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@Download Kindle º The Label: The Story of Columbia Records ì From Frank Sinatra And Billie Holiday To Janis Joplin And Michael Jackson, Columbia Records Has Discovered And Nurtured A Mind Boggling Spectrum Of Talents And Temperaments Over The Past Plus Years Now, With Unprecedented Access To The Company S Archives Memos, Personal Correspondence, Recording Contracts, Sales Reports And Job Sheets, As Well As Rich Musical And Literary Material Excavated From The Teo Macero Collection The Label Tells The Never Before Told Stories Behind The Groundbreaking Music Distributed By Columbia Records More Often Than Not, The Music Was Created Not Just By The Artists Themselves But Forged Out Of Conflict With The Men And Women Who Handled Them Executives, Producers, Artists And Repertoire Men, Arrangers, Recording Engineers, And, Yes, Even Publicists And At Almost Every Narrative Crossroads In The Label Is An Undercurrent Of Racial Tension A Tension That Not Only Influenced Twentieth Century Music, But Also Mirrored And At Times Prompted Major Changes In American Culture This Vibrant Account Of Columbia Record S Often Tumultuous Relationships With Artists, Businesspeople, And Popular Culture Is Sure To Enlighten, Entertain, And Even Shock Barely a chapter into this almost 600 page long history of the venerable record company, which sports its famed red label on the cover, I ve already learned than I ever knew about the origins of the modern recording industry Columbia Records was actually founded in 1888 by Edward Easton, a stenographer and principal in the company based in Washington, D.C hence the name , which manufactured Graphophones, an early forerunner of the victrola, originally used for office dictation Just like today, the technology came first, and uses for the invention only came later The fact that music could be recorded and played back on wax cylinders was virtually an afterthought Thomas Edison, with his competing phonograph, felt music demeaned his invention , as the label was launched with a selection of John Philip Sousa marches recorded by the U.S Marine Band and black singer George Washington Johnson, dubbed the Whistling Coon after his hit of the same name, brought to the label by prototypical 19th century AR man Victor Emerson What s striking is the role technology played in the growth of the industry, and how the format affected what was recorded and distributed, a factor still in place today in the wake of the digital revolution A fascinating read that I have just dipped into, but will keep you abreast as I get deeper Roy Trakin A long yet fascinating story about the famed label Noted this story is not about the musicians but the producers, managers and CEOs behind the business, so passive music lovers may find this a bit long an unexciting Music nerds like myself will definitely enjoy it. I guess you really have to love the music business to read a 600 page book about a single label, but, if you do, you really should consider Gary Marmorstein s The Label.How do you distill that many pages to a paragraph or two The three most influential people at Columbia Records during the 20th century were actually the AR men John Hammond and Mitch Miller in addition to it s long serving president Godard Lieberson If you are of the belief that Mitch Miller nearly killed, or at least limited the careers of many a great singer, this book will not alter that view It s not that Mamorstein is an apologist for Miller, although he did interview Miller for the book before his death at the age of 99, but I think Miller s career, for better or worse, speaks for itself So the fact that Miller outlived everybody whose career he had an effect on and, therefore, had the last word, doesn t really alter the way history has and will perceive him.I do however have renewed respect for Hammond and Lieberson Hammond brought so many musicians to the label who would eventually become its biggest stars such as Dylan, Springsteen, Streisand, Diamond, etc As president Lieberson created the Masterworks division and brought so many of the biggest selling shows and soundtracks to the label.