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{Read E-pub} ⚹ Side Hustle (Dawson Family, #3) ô When Scarlet Cooper Takes A New Job As A Nanny, She Assumes She S Going To Work For The Rich Couple Who Hired Her But Instead Of Pulling Up To Their Million Dollar Estate, She Finds Herself On The Front Porch Of A Humble Farmhouse, Looking Into The Eyes Of Dark And Brooding Single Dad, Weston DawsonIt S Bad Enough That Weston Doesn T Have A Fortune To Charm Out Of Him, But He S Also A Cop After Marrying His High School Sweetheart Only To Have Her Up And Leave Weeks After Their Baby Was Born, Weston Has Sworn Off Women For Life All That Matters Now Is Taking Care Of His Son, JacksonIf Anyone Can Break Down The Tough Exterior Of The Former Soldier, It S Scarlet But Just When She S Close To Getting Exactly What She Wants, She S Faced With A Whole New Challenge, Which Just Might Be The Biggest Con She S Ever Pulled Pretending She Doesn T Love Him Side Hustle Is A Standalone Single Dad Romance And Is The Third Book In The Dawson Family Series I really liked this one it s a nanny single dad romance I love that there is a redemption component for this story The hero s family is just so amazing in their support of each other and in their embracing of the heroine Children in romance can go bad but this one handles the child very well, in my opinion Definitely recommend A single father and baby sitter romance that takes the emotional aspect that makes your heart stop and then beat the fastest that it will ever do with such a compelling romance novel When it comes down to single father and babysitter, I have such a weakness for them and there is no stopping me from requesting them So when I see that a new author that I read this year has a single father romance up her sleeve, then you can sign me up Scarlet and Weston are two individuals in which have emotional struggles behind the character that they both portray My heart beats and beats, and stops whenever these two have those magical moments that are filled with harmony and passion You know how sometimes you encounter upon characters that instantly have a draw that is not just about lust, but also about the same interests when it comes down to family, life, and love Yeah well, those type of characters are very hard to find in the romance world because everything is considered such a cliche to many outside romance readers With Emily s novel, there is no denying that you will be captivated with wanting of Scarlet and Weston The Dawson family never stops amazing me as well, especially when we get snippets of Archer and Quinn having those lovey dovey moments that I find so cheesy but absolutely ADORE Overall, Emily has astounded me once again when it comes down to surprising my heart for wanting of Scarlet and Weston s story I truly do want for sure, so Emily Please get on the writing game because there is no alternating your writing for something elseARC kindly provided by the publicist, in exchange for an honest review Follow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter NOW LIVE US UK Side Hustle brings readers back to the Dawson family with single father, Weston, and his new nanny, Scarlet Scarlet is a down on her luck woman who tosses her morals out the window in order to make the money she needs to care for her father While Weston is running for town Sheriff An odd combination for sure, but one that had me intrigued Scarlet and Weston just clicked right away and it was clear that they belonged together I loved the connection these two shared and how fascinating it was to watch the chemistry sizzle between them before they finally gave in to it Scarlet was a flawed characters, there s no denying that, but that allowed a lot of room for her character to grow, and I thought the character development in this story was perfect The rest of the Dawson family also makes an appearance and we got to catch up with them We got to see them bring Scarlet into their fold and it was amazing how accepting they were I m super excited to see what s next for this series ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Scarlet Cooper likes the quick easy money She s a professional hustler and her morals are tainted Her father isn t well and she will do whatever she can to give him a comfortable life Scarlet is from the wrong side of town, she has made some bad choices and her sister is currently in prison She isn t a bad person She s a survivor It s time for Scarlet to find a new hustle A rich family to exploit or a husband to blackmail, but this time she s about to find than she bargained for The job isn t what she expects The mission needs to be aborted Weston Dawson is a cop He wants to be a county sheriff, but he has a young dependant His son is 4 years old and his wife has run off He loves his son, Jackson and wants to give him a good life His family are close and his sister wants to help him land his dream job She helps him find a Nanny Scarlet has the experience She s beautiful and fun She s good with his kid What Wes wasn t expecting was his feelings for her He had given up on love a long time ago, but Scarlet re awakens something he thought was long gone.Scarlet knew she was in over her head the second she laid eyes on Weston He s all man and she is struggling to resist She should have turned and left the second she realised this wasn t the gig she signed up for, but now she has too much to lose Scarlet has always put her family first, even though her childhood was not the best She cares for them When she meets the Dawson family she wishes she could keep them, but she has a past and Wes is a cop What starts as a hustle gone wrong turns into a family so right Can scarlet find her happy ever after She loves the kid and Wes, but can they truly love her back This is probably the best hired nanny story I ve read The characters are well developed and the romance is heated It s funny and heartwarming This is my first book by Emily Goodwin and I hope it s not my last I really enjoyed this story The Side Hustle can be read as a stand alone, however, it s part of the Dawson family series This family is loveable This is a great read It s intended for mature audiences I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review It s a thumbs up from me 5 out of 5 Fabulous from beginning to end.