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|DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☤ Psychological Safety ⚖ Both Scientific And Industry Research Suggest That Paying Close Attention To Psychological Safety Has Tangible Benefits, Not Just To Personal Health And Well Being, But To Workplace Productivity And Performance In Google Released The Findings Of Some Compelling Research Known As The Aristotle Project In Its Quest To Build The Perfect Team, Google Assessed The Factors Common To Their High Performing Teams They Were Shocked To Find It Was Not The Background, The Experience, Or The Education Of The Team Members That Determined The Team S Success, But Whether Psychological Safety Was Present Within The Team Most Of Us Understand The Importance Of Physical Safety We Protect Ourselves And Those Around Us, And Know What Physical Interactions Are Socially Acceptable, Helpful, Or Harmful Psychological Safety, However, Is A New Frontier Only Now Are We Beginning To Understand Its Importance And Impact, Thanks To Recent Advancements In Neuroscience For Example, Research Shows That A Hit To Our Psychological Safety Can Have A Deeper And Longer Lasting Impact Than A Hit To Our Physical Selves In Fact, Social Rejection Has The Same Impact On The Brain As A Punch To The Face Over Time, The Pain Associated With A Physical Attack Is Difficult Or Impossible To Recall The Memory Of Social Rejection, However, Even Many Years After The Fact, Can Elicit The Same Strength Of Emotion As It Did At The Time Of The Event When We Experience An Attack To Our Psychological Safety, Our Brain Is Triggered Into A Stress Response Our Cognitive Abilities Are Compromised Our Higher, Logical Brain, The One Responsible For Thinking, Creativity, Decision Making, And Self Control, Goes Off Line In This Derailed Stress State We Can Find It Difficult To Concentrate, Make Decisions, Or Control Our Emotions In A Psychologically Safe Climate, People Are Not Afraid To Express Themselves They Feel Accepted And Respected This Openness Creates A Fertile Environment For Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, And Growth, And Leads To Collaborative Relationships And An Overall Improvement In Individual And Team Productivity So How Do You Identify And Manage The Triggers That Threaten Your Psychological Safety And Hijack Your Brain Based On The Latest Neuroscience Research, The SAFETY Model Describes Some Of The Most Important Social Motivators Of Human Behavior Learn How To Implement It In Your Life And Your Workplace, To Reap The Benefits Of Increased Productivity And Personal Well Being This Revolutionary Book Offers Actionable Solutions To Key Questions That May Be Holding You And Your Team Back From Fulfilling Your Potential Why Am I So Anxious And Stressed Why Do I Continue To Do Things I Don T Want To Do Why Do I Care So Much About What Others Think Of Me Why Do I Self Sabotage And The Most Vital Question Of All Why Can T I Change