring friends Mostly the stories are very short with great payoffs, making them easy to dip into, and there are a few longer ones that may be my favourites The Biggest Riddy feels like those That Mitchell and Webb Look sketches about The Event with a dash of Black Mirror and is expertly pitched to be dystopian and weird Leathered combines the horror of the modern political world with the idea of the ramifications of social media, all wrapped up in a ridiculous narrative.HWFG may be better than Hings, with gleeful black comedy and a sense throughout the book that the real world is terrible and unbelievable, so short stories might as well be too Buy it for everyone you know who likes weird dark comedy or leave it in your bathroom for guests to pick up on the toilet and be freaked out by. HWFG is like the darker big brother of Hings I feel very uneasy about fingernails at I type this. naw, I dinnae ken the lad, but there was a wee bit in thon Guardian, bout a weegie who d did a bit of writing, a bit o a stoater by a accounts, but a proper Glasca lad I really can t keep doing that, but he certainly can The Guardian piece painted him as Scotlands answer to Charlie Booker, and I can see where that comes from There s a couple of pieces that d fit in Black Mirror, the game show of the future, being locked up in twitter jail, getting your life controlled by the FBI through your technology But on the other hand there are straight slice of life stories Angie, a lady of a certain age at the caravan park, the young lad Sammy trying to get on in the world of work Through it all, there s the flashes of black humour, some of it will make you laugh out loud, and some of it will make you laugh, then feel ashamed of yourself This is a masterpiece of short story writing. This book is a work of art and should be preserved in a museum I m going to get the first of his books tomorrow Bloody hilarious, tiny masterpiece.Be warned, if you aren t familiar with Scots Glaswegian dialect, you may struggle However, if you ve had practice, for example from the Internet sensation that is Scottish Twitter, then you will be fine.Read it. I jumped into this with severe anticipation, but also with an unsettling dread that HWFG could never match its predecessor,HingsI know now it s impossible to compare the two Where Hings is a wee wideo looking to have a laugh and a slagging, HWFG is the psycho uncle who s just oot the jail.We still get our old favourites, those characters of gold who seem to be moulded out of a range of faces you d see walking up the main gaff Angie at Craig Tara is a total masterpiece , and relatable figures who ve never shown their face before, like big Leaf the smug west end hipster yet, there are some stories here just a wee bit twisted and a shitload darker than in Hings There s a tinge of dystopia, a smear of macabre, and a wee taste of what would happen if Charlie Brooker was born in Cranhill.I got to explore bits of my mind I d never accessed before What is my biggest riddy Would I save that cow from school if I found myself in a life or death situation with her, or would I just continue the rammy Would I have my armpits stinking of petrol all day for a prize of fifty quid See that wasp that flew into my da s gub one time, was it trying to take over his body Not questions you should ask out loud.There were a couple of stories in here I d read before, but it was glorious to read them again, and it felt fitting to give them a home in this grimoire of Glesga I just love McQueer s stuff, and I absolutely loved this I did read the acknowledgements where he states the pressure and stress of writing this one nearly killed him, but mibbe batter some out sharpish, eh Another great collection of weird and wonderful and absolutely hilarious stories written in Glasgow dialect, but don t let that put you off Just imagine that you are reading it in the voice of Kevin Bridges and it ll be fine