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FREE ontoday 9 19 18 Blurb Giovanna has served the Holy Mother Church since the day they burned her at the stake As a member of the Sinistra Dei, a secret order within the Catholic Church, Gia excelled at the art of assassinations.Lately, the biggest crisis Gia has had to face is a long night at work That is until her quiet world begins to unravel when her commander, and former lover, sinks into insanity Before she can come to terms with his illness, and centuries of secrets and lies, dark immortals terrorize the French Quarter.In the face of new enemies, old fears, a rising death toll, and the unexpected evolution of her supernatural powers Gia is forced to choose between duty and loyalty to save those she loves.Feast of the Epiphany is the second book in the Sinistra Dei series If you like mysterious supernatural creatures, conflict ridden romance, and a lot of heat, then you ll love this Urban Fantasy series. Ah, I hate it when a book has such high praise but you can t get into it I tried really hard with this, but I just couldn t get away with it I m probably just a bit thick, but I didn t really have a full understanding of what was going on I had to keep re reading things.I must stress, however, that this book isn t badly written The world just didn t pull me in like in some books i received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review facebook twitter bloglovin youtubeThe thought of supernatural creatures working on behalf of the Catholic Church, instead of the Church looking to condemn and execute them, is such an interesting twist and breath of fresh air, that I had to pick up Feast of the Epiphany by Kathryn M Hearst I needed to see how this would work, and boy was I pleased This was such a great read that really hit a spot I hadn t known needed to be filled The writing and style really reminded me of both old school Vampire Chronicles, which is a given considering both take place in New Orleans, and of the first few Anita Blake novels.Now, I wouldn t say this is a slow burn type book But, it s pacing isn t the fastest It isn t slow, but steady and builds up with the action Hearst starts by letting us ease into the situation, the location, the world She finds a good rhythm between giving us action, sexual tension, and background information all at once while still keeping steady, never overwhelming The location descriptions are fantastic, really making me feel like I m back in New Orleans, which is a great thing to feel as it definitely plays a role in the story, almost feeling like an extra character.Like New Orleans, all of the characters come with a heavy background already in place Complex and full of history, they feel set in their ways and very real Don t expect sudden spurts of character growth as they all feel very matured, perhaps save the younger two characters of the group, for obvious reasons Gia is a likable protagonist, though there was a point that had me rage quitting my kindle because I thought please, don t be this stupid Lochlan played his role well, and I kinda wish we could getof him, but past him to see how he became who he is While Torben, woo, I loved Torben Loved him too too much And boy, the sex in the book was delicious Yes, there s sex If you didn t pick that up from my comparison to Anita Blake, then you are sheltered when it comes to the vampire fiction world of adults.By the end, new elements are introduced that really start adding in the actual mystery part of the novel Unfortunately, all of these new questions are left unanswered, likely to entice readers into picking up the sequel which I will probably do But it does leave you feeling a bit confused as to what is happening and why it s happening all of a sudden You want to know what s happening and aren t completely sure the author knows just yet where to lead you That s the slightest complaint, but as I said, it s likely just to entice readers to the sequel.Feast of the Epiphany by Kathryn M Hearst is an enjoyable and sexy vampire novel with a new twist, great defined characters, and gorgeous descriptions If you re a fan of the original few Vampire Chronicles or first sixish Anita Blake books, this is definitely something you d enjoyI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this title This was a book with an interesting and fast paced storyline The author did a great job of creating a bad ass crew of fighters that killed off the worst of the worst, while throwing in plot twists that they had also unjustly killed off people of their own kind, thus giving a greater depth to the story Well written with an edgy tone, I found it to be a good book, but some of the content didn t jive with my personal taste in books I think what pulled at me most were the relationships in the book and how they weren t monogamous, or felt inconsistent I couldn t buy into the love triangle of Lochlan Giovanna Torben because I never fell for Team Lochlan The book hinted at a best friend relationship between Torben and Lochlan, and also that Giovanna loved Lochlan, yet the Lochlan that is presented to the reader is always the bad guy Similarly, the romantic relationship of Giovanna and Torben is heated and there is a desperation for them to have alone time together, and yet their second, shall we say encounter , involves Nick Then in bringing up Nick, I am puzzled by his affections for Marin, when he is content hooking up with Giovanna, and impregnates Cindy quite casually Call me old fashioned, but the focus of monogamous relationships can strengthen the bond between characters Having everyone swap partners haphazardly can be confusing, and in my personal opinion, kind of disappointing as well In the end, the culture of the book and the world the author created was entertaining, but I was disappointed by the relationships emphasized in the storyline. I have just finished this and am so emotional after reading it, especially with how it ends It is a powerful story that for me shows how strong someone can be even though they want to close their eyes and wish it all away Although this story is centred on a strong, courageous woman holdingpain than seems physically possible it also highly focuses on many different people and their own separate struggles.This story is extremely inventive and imaginative and I love the world that this is based in The thing I loved most about this tale was the element of surprise that runs throughout, just when you think you know what s going on, something else happens to shock you Readers will definitely find themselves as hooked as i was I am so glad that i have the next book in this series and i cant wait to find out what will happen next in this world.My favourite character hands down is Torben My heart really goes out to him and it is obvious how much he has been through in his life but he always stays respectful, honourable and ready to protect those that he cares about in an Instant without any thought to himself He will always do he believes is right and stands by his beliefs and people seem to flock to him because of this I also adored Gia, she has also been through so much pain in her life that I am sure could have been avoided The relieves the pain every day, at first she seems like a quiet soul but you soon see her strength and you glimpse who she could become and I loved watching this growth as I read the book People seriously need to read this book as well as her other books which are amazing This author has such a talent for weaving a tale together and making it so compelling and addictive She is most definitely one of my favourite author s and I can t wait to readof her work 3.5 starsReview to come soon We have left Nicholia and Serena s story with Nicholia on the run and Serena raising Nick.We ve now caught up with the relationship triangle between Lochlain, Torben and Giovanna Torben was once Gia s lover but Loch wiped her memory and now Torben just waits for Gia to realise who she really loves We learned all this in the last book I really like the way Ms Hearst is adding to everyone s story Can t wait for the next book to see how she tie s up the loose ends.I received a free copy of this book and choose to review it. This story is an interesting twist on the vampire genre The immortals work for the Roman Catholic Church and don t drink blood Of course they are finding out that what they have been told is not necessarily the truth religions twists things to suit their purposes and the immortals face a battle that leaves them with a new reality This is a powerful story filled with love and loss, tension and conflict, there are tender moments and battle scenes I look forward to see what happens next. {Free} ì Feast of the Epiphany (Sinistra Dei Series Book 1) ⚡ New Cover Edition For ASIN BNOCAAGiovanna Has Served The Holy Mother Church Since The Day They Burned Her At The Stake As A Member Of The Sinistra Dei, A Secret Order Within The Catholic Church, Gia Excelled At The Art Of AssassinationsLately, The Biggest Crisis Gia Has Had To Face Is A Long Night At Work That Is Until Her Quiet World Begins To Unravel When Her Commander, And Former Lover, Sinks Into Insanity Before She Can Come To Terms With His Illness, And Centuries Of Secrets And Lies, Dark Immortals Terrorize The French QuarterIn The Face Of New Enemies, Old Fears, A Rising Death Toll, And The Unexpected Evolution Of Her Supernatural Powers Gia Is Forced To Choose Between Duty And Loyalty To Save Those She LovesFeast Of The Epiphany Is The Second Book In The Sinistra Dei Series If You Like Mysterious Supernatural Creatures, Conflict Ridden Romance, And A Lot Of Heat, Then You Ll Love This Urban Fantasy Series Yet another great instalment in this series, romance, intrigue, heartache and terror This book follows Feast of Reverence and the story continues to include our heroes from the previous book and introducescharacters and the plot as they say thickens.I loved these two books but the down side is there are some issues with proof reading in both books hence only 4 stars.