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!DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♍ Twisted Loyalties (The Camorra Chronicles, #1) ♵ Fabiano Was Raised To Follow In His Father S Footsteps As Consigliere Of The Chicago Outfit Until The Man Abandons Him Left To Fend For Himself, Fabiano Is Forced To Fight For A Place In The Mafia World As A Ruthless Street Fighter, He Quickly Earns His Place As The New Enforcer Of The Las Vegas Camorra A Man To FearLeona Wants To Build A Decent Life For Herself, Away From Her Drug Addicted Mother But Soon She Catches The Attention Of A Dangerous Man Fabiano Scuderi Staying Out Of Trouble And Living A Normal Life Are Near Impossible With A Man Like Him Leona Knows She Needs To Avoid Fabiano, But Men Like Him Aren T Easy To Shake Off They Always Get What They WantFabiano Cares About Only One Thing The CamorraBut His Attraction To Leona Soon Puts His Unwavering Loyalty To The Test Is Leona Worth Risking Everything He S Fought For, And Ultimately His Life Author S Note Spin Off Series To My Born In Blood Series Set In Las Vegas You Don T Have To Read The Born In Blood Series To Understand The Book 4.5 STARSRemember where your loyalties lieThe original queen of dark mafia romance is back and better than ever This was a VERY SOLID read But before I begin, a short side noteYES To my ever lasting delight, Cora Reilly finally got herself a very capable editorAria s little brother, Fabiano is all grown up, and through events explained in the prologue, he s ended up as the top enforcer for the brutal Las Vegas Camorra He s cruel and violent, and doesn t pretend to be otherwiseLove is a weakness, a sicknessLeona has lived a very tough life so far as the daughter of a degenerate gambler and a meth addict She s worked hard to keep herself distanced from her parents lifestyles, so she may have a pinch of street smarts, but she s mostly innocentLove is what makes us human, what makes life worth livingFabiano and Leona meet in a chance encounter that changes their lives.I loved these two together despite knowing they were a train wreck waiting to happenHer shyness irritated and fascinated me at the same timeThe contrast between them, as well as their individual inner conflicts, were so well doneHe was all hard lines and muscle, power and danger, but his skin betrayed that when I touched him, he was only humanFabiano had this incredible air of menace surrounding him throughout the book which made for a darker and grittier read than I was expecting It made the love that he shared with Leona all the poignant.Lots of quality relationship building, nail biting action, and hot chemistry to be enjoyed here I recommend and I can t wait for the next installment PS While this is a spinoff of the Born in Blood series, Twisted Loyalties can be read as a standalone, imo. so, I fell for Luca and Aria in Born in blood mafia chronicles and I was hookedwhether I liked loved other books in the series, or less, only spikes up the notion that I m still looking forward to reading about Scuderi Family, and now, realising that the smallest family members have grown up and now have their own spin off series going for them is a fucking bonus LOLSo, BR ing with my girl Shanny wink babe, this is how it all started, remember sigh This was effin goodI might even make a teaserlolHaven t done one in agesand now, thanks again to Cora Reilly, I actually have another mafia man in my corner Fabiano Scuderi I am the Camorra s Enforcer I am pain and death I never pretended to be anything else.My life was dedicated to the Camorra, my loyalties belonged to them. until HERHer innocence and purity in the most undetected way, so natural and opposite to everything he ever knewand slowly, his darkness conquered her light I was a hypocrite because even as I d warned her about my darkness, I knew I wouldn t ever let her go. After that, there was no turning backfor either of themThis is a gripping story where the crulest of worlds and actions freeze the emotions, and where honor, duty and loyalty get conquered by the purest of emotions love drops mic Supposedly, I ll wait Bound by Love Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles 6 before I jump into this spin off series but screw it I didn t even know it was released or it s about the Scuderi sisters youngest brother, Fabiano Scuderi My god, this boy is all grown up and his asshole cruel father changed his persona He s no longer the sweet, gentle boy I knew in Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles.Fabiano is no longer part of The Chicago Outfit and became part of The Camorra a mafia group ruling Las Vegas as an Enforcer He fell in love with Leona who s struggling financially and for having addicted parents There are times she felt hopeless and all she wants is to live normally without association with crime groups Fabiano never thought falling in love with someone like her and he vows to protect her Choosing between love and loyalty, his life can be at stake A decent ending but could have done better I guess I ll find out The Chicago Outfit s reason for declaring war against The Camorra when Luca and Aria s book releases This spin off series needs to have an explosive plot So many plot holes and I need answers ASAP. Cora Reilly esta de vuelta. DNF at 45%.Twisted Loyalties es el primer libro de la nueva saga de Cora Reilly titulada The Camorra Chronicles ademas de ser un spin off de otra de sus series.Tengo tantas cosas malas que decir de esta lectura que no se ni por donde empezar Por lo general soy bastante paciente pero este libro fue acabando con mi paciencia capitulo tras capitulo y no era una cuestion de que no me gustaran ciertos detalles, sino que todo era tan aburrido, absurdo e inverosimil que realmente tenia que obligarme a leer, pero finalmente llegue a un momento en el que me harte y decidi dejarlo sin terminar No solo porque no me interesaba nada de lo que contaba sino tambien porque me enfado el echo de perder mi tiempo con una lectura como esta.Empece este libro con muchas ganas, realmente queria conocer la historia de Fabiano y la sinopsis y el prologo tenian una pinta estupenda pero segun fui pasando las paginas mi alegria se fue marchitando hasta llegar a un punto en el que solo pensar en esta lectura me ponia de mal humor.La trama es irreal, innecesaria, estupida y aburrida Me la venden como una historia de mafia pero la verdad es que de eso tiene poco al menos la primera mitad que lei , si realmente quieres leer una novela de mafia que te mantenga atrapada, te recomiendo Reckless Ruined de Bethany Kris, esa si que es una historia de mafia con mayusculas, no estedespropositoLos personajes fueron taaan insoportables y planos que solo deseaba entrar en el libro y darle un par de golpes a ver si asi mejoraban, Fabiano es un absoluto fraude, ser cree el rey de la mafia y muy duro cuando lo unico que hace es ser el chofer y guardaespaldas de risa de una chica estupida, que decepcion y eso que en el prologo parecia que tendria muchisimo potencial.Leona es inmadura, imbecil, mosquita muerta e insoportable, leer sus pensamientos me provocaban ansias homicidas, y lo peor de todo es que me la venden como una protagonista fuerte y dura, cuando la realidad es que es la tipica chica que desea conocer a su principe azul y que el la salve de todos sus problemas y que la convierta en una reina rueda los ojos.En fin, no quiero continuar perdiendo mi tiempo con esta novela, solo quiero olvidar que perdi horas de mi vida leyendo este disparate.No se lo recomendaria ni a mi peor enemigo Sobra decir que no pienso leer las siguientes partes. GAH I am seriously trying to catch my breath after another masterpiece by Cora Reilly This woman is one of the best, if not THE best, dark mafia romance writers EVER I am OBSESSED with her Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles series and could not jump on this story fast enough I DIED when I saw that it would be Fabiano s story and it legit was absolutely magnificent I FLOVED Twisted Loyalties and Fabiano and Leona and seriously could not get enough of the adrenaline rushes, the sexiness and the connection between the characters Without giving away any spoilers, the author pens an AMAZING spin off series with Fabiano Scuderi, brother of Aria, Gianna and Liliana of the Born in Blood series, and now notorious street fighter and Enforcer of the Las Vegas Camorra But in the day to day live of a feared and jaded mob enforcer he sees an absolute breath of fresh air in Leona and sees his reason to finally let someone breach his walls.Gah I absolutely loved this story and am so excited to see what is next In this story, Reilly let s us see the distinct lines between the man and the feared monster Fabiano has become and the innocent beauty who changes the game for him I just loved every word and the fact that Leona accepted Fabi for who he was and he in turn was the love and protector she always needed Twisted Loyalties was intense, gritty, sexy and romantic I loved every word Bravo 5 stars Ratula Enjoyed this book It s slow burn mafia romance Lots of blood and violence, and a push and pull relationship It s an enjoyable read if you like mafia romance Big bad Enforcer and the sweet virgin who doesn t know mafia stuffs.Also I took a star away, because there are a bunch of grammar and misused word mistakes They are very distracting since there are so many. MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS TITLE Twisted LoyaltiesSERIES The Camorra Chronicles, 1 GENRE Romance Mafia PUBLICATION October 1st 2018TWISTED LOYALTIES Is the first full length novel within the Camorra Chronicles 1 series by new to me author Cora Riley Spoken in Dual Perspectives This is Fabiano Leona s story, both craving a different life to what they were born into Fabiano was beaten and abandoned, assumed dead and disowned by his own father Left on the streets to defend for himself by his father s right hand man Leona was raised by two dysfunctional parents one addicted to drugs the other addicted to gambling a bad combination, a loveless upbringing They met by chance..On a rainy day she s new to the city and he s the man that picks her up, she knows nothing about the man she sat beside as he drove her to a rough part of Las Vegas where she s currently living with her estranged father because her mother is back in rehab All she saw was a young guy in his twenties wearing a nice suit and driving a flash car, all he saw was a poor girl in shabby clothes and a backpack But she d caught his attention as soon as his eyes landed on her There s something about her that has Fabinano wanting to protect her, he can t stay away from her, but will she run in the other direction when she finds out what he is Who he is A cage fighter that hones his skill, death matches that keeps the fear in people s eyes, they owned the town, they controlled the nightclubs, bars, restaurants and casinos, from cage fighting to street racing they had their hands in everything What happens when your loyalty is questioned as Fabiano finds out in this book, when a female has him all twisted up and divided who does he remain the most loyal to The girl that crawled under his skin or his brothersThe poor little waitress and he, the big deal mobster I have been on such a good run of 5 star after 5 star reading new to me authors and this one is no exception I loved this one, add in it s surrounded in the mafia world I was not going to say no to reading it, straight away the author pulled me into the story, it flowed ceaselessly, I connected to the characters, and absolutely fell in love with them, she was sweet and innocent and he was a ruthless killer with many kills under his belt, they should never have worked but they did perfectly I devoured this, just enough blood and gore, which ticked my box, and the slow burn of their romance had me not wanting their journey to end I am so glad I took the chance to read this book Highly recommend Teaser used is off the authors facebook page 3,5 Fear me cause I m the eye and the blade starsA new mobster series by Cora Reilly But with something old inside and that old is our known from Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles , Fabiano Scuderi I was so eager about his story, but still this book was lacking something for me It didn t make me feel this excitement inside of me like all the books of the other series did to me No, it wasn t bad at all, but not perfect as Aria s and Luca story was But anyway The truth is that the Camorra s Capo Remo Falconne and his brothers are very intriguing characters and i can wait for their turns Well, Fabianno has grown up a lot since the first time we saw him at his sisters s stories and his fate didn t turn out very good After all of his sisters s run way from Chicago and their father s influence, Fabiano was all alone in a cold house with an asshole of a father A father who made his life a living hell and who tried to kill his own blood But Fabiano got lucky and he met Remo and together they built up Camorra s empire The notorious Las Vegas Mob Remo became Capo and Fabiano, once a weak and gentle kid, became his right hand, his Enforcer Now, Fabiano are breathing only for Camorra and his chosen brothersMy life was dedicated to the Camorra, my loyalties belonged only to them.It couldn t be any other wayLeona came to Las Vegas for a better life Her life was already too hard Her mother was an addict and a whore and she was longing a better life for herUnfortunately, she came to stay with her gamble addict father and even worse, Fabiano s eyes had caught her from the first moment and that wasn t something in her favorFabiano was a danger to anyone around, but to my heart he posed the greatest danger of allThose two are coming closer, even though Fabiano is not good about Leona.But a heart had its own mindThe things are about to get ugly in every aspectWill Fabiano stay loyal to his oath or for Leona can break it Will Leona accept what Fabiano truly are Will they have a future togetherI betrayed for you, I killed for youI ll bleed and I ll die for youWell, I m not sure that i liked very much Fabiano and who he became after allHe was like the day, bright and kind and he became like midnight, mysterious, dark and evil Yep, Leona s presence showed us that inside in his chest, a vital organ still was working, but still he became a very cruel and emotionless person As for Leona, she was too trusting and she was pissing me off Yep, she loved her parents but they were scumbags, so put a brake, girl Also, she was very trusting and toward Fabiano She knew who he was They warned her about him, so why all this surprise after allDeath Blood Pain.That s what being with Fabiano meant.And love.But I couldn t get one without the otherAnyway Yep, i might not liked this story as much as Fabiano s sisters, but it still was good enough And as i told you above, i can not wait for Remo and his brothers s stories I m very curious about them, especially for this fucker, Remo And about Nino, of course