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!READ BOOK ♿ Diamond in the Rough (Four Kings Security, #4) ⚒ For Ward King Kingston The Role Of Protector, Forged By Fire And Tragedy, Is One He Takes Seriously When King Is Asked To Safeguard The Son Of A Four Star General And Friend, He Is Pulled Back Into The World Of Government Black Ops On A Mission That Raises Painful Memories From His Past The Moment King Meets Leo, Amid The Chaos Of A Lockdown At A Secret Black Site, It S Clear He S Never Faced A Challenge Like This One That Will Test His Unwavering Sense Of Control Leopold De Loughrey Is A Misunderstood Genius Whose Anxiety And Insecurities Are Sent Into Overdrive When He Is Forcefully Recruited To Work On A Top Secret Project Terrified Of What His Role As Invaluable Asset Means, Leo S Stress Leads To Disappearances, Arguments, And Blowups That Threaten The Project And Leo S Future King S Arrival Is A Calm In The Storm For Leo And His Frenetic ThoughtsKing And Leo Couldn T Be Different, Yet As They Navigate The Dangers Of A Secret Multi Agency Operation And Face Unknown Threats, Their Differences Could Be What Saves Them Neither Man Believes A Happily Ever After Is In The Cards, But Their Hearts Might Just Prove Them Wrong If They Can Survive A Deadly Betrayal So much fun Charlie s Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts couple Quinn and Spencer are getting married and the guys are along for the ride.This was a freebie during the Valentines Giveaway on Prolific Works and I loved it, there s so much love around, even if newly loved up King had to do without his Leo, the rest of the gang was there to celebrate and joke and generally just make me happy reading Merged review Superb send off to this excellent seriesI ve been wanting to know about the eponymous King who heads up the Four Kings security team since book one and with Diamond in the Rough, Charlie delivers an utterly brilliant conclusion to the series.Ward Kingston is just my type of guy, brooding, honest, committed to the men who make up his extended family, loyal and a powerhouse of an ex Green Beret.Leo is the perfect foil for him, someone who can give him a daily challenge, who is a genius with a need for someone to remind him of the world outside cyberspace They were both crazily cute and steaming hot together.I liked the plot tension in this one and I didn t spot the bad guy, although with hindsight, it made perfect sense, and I liked how the pacing leading up to the big reveal kept giving smaller hiccups to be overcome.The Marvel and Avengers references throughout just made me smile, as did seeing the rest of the guys heavily involved too.Can t wait for the spin off series and to find out about the other guysARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review 4.5 StarsThis final story centres on the Four Kings leader and all around stoic badass, Ward Kingston AKA King , as he takes on a bodyguard detail for an old military friend, providing close, personal protection for a quirky tech genius named Leopold de Loughrey I loved this story so hard King and Leo s chemistry burst off the page from the very first adorable and fairly hilarious moment they met They had a bit of a May December thing going on, with King being a bit older than young Leo, but their connection was undeniable regardless of their age difference or the contrasts in their vastly differing personalities, they simply fit together, like the final two pieces of an epic puzzle There was action, romance, and comedy aplenty, with an abundance of heart warming moments shared between not only the MCs but also with the rest of the always lovable and totally badass cast of series regulars The strong sense of family and brotherhood has always been one of the best elements of this series for me, and I was pleased as punch to have the other Kings play such prominent supporting roles in this story Diamond in the Rough has easily been my favourite read of the series and I can t wait to see what Cochet does with the spin off stories that are coming soon but not soon enough DNF 25% 4 stars I ve been a fan of Charlie Cochet since theThirds Seriesso in always eager and excited to read every single book she releases Not only was this King s book.BUT.This was an age gap romance.And I was sold.This is one of my favorite in the series I feel like I ll never get tired of reading about the guys in the series They make everything so much enjoyable And I love their dynamics On to the next one Which I hope releases soon. 5 Fish stars After reading the previous three books in the Four Kings Security series and getting to know Ward King Kingston a little with each story, I knew the man that finally stole his heart would have to be amazing and very special and this is certainly Leopold de Loughrey aka Leo.When King is asked by an old friend to protect his son Leo from himself and the people that want to use him as a human computer, King did not know what he was getting into.When they are compromised King takes Leo to a safe haven and brings in the rest of the gang to help protect Leo from unknown enemies, being in such close quarters the passion soon ignites between King and Leo and who knew Leo could be so bold, the little minx.I loved the progression of the relationship between King and Leo and how they both made each other stronger, these two have come out on top as my favourite couple from this series, sorry Ace and Colton, they are just special everything worked for me from tough guy King to quirky geek Leo.Of course, I loved having Ace, Lucky, Red, Jack, Joker and even Chip along for the ride, it would not be the same not having them there teasing and annoying King LOL.The suspense had me gripped and I could not put my kindle down until I know what happened to MY guys.I read the epilogue with a big silly grin on my face that was wonderful, and I am super excited for the spin off series The Kings Wild Cards CANNOT WAIT, I am glad I took a chance on a new author Charlie Cochet and I will continue to read her books in the future. I was really looking forward to King s story, and I was glad it was a good one King gets asked by an old friend to watch his son Leo for him The general has always kept his genius son hidden, but now that the military has him in their sights Leo has no choice but to complete an assignment for them.When King meets Leo, the cute man with the glasses seems to be different from anyone King has ever met Leo might be a genius, but he s socially awkward and adorable.King does everything in his power to make Leo comfortable so that he can complete his task and can get back to his life outside But everyone seems to get out of their way to make Leo uncomfortable and King needs to give it his all to protect Leo from the people within the bunker.When the bunker is breached, King has no choice but to take Leo out of there so he can protect him in a better place And he needs to bring in his own crew, because he doesn t trust the military one bit.While Leo is trying to complete the assignment, the Kings are watching over him But Leo and King are drawn together from the start and it s not long begore they admit there s something between them..I have such a soft spot for the super smart but socially awkward nerds And Leo was just adorable But he was feisty too, he wasn t shy or quiet once he got comfortable.If I have one complaint about this it s that I was a little bored that the entire story played out in two locations First we had King guarding Leo while he was doing his work in the underground government bunker, and then we had them holed up at Leo s place Not that it was bad, but it tended to be a bit boring at times Especially the first 30% when they were in the bunker Not that much happened and that bugged me a bit.This book focusses mostly on the relationship development between King and Leo, and I really liked that I was afraid there would be lots of I can t be with you or I m not good enough for you parts, but I was happy neither went there once they gave in to their desires.I can t wait for the spin off with Jack, Joker, and who knows else I especially want Jack s book He s badass cute I really enjoyed this and felt like it wrapped up the series nicely, but King was not at all what I expected I really expected a gruff and grumbly impossible to get through to guy and he wasn t that at all, with Leo I loved that I liked seeing King kind of stumble around over Leo Especially once my friend Meags pointed out that this was Charlie s influence for Leo We all know I love, love, love me some Dylan Woot So yeah, not what I expected but I m happy anyway Bequia Read That s about all I have right now I m trying to go back and jot something down for the books I read on vacation and most of them I seem to have only a random thought or two I needed to write something though, all this blank review space was screaming at me 4 StarsMy favorite of the series I m sure that Cochet s inspiration for King and Leo definitely influenced my love and enjoyment factor because if you don t have a thing for DoB, then I can t even What is it about a gruff reticent loner by choice, who really doesn t need anybody except the family he already has, slowly comes apart at the hands of an unconventional genius who has no subterfuge What is it about a seemingly misunderstood, lonely guy who s been ostracized by the majority, finally feels safe with the one guy who can intimidate and take control with a scowl Well it s everything.Here, Cochet excels at the push pull between King and Leo It s fun funny poignant and sexy Toss in the usual action and suspense along with a good dose of smex, and this group of guys led by King, showcase just how their friendship is the best type of family there is.A perfect conclusion to this set of four stories I look forward to seeing with the soon to come spinoff I ve enjoyed each of the books in Charlie Cochet s Four Kings Security series, but I ll admit, I ve been looking forward to getting King s story than any of the others I didn t even read the blurb or any reviews first so as not to spoil the surprise Diamond in the Rough is everything I d hoped for, in just the way I know Charlie Cochet is going to do it To see Ward open up like this is gah so satisfying That delicious teddy bear we all knew would be lurking underneath that bear of a guy it was wonderful.Leo is completely adorable and the perfect fit for King Polar opposites, these two are just what the other needs Plus the delicious age gap that Ms Cochet takes every advantage of it s fantastic when Leo teases King about his stamina heh heh.For any fans of this series who haven t tried the audio versions, I urge you to pick one up immediately Greg Boudreaux s skills are the perfect fit for the characters in this series and it s easy to see he s having a wonderful time with his performances Between his marvelous accents, the cheeky camaraderie and powerful bonds between these men, and the fantabulous love scenes, Mr Boudreaux outdoes himself an audiobook copy of Diamond in the Rough was provided to me for the purpose of my review