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so fun to be reminder of that era how things have changed and has there ever been a female anchor on the NBC nightly news Read this memoir in high school, and really enjoyed My journalism teacher made her students read one autobio or bio per academic year and then write a review No surprise that I always picked women And with four years of journalism, I know that I read four of them Had forgotten about Ellerbee s until I saw her in an interview today While I did not become a journalist, I admire her entry into what was and is a male dominated field Ellerbee has great humor and writing style. #FREE PDF ⚩ "And So It Goes": Adventures in Television ⚹ Known For Her Wit, Intelligence And Off Beat Reporting, Linda Ellerby, AYear Veteran Of The Newsroom, Captures All The Craziness And The Seriousness Of Her Profession In A Runaway Bestseller Which ToppedNational Lists, Including The New York Times Optioned By Marsha Mason And Bernie Brillstein For A Major Movie One of my favorite books ever I got it in 1984 and will never part with it I read it again every couple of years and still laugh They just don t make em like Linda any Many people think that the character Murphy Brown was based on Linda Ellerbee True or no, she writes a good book I think it s this first book that has the chapter titled If Your Cow Won t Give Milk, Sell Him This is a good one for TV journalists Some lessons to be learned, and some stories that you ll recognize and say that happened to me Mostly though, it s about how bizarre TV news is. and how the people who run newsrooms have clearly lost their minds It was published a while back, but is defintely worth tracking down Linda Ellerbee is a funny memoirist, and an insightful reporter I wouldn t want to live her life, but I m always grateful for women like her, fighting the good fight, and founding Nick News.Personal copy. linda ellerbee was one of my first journalism heroes she has style, brains and a take no prisoners attitude i was privileged to hear her speak many years ago, and she writes just like she talks.it really irates me when they don t have a cover photo. Linda Ellerbee is a delightful, empowered, inspirational woman Her writing is full of personality Her willingness to fearlessly and sometimes foolishly take risks makes her journey into the television industry incredibly entertaining to read about Her ability to poke fun at herself and her situations, as well as her generally clever writing style makes this book absolutely worthwhile She s a phenomenal lady and an unstoppable force, and for that I greatly admire her. Linda Ellerbee Lloyd Dobyns NBC News Overnight cost mesleep The best television EVER and I think they won some awards that said just exactly that So disappointing to not be able to watch that any longer.Loved the book she s an unusual gal.Read in 2005.