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The second of Herriot s wonderful memoirs of his veterinary practice in mid twentieth century Yorkshire As with All Creatures Great and Small, his love for the place, the people, and the critters is palpable on every page Recommended for everyone, especially animal lovers and Anglophiles But be warned some of the medical procedures are pretty gruesome. [[ Free ]] ⇲ All Things Bright and Beautiful ↶ A Very Warm, Very Engaging Read The Reader Falls Totally Under His Spell Associated Press The Second Volume In The Multimillion Copy Bestselling SeriesMillions Of Readers Have Delighted In The Wonderful Storytelling And Everyday Miracles Of James Herriot In The Over Thirty Years Since His Delightful Animal Stories Were First Introduced To The WorldNow In A New Edition For The First Time In A Decade, All Things Bright And Beautiful Is The Beloved Sequel To Herriot S First Collection, All Creatures Great And Small, And Picks Up As Herriot, Now Newly Married, Journeys Among The Remote Hillside Farms And Valley Towns Of The Yorkshire Dales, Caring For Their Inhabitants Both Two And Four Legged Throughout, Herriot S Deep Compassion, Humor, And Love Of Life Shine Out As We Laugh, Cry, And Delight In His Portraits Of His Many, Varied Animal Patients And Their Equally Varied Owners Humor, Realism, Sensitivity, Earthiness Animals Comic And Tragic And People Droll, Pathetic, Courageous, Eccentric All Of Whom He Views With The Same Gentle Compassion And A Lively Sense Of The Sad, The Ridiculous, And The Admirable Columbus Dispatch I am fully aware that I am about to commit a type of blasphemy, but I was born with truth serum in my veins, and I just can t be stopped I am about to tell you, as respectfully as possible, why this book didn t work for me, and I m not trying to hurt anyone s feelings in doing so I had multiple reviewers here on Goodreads who both scolded me and stopped reading my reviews after I gave Eleanor Oliphant 2 stars, so don t kid yourself into thinking that doesn t happen on here.This is a beloved book A beloved book, and almost every literate person over the age of 55 has either read this, or its predecessor, All Creatures Great and Small.In fact, almost every veterinarian I ve ever met will cite this book, or Herriot s first book orlikely all of Herriot s books as their original inspiration to pursue the veterinary sciences.I can think of MANY readers of my acquaintance, especially my friends in the horse world, who would be riveted by this read.I just wasn t one of them.My first problem, which hit me right in the face, almost as soon as I started reading, was Herriot s excessive use of dialect I can grasp that it was meant to be funny, and it was meant to give the reader the feel of the people, but it was so dense, I couldn t even grasp the meaning of any of it, and I quickly fell into the habit of just flat out skipping over it.And, as to the feel of the people Here comes my next problem So, I m slogging through this, enjoying some of it, skipping some of it, and I realize I m still scratching my head over where Mr Herriot practiced medicine He mentions here in Scotland then here in Yorkshire and here in England Now, I m not British, and I ve never traveled to the U.K., and I understand that these areas are rather close together, but I still don t understand the vagaries I flipped over the book to read that the back cover describes Mr Herriot as journeying through the remote hillside farms and valley towns of the Yorkshire Dales The Yorkshire Dales Okay I Googled a map of the U.K., and I could see the Yorkshire Dales, but why does he make it so unclear I then Googled a map of his actual town of Darrowby, to figure out for once and all where he lived and discovered the following Darrowby is a fictional village in the North Riding of Yorkshire, England, which was used by James Herriot as the setting for his surgery in his book It Shouldn t Happen to a Vet.Wait What A fictional town I then Googled James Herriot and learned that his real name was James Wight, and that his wife s name was actually Joan not Helen as it is in the book.People, can you understand how ANNOYING this is to me This book is clearly selling itself as an autobiographical memoir In fact, it doesn t even come with the disclaimer that This book is a work of fiction on the copyright page.So, DOES Mr Herriot have extraordinarily small hands for a vet And, is his real wife, Joan, a big girl like his fictional wife, Helen Can t be true his actual wife would have filed for divorce over how many times he describes her as big in this book.Are these even real situations that happened in a real town somewhere, written under false names And, my best question yet who wrote this book According to my Google search, James Wight, aka James Herriot, is best known for these semi autobiographical works, beginning with If Only They Could Talk, which spawned a series of movies and television series But this feels like ghost writer territory to me.For those of you who have been in on this big secret, my reaction probably seems overly sensitive to you I know that all of us, as writers, are occasional thieves We sometimes steal from the rich characters , to give to the poor characters , but I think all writers have an obligation to have integrity in their intentions You are either setting out to write about people you know and tell the truth, or you are creating a fictional world that stems from your own imagination.I can t help it I feel ripped off Duped I thought I was reading an autobiographical account of a country veterinarian.Instead, I feel like I did when the writers of the tv show Dallas blew off an entire bad season by explaining that everything that happened was taken back Turns out it wasn t real it was just a dream.I don t even understand where they shelve these books at the libraries and bookstores. In fact it set me to thinking about the big question of how girls might be expected to behave after marriage One old farmer giving me advice about choosing a wife once said Have a bloody good look at the mother first, lad and I am sure he had a point But if I may throw in my own little word of counsel it would be to have a passing glance at how she acts towards her father Watching her now as she got down and started to serve my breakfast the warm knowledge flowed through me as it did so often that my wife was the sort who just liked looking after a man and I was so very lucky.All Things Bright and Beautiful, James Herriot 1974 regarding his life in the thirties.I realize now that many do not know James Herriot He was a country veterinarian in England After he retired he wrote about his practice Often the tales are hysterically funny exploding cows, anyone Sometimes they are sad What unites everything he writes is a genuine love and compassion for both people and animals He writes with great compassion about the foibles and foolishness of his patients and their owners.Years ago when I worked, I commuted a fair distance I had an audio book of some of his animal stories I would often sit it in the car after I got to work so I could finish a story I was the kind of person who often arrived an hour to half an hour early Some of his stories would make me laugh so hard I would almost wet my pants.So his books are certainly endorsed by me.A wave to Sarah Yes we did have the BBC series my parents and us children used to watch them on Sunday afternoons It was one of the few shows I deigned to watch with my parents when I was in HS They were delightful In fact, I think I would like to find them on DVD when the girls get bigger.Also, I ve discovered that the audio book I had was narrated by the fellow who played him on the series and that he has narrated most of the books written by Herriot I should think they will be on my Christmas list at the end of the year. Que los libros de James Herriot se mantengan a d a de hoy entre los long sellers m s solicitados en el mundo anglosaj n, donde nunca han dejado de editarse desde su publicaci n y se hayan vendido mucho m s de veinte millones de ejemplares desde entonces, es algo que no me extra a ni un poquito siquiera No son libros, son un regalo James Herriot naci en 1916, se convirti en veterinario con 23 a os y desempe su profesi n en el profundo Yorkshire donde en 1941 se cas , tendr a dos hijos y se quedar a toda su vida a excepci n de cuando reci n casado sirvi durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial en la RAF.Gracias James Herriot por iniciar en 1969 tu aventura literaria y narrar con ese don, mezcla de humor, naturalidad y dinamismo tus experiencias fruto de la pr ctica como veterinario rural, donde transmites un amor por la profesi n, por el Yorkshire y sus habitantes, todos los seres vivos y una comuni n con la naturaleza, emocionantes Las peripecias de James son una lectura que hago con una sonrisa permanente en la cara desde el inicio hasta el final del libro Contados son los que me hacen re r francamente, quiz s en un momento puntual, y Herriot logra meterme en un verdadero apuro intentando reprimir soltar carcajadas a altas horas de la madrugada en numerosas ocasiones Felicidad es el estado y primera palabra que me viene a la cabeza si pienso en lo me hacen sentir sus relatos. This series of which I have now read the first two is the most fun you can have reading books They make you want to go to rural England, hole up in a cottage, drink tea and read someJames Herriot I don t want these books to ever end As an aside, this isn t a novel, rather its a collection of short stories, each one just the right length for before bed. What can I say I simply love James Herriot He was an absolute natural with story telling This book, just like his first, is heartwarming and puts the reader through an entire gamut of emotions. What a marvelous read I d forgotten how endearing the stories are told by the English countryside vet Lots of rural humor and fascinating insights are offered about the farm animal and small pets world I liked the bucolic descriptions of the small towns and rural countryside I hope to return to continuing the series. It was one of the most satisfying experiences of my working life Not clever, but a magical transformation from despair to hope, from death to life within minutes James Herriot s memoirs are my desert island books If I ever embark on an iffy boat trip, they ll be in the top of my bag, right next to the matches and Wet Ones They re comfort reads of the best kind not in the sense that every story ends happily some don t , and certainly not in the sense that life in rural England was easy it wasn t , but in the sense that whether things go well or go sideways, you can be certain of Herriot s wise and kind words the peacefulness of the Yorkshire countryside and the hard working, generous hearted people of Darrowby All Things Bright and Beautiful is brimming with warmth, humor, and Herriot s obvious affection for his animal patients and for their humans As The Washington Post said, It s a treat, a rare one, and God knows we all need a treat these days Herriot didn t start writing until he was 50, although he d had the ambition for quite some time I m grateful his wife challenged him to put pen to paper and deeply thankful he finally did. The James Herriot books are a bright memory from a difficult time in my life Struggle lightened by the laughter brought through these pages Also some painful moments because life has it s painful moments and they can t be avoided He told them just as he told the others While I have read that the stories related here were not necessarily told in order or as they happened exactly, this is a wonderful book these are wonderful books not to be missed.I can t recommend these highly enough.