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FREE EPUB Á Moonstruck á NOTE Previously Published As MoonstruckGalactic Rules Of Engagement Enemies Must Not Become LoversWelcome To The Borderlands, Where Rules Are Meant To Be BrokenAdmiral Brit Bandar Is The Coalition S Greatest Starship Commander The Outlaw Known As The Scourge Of The Borderlands Taunted Her In A Galactic Game Of Cat And Mouse For Years, But She Never Caught Him Now They Re Supposed To Make Peace And Serve Together On The Same Starship Not So Easy To Do When Your Sworn Enemy Turns Out To Be The Hottest Piece You Ve Ever SeenWarleader Finn Rorkken Doesn T Care How Many Medals Stone Heart Bandar Has He S Going To Show Her What It S Like To Be Pursued And Caught By A Master Intergalactic Peace Is On The Line, And If She Wants His Obedience, She Ll Have To Pay His Price Challenge Accepted, AdmiralWARLEADER Sweeps Readers Into A Galaxy Spanning Adventure With Action, Laughter, And A Few Tears Read This Epic Award Winning Space Adventure Today The Borderlands Series Book WARLEADER Dec Book HUNTING THE WARLORD S DAUGHTER Jan Book RAIDER BORN Feb Exclusive Free Read For Newsletter Subscribers Book RUNNER Keir And Kaz S Story, A Novella These Will Be Joined By The Three Borderlands Prequels The Otherworldly Men Series Book GUARDIAN ALIEN Mar Book ROYAL RECRUIT Apr Book CYBORG AND THE SINGLE MOM May This was a good solid scifi romance It contains all the usual themes, the H and h should hate each other, they both have tormented pasts, they are surrounded by interesting secondary characters who will get their own books someday All that said, the scifi was reasonably strong, and the characters were unique The surrounding troubles were well constructed, and I did not anticipate the end twist until just before it was unveiled.The sex was NC 17 than XXX, which seems to be the author s style I d read The Legend of Banzai Maguire, which had the same level of heat I ll read from her. I mean, I dunno what to say with this one When you re in a SF universe and a character is referencing Devil meets Prada which only THREE years later dates the book, how in the world can you believe that you re in a world where there are space ships and alternate races UUUUUGH.In the VERY narrow category of SF Romance genre, I list this on my shelf because there was something cool going on with the main character and her hero, namely that SHE was the hard edged and alpha one, and the dude didn t try to dominate her in a macho way, which is so rare in romance novels that I want to list it on my shelf for that quality alone The relationship between the main characters is definitely the selling point here, not the believability of the SF world In a completely fluffy way I ok enjoyed it And the cover with the woman stroking his gun made me laugh, haha. A boring, impossible to believe romance, which is a pity as somewhere, deep, deep into the story there was a solitary interesting single thread.Unfortunately that spark of plot was drowned by the sheer stupidity of love at first sight, at first sight between 2 enemy people, one of whom has lost everything and everyone to the war She was utterly unbelievable and he was utterly perfect A match made in book hell So, it wasn t spiteful, but I can t give it than 1 star as a forgettable read One that I skim read too not interested in sex for sex sake sorry. Moonstruck is moderately entertaining, but shallow Ordinarily that would be fine with me sometimes a fun, fluffy space opera is exactly what I want But for a book whose major themes include loss, vengeance, racial discrimination, and cultural integration, the lack of depth is disappointing.One problem I have with this novel is that the major characters surrender their prejudices and overcome their demons a little too easily, given how much those failings defined them at the beginning of the novel Brit in particular seems like two completely different people from the beginning of the novel to the end She starts out cold, practically soullessness, but she is warm and passionate by the end of the novel The transition happens too quickly to be believable I think if she were a little less icy and prejudiced in the beginning, her moments of warmth and humanity would feel natural Finn s development is a bit stable He decides pretty early on that he wants Brit, and that is the foremost thought in his mind for the rest of the book I guess that makes him a better lover than a first officer, but at least he s easy to like.The biggest problem with Moonstruck, however, is that the plot is just so damned predictable I knew from start to finish exactly what was going to happen next and who the bad guys were No surprises, no interesting world building, no unexpected character interactions As a result, it didn t hold my attention very well When I put the book down, I didn t feel any urgency to pick it back up and keep reading In spite of these issues, this is still a three star book Many of the characters are rather endearing even Brit, some of the time , and some of the dialog is cute I just couldn t read it without thinking about how much better it could have been So although it isn t bad, Moonstruck is definitely not my favorite book by this author.