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INCREDIBLE. Okay, I ll be honest, I didn t read Under the Tongue because Without a Name was so entirely upsetting and depressing I couldn t bear any Which I guess isn t fair because the second story might provide a breather At some point I ll go back and see because I do love Vera s language and narrative style. [Download] ♂ Without a Name and Under the Tongue ⚔ Yvonne Vera S Novels Chronicle The Lives Of Zimbabwean Women With Extraordinary Power And Beauty Without A Name And Under The Tongue, Her Two Earliest Novels, Are Set In The Seventies During The Guerrilla War Against The White GovernmentIn Without A Name , Mazvita, A Young Woman From The Country, Travels To Harare To Escape The War And Begin A New Life But Her Dreams Of Independence Are Short Lived She Begins A Relationship Of Convenience And Becomes PregnantIn Under The Tongue , The Adolescent Zhizha Has Lost The Will To Speak In Lyrical Fragments, Vera Relates The Story Of Zhizha S Parents, And The Horrifying Events That Led To Her Mother S Imprisonment And Her Father S Death With This Novel Vera Became The First Zimbabwean Writer Ever To Deal Frankly With Incest With These Surprising, At Times Shocking Novels Vera Shows Herself To Be A Writer Of Great Potential Please see my review of Without a Name for on that book and the author Under the Tongue is my second favorite of her books It s the story of a woman who has suffered at the hands of others and who has been holding all of her secrets back, under her tongue Like all Yvonne Vera s books, it s not really a narration of events as much as it is a descriptive narration of feelings, so what is really happening outside of the main character is not always clear The focus is on what is happening inside of the main character, and the truth of what is going on outside of her is revealed slowly as the story progresses. For the first third of Without a Name the book I thought it was really indulgently written lots of semi lyrical writing, but it did not make much sense Towards the middle I realised there was a story there, but not much of one, and it was padded with too much weird description. Without a Name is hard to read again, because of the subject matter , but it s intense and beautiful Under the Tongue is sometimes difficult to understand, which is really OK because the subject matter is so horrific Vera is not a happy writer The repetition and jumping around became really annoying and hard to keep up with Same problem in both books Depressing and no sense of hope or positive thought, just war and rape. Incredible use of symbolic language. The five stars are really for Under the Tongue, which is wrenching, poetic, dream like, simply extraordinary. It is difficult to describe Under the Tongue I had to study it and it took a while for me to understand it When I felt I had understood it I read it again and it wrenched my heart There is something very authentic and very real about how Vera uses language to make unspeakable experiences and emotions real.