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The moment this book was compared to Serial, my expectations sky rocketed but I m very happy to say it did not disappoint This was truly the Veronica Mars Serial mashup I so desperately needed TW Suicide, racism, mention of self harm and rape Fast paced and full of interesting twists I have to admit it won t be a memorable read, but it was entertaining A younger me would probably give this YA novel 5 stars I could predict some things, but not everything I had a good time while reading it 5 Sad to finish it, this book was amazing4 Really liked it 3 Liked it2 Fell asleep a couple of times during my reading but not entirely boring 1 Why did I bother to finish it #Free Book ⚷ A Good Girl's Guide to Murder è The Case Is Closed Five Years Ago, Schoolgirl Andie Bell Was Murdered By Sal Singh The Police Know He Did It Everyone In Town Knows He Did ItBut Having Grown Up In The Same Small Town That Was Consumed By The Murder, Pippa Fitz Amobi Isn T So Sure When She Chooses The Case As The Topic For Her Final Year Project, She Starts To Uncover Secrets That Someone In Town Desperately Wants To Stay Hidden And If The Real Killer Is Still Out There, How Far Will They Go To Keep Pip From The Truth A Debut YA Crime Thriller As Addictive As Serial And As Page Turning As One Of Us Is Lying What a wild ride Absolutely addictive and immersive, this is a brilliant contemporary murder mystery perfect for fans of my books who want to step up into YA fiction Can you guess who killed Andie Bell 12 Please note this review is meant as a recommendation only If you use it in any marketing material, online or anywhere on a published book without asking permission from me first, I will ask you to remove that use immediately Thank you I ve been feeling so unmotivated to write reviews for books recently I think it probably has something to do with the colossal reading slump i am in yay me So this is all i could muster This was YA than i am used to Predictable but fun nonetheless. guys this looks like a cool she did that thriller i support it Twisty, compulsive, and so so clever Loved how organically the mystery unfolded the investigation never felt beyond the realms of what a teenager would be able to do on their own made even believable by Pip s realistic and often hilarious voice I tried to stay ahead of Pip Jackson at first but eventually was than content to just let them take me on the ride You re gonna want this in May. Rounded up from 4.5 stars This is a YA crime thriller, and I enjoyed it so much In a small town, 5 years ago, a young girl called Andie went missing and they could never find her Her ex boyfriend Sal is found dead just a few days later leaving solid proof that he did it and he took his own life So, the police closes the case, and declared Sal as the murderer and Andie dead 5 years after, Pip, a brilliant student chooses the case as her homework But, in her mind, she never believed Sal was guilty, so she s going to try to prove that Who killed Andie And where is she First of all, this was way complex and well built than I had expected because it s the debut of the author It was gripping from the first page, I read it in 2 sittings and it s 430 pages long I literally couldn t put it down It s written in a format that we see Pip s documentation for her homework, sometimes in diary format, sometimes maps, drawings or interviews with people she talked to At other times, it s told from third person perspective to get the story moving I very much enjoyed this format, as it didn t make the book monotonous It was interesting to treat it as a case, being solved in front of my eyes, and I did try to solve it I had many scenarios going in my head, and figured out some, but certainly not fully It was full of twists and turns until the last moment I ll be honest, I could hear my heart beating at some points.Another aspect I loved was the characters, Pip was a lot of fun It was humorous at times It didn t feel heavy hearted because of a murder case No trigger warnings or any gritty details, which is a big plus for me Weren t there any coincidences or conveniences Yes, there were The book was a tad long, and maybe it d be better if it was stripped down a few details BUT, as a whole, I sure enjoyed my time a lot I don t mind the conveniences at all, as they were a very minor con compared to the thrilling sense I got from this book, and enjoyed my time I d auto buy Holly Jackson s next book for sure If you re looking for a good YA thriller, with a good chase and fun characters, don t miss this And, if you enjoyed One Of Us Is Lying, you ll surely enjoy this. Ok so I ve had a full 24hours to get over how spectacular A Good Girl s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson is and I now feel semi ready to write a review So where do I start, WOW, WOW, WOW I needed this book Reading had become so boring lately and this book slapped me right across the face and made me sit up straight and pay attention I loved everything about this book The humour, the characters, the secrets, the emotions I genuinely laughed out loud and burst out crying at this book than once My partner was beside me and asked why I was crying and when I told him he said he wished he hadn t asked IT S THAT SAD and emotional and heart breaking BUT it s also the most uplifting, heartwarming, totally fangirling novel, AND if that s not enough it s also a terrifying, edge of your seat, I m scared to go to the toilet in the dark kind of story Now do you understand why I couldn t write the review yesterday So what s it about Well, my totally awesome, geeky spirit animal Pippa aka Pip chooses a closed case to write and research for her end of year project It s an open and shut case as far as the town and police are concerned 1 girl dead, murdered by her boyfriend, boyfriend panicked and killed himself before police could arrest him The end Pippa isn t convinced though and when she acquires an unlikely partner in crime the two of them will stop at nothing to get to the truth Even if it means putting themselves and their families in danger This is a must read for everyone who enjoys a crime novel, psychological thriller, murder mystery, YA fiction, love story It covers every genre and don t let the YA category put you off I am nearly 30 it is by far my favourite read this year Can I finish by saying how amazing is the cover It instantly caught my eye I love it Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for a free ARC in return for an honest review This is going to be a best seller without a doubt I WANT A NETFLIX SERIES