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This book biggest selling point in my opinion is that it is very au courant leading up to pretty recent meetings between Trump and Kim Jong Un Most of the books I ve read on North Korea focused on the March of Suffering when many North Koreans faced starvation The North Korea described here shows improvement in some standards of living, including a burgeoning middle class and a rich elite class that can enjoy some decidedly capitalistic pleasures Fifield also tries to draw a profile of Kim Jong Un by interviewing an assortment of people from a Japanese sushi chef who worked for the family to his aunt Kim Yong Suk and uncle Ri Gang, who acted as his parents in Switzerland She relays the tragic story of Otto Warmbier, the American student who supposedly stole a poster, the brazen assassination of Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Un oldest brother, as well as the stories behind the famous uncle who was eliminated All in all, an interesting peak into what motivates the leader of the hermit country. I was curious to learn about Kim Jong Un, since he is quite a mysterious character Even so, I m not really sure what I expected from this maybe of a character study However, this is a very detailed and expert account of Kim Jong Un s life, from birth up to the 2018 19, as he begins his next phase for North Korea, after they achieved nuclear weapons This is a great option if you want to learn about North Korea and the regime, since Fifield goes through a lot of history, and is very detailed in her explanations I enjoyed her detailed recounting of her own experiences, and her interviews with those who knew Kim Jong Un, or were affected by his rule those exiled from the ruling class, or those who ran illegal businesses on the border between North Korea and China However, all of the detail piles up and makes this a rather slow read After a while, I found the endless interviews and details to be a bit much, and at times, repetitive Some bits of interviews or pieces of Kim s origin story were repeated, and I felt that I was hearing the same thing over again I ll give this four stars for scholarship and the amount of knowledge poured into it, since I think it is a strong work in that sense, but as a casual reader, it was a bit too serious for me. #Read ¹ The Great Successor Î The Behind The Scenes Story Of The Rise And Reign Of The World S Strangest And Most Elusive Tyrant, Kim Jong Un, By The Journalist With The Best Connections And Insights Into The Bizarrely Dangerous World Of North KoreaSince His Birth In , Kim Jong Un Has Been Swaddled In Myth And Propaganda, From The Plainly Silly He Could Supposedly Drive A Car At The Age Of Three To The Grimly Bloody Stories Of Family Members Who Perished At His CommandAnna Fifield Reconstructs Kim S Past And Present With Exclusive Access To Sources Near Him And Brings Her Unique Understanding To Explain The Dynastic Mission Of The Kim Family In North Korea The Archaic Notion Of Despotic Family Rule Matches The Almost Medieval Hardship The Country Has Suffered Under The Kims Few People Thought That A Young, Untested, Unhealthy, Swiss Educated Basketball Fanatic Could Hold Together A Country That Should Have Fallen Apart Years Ago But Kim Jong Un Has Not Just Survived, He Has Thrived, Abetted By The Approval Of Donald Trump And Diplomacy S Weirdest BromanceSkeptical Yet Insightful, Fifield Creates A Captivating Portrait Of The Oddest And Most Secretive Political Regime In The World One That Is Isolated Yet Internationally Relevant, Bankrupt Yet In Possession Of Nuclear Weapons And Its Ruler, The Self Proclaimed Beloved And Respected Leader, Kim Jong Un One of the best books on North Korea I have read in years Very well researched and as complete as a biography of Kim Jong Un can get Based on many interviews and a lot of research, recommended to anyone interested in the North Korean leader. I thoroughly enjoyed this peek behind the curtain into North Korea s leader, Kim Jong Un The author has covered the Korea beat for many years, with the Financial Times and the Washington Post Her extensive knowledge of the area is obvious in her writing She has been to North Korea a dozen times She also interviewed people who have escaped from North Korea Fifield covers the entirety of Kim Jong Un s life so far From his early childhood to the present time And the time before his rule, when his father and grandfather ruled the nation I have to admit that I had always considered Kim Jong Un to be a comical blowhard who was way out of his league Now, after reading this, my opinion has done a 180 Now I am afraid of what the world has to face Kim Jong Un KJU is a cunning, calculating person, whom we should not be underestimating What looks to us as nonsensical behavior is actually just the opposite KJU is a master manipulator Knowing that he rose to the position of leader at a very young age, he realized or had been taught that he had to appease different factions to stay in power Basically, the military and the Korean version of the 1%.As far as the 1% ers were concerned, he learned well from his father and grandfather Like his patriarchs, he has managed to survive as a dictator by controlling an entire nation through a relatively tiny group of people It was another rule espoused by Machiavelli don t worry about the general population just be sure to enrich a small, elite group He does this by letting this group ignore the socialist rules the rest of the population has to obey They are free to make money anyway they can, through trade, smuggling, or any other method they can think of With a caveat, of course, free as long as they kick back a portion of the spoils to KJU s own coffers By forging ahead at full steam to develop nuclear weapons, he kept the military satisfied And as long as they have nuclear weapons, the military knows that it is safe from invasion And it doesn t hurt KJU s position that he is willing to sacrifice ANYONE to maintain his hold on the country As is evidenced by what he did to his favorite uncle No one under him should feel safe and secure The author points out that KJU will NEVER give up the nuclear weapons he now has To do so would be political folly, and the probable end of his regime No, KJU then likely intends to use his membership in the nuclear family to extract and concessions from the rest of the world Which brings us to today How are we the free world supposed to handle North Korea Is it wiser to try to continue to isolate them in the world, or to try to interact with them We have to admit, the isolation treatment did not work so well, they still developed nuclear weapons Will the current U.S President s overtures towards friendship work I don t know I just hope that someone in charge is acting with a clearly thought out plan, and not just flying by the seat of his pants to make himself look good Time will tell Having read with appreciation many of Anna Fifield s WaPo articles on North Korea over the past several years, I was looking forward to her book length take on Kim Jong Un As a result I was disappointed by the surprisingly superficial and distractingly snarky treatment she gives her subject here and although I learned a few fascinating nuggets of new information for example, details about the whereabouts of Kim Jong Nam s long lost sister, or the lengths to which North Korean cleanup crews went to remove any trace of KJU s or his sister s DNA from the hotel rooms in which they stayed while abroad in Singapore and South Korea, respectively , there were few genuine revelations To be fair, facts are few on the ground when it comes to the autocratic leader of North Korea, so maybe it was too much to expect a detailed, definitive biography That biography is yet to be written, assuming we are not annihilated by a DPRK H bomb in the meantime. Note I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley Through countless hours interviewing North Korean defectors ranging from average citizens to members of the ruling Kim family, deep research, and her own experiences traveling to the Hermit Kingdom, as a journalist, Anna Fifield has crafted an incredibly in depth work about Kim Jong Un and the country he rules as Supreme Leader For starters, The Great Successor cuts right into the mix of mystery and absurd myth that has surrounded Kim Jong Un since he has stepped out of the privileged, protected shadows and into the spotlight The Great Successor provides as intimate and detailed an overview of his life as possible, covering everything including his hyper sheeted childhood, his European schooling under a fake identity, his cementation of himself as undisputed ruler after his father s death right, and everything else up until the present day And amongst many revelations, we are shown what appears to be a complex figure who is simultaneously politically savvy, open to change, and also far ruthless than many may give him credit for Alongside this deep journey through one man s life is also a comprehensive overview of modern day North Korea Fifield shows a country that has opened up a surprising amount economically, provided some modest improvements in the quality of life for a nascent middle class, and is also where the lucky well connected are becoming fabulously enriched thanks to the new leader We also see a nation where its ruling family is expected to be treated as gods, a literal caste systems based upon political loyalty still exists, malnourishment reigns rampant, prison camps are expanding, and fear of merciless punishment from above keeps everyone firmly in check These are only two broad areas in which Fifield s work shines magnificently To call this book a strong recommend is the very least that I can do If anything, The Great Successor is practically essential reading considering the outsized role its subject dictator and his veritable kingdom continue to play on the world stage. Kim Jong Un is thirty five years old now, but he s been the designated leader of his country since the age of eight People decades older than him have been sucking up to him all his life He is five feet, seven inches tall, and his weight is estimated to be about three hundred pounds The man has at least thirty three homes his main compound in northeast Pyongyang covers almost five square miles And since he has followed in the footsteps of his tyrannical grandfather and father, it should be no surprise that he had one senior general executed for falling asleep in a meeting with him.Of course, Kim has also had his half brother and his uncle murdered And he was personally responsible for sinking a South Korean warship off the coast without provocation at the cost of than forty lives Welcome to the world of Kim Jong Un, as revealed in The Great Successor, a penetrating new biography by Washington Post reporter Anna Fifield.A penetrating, up to date biography of Kim Jong UnSince North Korea generally and Kim Jong Un in particular have been prominent in the news in recent years, you probably know a fair amount about the man You may even have read about the radio installed in every household that can never be turned off and can never be tuned to a different station But it s unlikely you re aware of the changes Kim has engineered during the seven years he s been in power.The new wealthy elite in Pyonghattan For example, Kim has ordered so much new construction in the capital that it s now sometimes called Pyonghattan The pampered minority who are privileged to live there can now take advantage of a wide range of foreign cuisine and luxury goods if they have enough money to pay the outrageous prices And there is a growing number who do Kim has created a wealthy elite the Russian oligarchs of North Korea to surround himself with people who know their lives and livelihood depend entirely on him There is now a middle class in North Korea Although the UN estimates 40 percent of the population is undernourished, and stunting and anemia are still major concerns, Fifield reports there is now a middle class in North Korea Nobody lives well on the average salary of 4 a month Most of the income that permits a rising percentage of families to lift themselves out of penury comes from selling food or smuggled goods in local markets And those markets now exist throughout North Korea because Kim ordered the police and security services not to enforce the laws against capitalism.There seems little likelihood that the North Korean economy will collapse, as so many have observers have predicted from time to time The country has now existed for longer than the Soviet Union And Fifield leaves no doubt that Kim Jong Un is the undisputed leader.About the authorAnna Fifield is the Beijing Bureau Chief for the Washington Post From 2014 to 2018, she was the Post s Bureau Chief in Tokyo and reported for the Financial Times for thirteen years before that The Great Successor, her first book, is based on hundreds of hours of interviews across eight countries. Fifield is probably one of the best people to possibly write a book on North Korea She s been a correspondent there for years, interviewed dozens of North Koreans, and has delivered several major scoops on the country itself and its secretive leadership She s reported on the assassination of Kim Jong nam and on Kim Jong Un s childhood in Switzerland.No surprise then, that this book is worth a close read The contents can be sorted into three parts 1 the life and court intrigue about Kim Jong Un 2 life for average North Koreans 3 the North Korean nuclear program 1 and 2 are the strongest and have the most original material.North Korea, while still a closed society, is far removed from the mass starvation of the 1990s Kim Jong Un s pro market reforms have led to a significant improvement for the lives of the masses, and party elites enjoy luxury in Pyongyang designer restaurants and coffee shops are moving in Fifield was able to interview some ordinary people, ranging from truck drivers to entrepreneurs She is even able to report on the sale and production of methamphetamines although the figures on use defy belief.To be fair, some of Fifield s material is speculation, but she has to base it on Worth a read for a serious look at North Korea today The most recent material dates from this year. In August 2014, the world was hoping that 26 year old Kim Jong Un, the newly anointed leader of North Korea would be a reformer His third generation, family dynasty was at risk with a young Kim Jung Un without military or government background The world was skeptical he had the skills to succeed Great Successor provides a detailed history of the three generations of the Kim Dynasty the grandfather, Kim II Sung, his son, Kim Jong II, and his grandson, Kim Jung Un The ruling regime used all its wiles to establish Kim Jung Un he accompanied his father to many events he was introduced to schools, and government officials read out lectures throughout which the students were taught to cheer long life Anna s book is a Tour de force she describes a barely functioning economy and an oppressed country whose people had fear in their eyes Anna supports our understanding of how a despotic ruler brainwashes his people beginning at a young age the children are instructed to chant songs which express love for the leader who becomes god like in their eyes North Korean people do not celebrate their own birthdays the whole country celebrates the birthday of the leader Their personalities are entwined with the leaders his triumphs become their triumphs Anna Fifield writes with poignancy and shows the misery and desolation of living in North Korea The regime inherited by Kim Jung Un was merciless, autocratic, and the North Korean people were starving but were required to idolize the Great Commander How could a young, inexperienced ruler manage the politics and the economy without running afoul of the current leadership and the possible hatred of the people The Great Successor relates that Kim Jung Un kept the influential people around him happy by providing a superior standard of living But he over had to identify loyal people with future value and begin to eliminate those who could constitute a danger From Anna s research, he seems to have been eminently capable of this level of strategy He also proved capable of conducting meetings with President Xi of China, President Moon Jae in of South Korea, and President Trump of America Anna provides many, many insights in this book which people will read and appreciate for themselves I can only remain hopeful that America can forge a relationship with Kim Jung Un by walking that fine line to establish a successful collaboration between North Korea and the world The alternative is unthinkable I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars Anna has thoroughly researched the Great Successor and spoken to hundreds of people who could provide any insight at all into the man, Kim Jung Un It is historical going back three generations and offers excellent insight into the inheritance of Kim Jung Un Readers should be aware there is an extremely sinister side to the story and Anna has written in horrific detail about the deprivations of life in North Korea She describes the removal of people who speak against the regime, the still existing labor camps and the no communication policy with the external world I recommend this book to people interested in politics, history, relationships, and unanswered questions about today s world I do not recommend it to people who prefer light reading.