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EhhGood effort, but the characters felt underdeveloped and lacking in chemistry Also, the sabotage of his company plot line as well as how they dealt with the rapist and harassers was just unbelievable I wanted a realistic storyline Overall,I don t regret reading this, but I won t reread it in the future. Great I love Joshua and Kayla story, Although I loved Josh and Kay story Aaron and Patience will always be my favorite I would recommend this book. 2 Meh I was too lazy to write a review. Joshua and Kayla4.5 Stars for Childhood Friends to Lovers RomanceAnother Townsend brother stakes him claim and refuses to let go Love me some Townsend brothers All I can say is that I love me some Townsend lol Of course Aaron is my favourite but Josh is cool too Can t wait to read about Tyler I love the Townsend brothers and the books about Aaron and Carter were off the chain hot romance books, but Joshua s story fell a bit short for me The romance between him and Kayla was just OK for me I mean, he s intense like his other brothers, but I don t know, I think what threw me off a bit was him being with Chelsea before she died Kayla s best friend and then years later, him and Kayla realizing they loved each other since kindergarten Well, I guess it s a good thing the poor girl died then because that would have been a mess I guess things happen the way they are supposed to I also didn t like that other storyline about Josh s real estate company issues That was boring I did however think that Kayla s sexual assault storyline was done well, except for how it turns out in the end..hint Josh is heavily involved in how that shapes up Otherwise, I absolutely love Tiffany s books I ve read just about all of them and I m actually looking forward to reading Ty s love story the baby brother of the Townsend clan and also reading about Don s love story fire fighter from the rescue series He s a very interesting character Overall, this isn t a bad book, it s fine, just not even close to as good as Aaron s and Carter s. Chelsea Knew Joshua is a total Alpha, he will go to any links to protect Kayla, that includes going behind her back if at all necessary Aaron gave Joshua the best piece of advice and I am so happy that Joshua follow that advice I cannot wait for Tyler s book to come out I am looking forward to Damon, and Brutus story next Another great read by this author Brother number 3 in the Townsend household as bitten the dust I Enjoy reading how loving protective and possessive these men are over the women they fall in love with Definitely worth a read. WARNING Spoilers Ahead DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW, IF YOU HAVEN T READ THIS BOOK My Rating 3 Stars because There weren t enough tense situations or titillation between the hero ine before they started kissing Initially, the elephant in the room isn t addressed before the kissing commenced.The place where they consummated their attraction just NO ew I was bored by the dual fighter and real estate mogul story line of the hero and I wanted him to be one or the other, but not both.Why change residences if you re only looking at two weeks before you want need to move out It made sense for the heroine to continue living with her parents since all she did was work and return home.The mystery surrounding the heroes business dragged on and should have concluded earlier or the mystery needed to be multi layered The hero became judge, jury and ultimately executioner of his enemies What they did warranted jail time, not a view spoiler death hide spoiler `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇰ Meant to Be (Townsend Series #3) ↵ Kayla Seven Years Ago I Left Williamsport, Carrying With Me The Grief Of Losing My Best Friend And The Shame Of The Feelings I D Developed For The Man She Left Behind I Spent Time Running From Those Feelings And The Guilt That Tried To Suffocate Me But Something Much Worse Is Forcing Me To Pick Up And Relocate Again This Time Back Home To The City I Ve Always Loved And Missed, And Surprisingly Back To The Man I Tried To Forget But It Could Never Be The Stark, Anger Filled Expression In Joshua S Emerald Eyes When He First Lays Eyes On Me, Warns Of His Unforgiveness At Least, That S What I Thought It Was, Until He Invites Me To Stay In His Home Once There, The Friendship That Was Always Between Us, Changes Into Something Something Different Joshua I Hadn T Realized How Much I D Missed Her Until I Saw Her For The First Time In Seven Years She Was Different Hell, We Both Were But The Confident, Outgoing Woman I Remembered Wasn T The Same Kayla Reyes That Come Back From The West Coast No Matter How Much I Wanted To Forget About It, To Give Her The Cold Shoulder For Leaving The Way She Did, I Couldn T And When She Moves Into My Home, Things Get Worse Not Only Is There Trouble Brewing At My Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Company, But Kay S Got Her Own Secrets Secrets That Sent Her Scurrying Back To The City She Left Behind I Resolve To Get To The Bottom Of Both These Issues And Get Rid Of Them, Root And Stem What I Hadn T Banked On Was Breaking The Vow I D Made Years Earlier To Never Lose My Heart To A Woman Again And This Time, It S Deeper Than Ever Before This Time It S Starting To Feel As If It Were Meant To Be