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The heart wrenching story of five identical little girls born to a poor family in Ontario, lovingly told through the eyes of a young woman who was present at the birth and stayed on to help these girls grow and thrive, despite the fact that hundreds of people came every day to see this miracle of birth These French Canadian girls were the first quints known to have survived infancy, against the overwhelming odds They were removed from their parents home, as it was thought the parents had neither the resources nor the ability to care for them Under government watchfulness, the girls lives and finances were carefully controlled.I am fascinated by them, as I was born on the same day May 28 I grew up hearing stories about these five sisters, which were particularly interesting to me, since I was an only child.This well written story, lovingly told, will grab at your heart.I read this EARC Debut courtesy of Edelweiss and Harper Collins pub date 02 13 19 Fantastic Not only a very compelling novelization of the birth and early lives of the Dionne Quintuplets, but a very moving coming of age love story that was dazzlingly handled revealed in the last 50 or so pages What an epic look at human nature and fate This book is enjoyable on many, many levels I don t think anyone will be disappointed if they pick it up Loved it [Ebook] ♗ The Quintland Sisters ⚖ In Shelley Wood S Fiction Debut, Readers Are Taken Inside The Devastating True Story Of The Dionne Quintuplets, Told From The Perspective Of One Young Woman Who Meets Them At The Moment Of Their BirthReluctant Midwife Emma Trimpany Is Just When She Assists At The Harrowing Birth Of The Dionne Quintuplets Five Tiny Miracles Born To French Farmers In Hardscrabble Northern Ontario In Emma Cares For Them Through Their Perilous First Days And When The Government Decides To Remove The Babies From Their Francophone Parents, Making Them Wards Of The British King, Emma Signs On As Their NurseOver , Daily Visitors Come To Ogle The Identical Quints Playing In Their Custom Built Playground At The Height Of The Great Depression, The Tourism And Advertising Dollars Pour In While The Rest Of The World Delights In Their Sameness, Emma Sees Each Girl As Unique Yvonne, Annette, C Cile, Marie, And Milie With Her Quirky Eye For Detail, Emma Records Every Strange Twist Of Events In Her Private JournalsAs The Fight Over Custody And Revenues Turns Increasingly Explosive, Emma Is Torn Between The Fishbowl Sanctuary Of Quintland And The Wider World, Now Teetering On The Brink Of War Steeped In Research, Quintland Is A Novel Of Love, Heartache, Resilience, And Enduring Sisterhood A Fictional, Coming Of Age Story Bound Up In One Of The Strangest True Tales Of The Past Century Beautiful novelization of the first five years of the Dionne quintuplets, a story that is quickly fading from history because it began in 1934 So glad the author chose this subject for her debut novel The details of the girls daily lives were fascinating I m sure if I d been around in the 30 s I would have kept a scrapbook of articles and pictures of them I did knock off a star for the ending scene on the train it just didn t seem to fit with the rest of the book and I surely did not expect it. I had never heard of the Dionne Quintuplets until this book I did some research and reading up on these famous sisters after reading this book There was not a lot of details on the sisters and thus for what little details there were, I thought author, Shelley Wood did a good job with this book It helped explain why there was not a lot of details spent on the sisters in this book That was one factor that had left me craving I wanted to get to know about each sister and their personalities For this, I looked to Emma She was the voice narrator of this book What a great narrator she was She had a good voice and a nice wealth of knowledge about what it was like caring for the quintuplets Ms Wood really did transport me back in time She is a good storyteller This combined with Emma s voice, it was like I was Emma experiencing everything as she did You have to make sure that The Quintland Sisters by Shelley Wood is on your reading list for 2019. I listened to the unabridged novel of THE QUINTLAND SISTERS written by Shelley Wood, read by Tavia Gilbert and published by HarperAudio and BLACK STONE Publishing In this fiction debut of Shelley Wood, listeners are taken inside the devastating true story of the Dionne Quintuplets, told from the perspective of one young woman who meets them at the moment of their birth Reluctant midwife Emma Trimpany is just 17 when she assists at the harrowing birth of the Dionne quintuplets five tiny miracles born to French farmers in hardscrabble Northern Ontario in 1934 Emma cares for them through their perilous first days and when the government decides to remove the babies from their francophone parents, making them wards of the British king, Emma signs on as their nurse Over 6,000 daily visitors come to ogle the identical Quints playing in their custom built playground at the height of the Great Depression, the tourism and advertising dollars pour in While the rest of the world delights in their sameness, Emma sees each girl as unique Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Marie, and Emilie With her quirky eye for detail, Emma records every strange twist of events in her private journals As the fight over custody and revenues turns increasingly explosive, Emma is torn between the fishbowl sanctuary of Quintland and the wider world, now teetering on the brink of war Steeped in research, THE QUINTLAND SISTERS is a novel of love, heartache, resilience, and enduring sisterhood a fictional, coming of age story bound up in one of the strangest true tales of the past century On May 28, 1934 the quintuplets were born just outside Callander near North Bay, Ontario Their mother was 25 years old and she and her husband had 5 other children before the quintuplets were born The total weight of the five babies was 13 pounds and 6 ounces The first born girl weighed 3 pounds and 4 ounces 2 pounds and 4 ounces is the combined weight of last two girls born.Louis Cartwright left Callandar and to Montreal where he invented retractable landing gear for airplanes The quintuplets have a royal meeting with the King and Queen in Toronto on May 22, 1939.I thoroughly enjoyed this historical fiction about the Dionne quintuplets Much of the story is told through journal entries by Nurse Emma, letters between Emma and Ivy, and Emma and Louis and newspaper clippings, advertisements and posters I was totally surprised by the ending, and the Epilogue and highly recommend this novel Quintuplet stars I m not wild about an early review here being a negative one, because of me, butThis started out strong, then gradually drifted off the rails This genuinely just felt like a personal project, unplanned, unedited, that Wood wrote and wrote and wrote for fun until she got bored and then dropped the thing It was nice and relaxing to read about this cozy, charming little life, but it never had a point, and that gets exhausting when your book is nearly 500 pages I lost my patience but heynot my hope at about 60%, and sadly never offered much than what I was initially given.The criticism of the exploitation of the sisters was paper thin, and didn t offer enough fiction to make a story that stood on its own with this history as a setting Nothing happened, and while the nothing was amusing enough per chapter and on its own, still, nothing happened. view spoiler And what was going on when it just rehashed the entire book all over again by showing us Emma s letters to Lewis I skipped most of them If you want to make me care about Emma, jeez, use your other 400 pages hide spoiler This was a fiction story of he Dionne quintuples born in 1934, I have read several books and articles about the quints and have always been interested in them This story was told from the point of view of an untrained girl who started helping with the quints because her mother wanted her to be a midwife She talks about the daily routines and how no one was seeing the girls as little girls but as test cases She also was cut off from what was going on in the world since they were kept separate from the world I had planned on giving the book 5 stars but something she wrote about in the last few chapters spoiled the story. What a mixed bag The writing itself is excellent and the plot is compelling as all get out I didn t want to put it downexcept for when I wanted to throw it out the window.Two reasons I couldn t truly enjoy The Quintland Sisters Reason 1 The portrayals of the quints parents are one dimensional, often inaccurate, and occasionally downright hurtful Two big examples a Oliva Dionne was NEVER in favor of charging the public admission to see the quints I don t understand how you could do as much research as Shelley Wood has obviously done, and not know that He was the only member of the board of guardians who opposed the entire idea of letting the public view the quints, let alone charging for it, and Wood misrepresents that so completely, I justcouldn t even b It s true that Elzire Dionne was a large woman, but do we really need to be told than once or twice Wood seems to be using Mme Dionne s weight to make her unworthy of sympathy Mme Dionne lumbers, waddles, mutters, and snarls When she s giving birth to quintuplets, she s described as hardly human mounds of oily flesh, juddering in pain If that s not enough, she also gets compared to a sofa cushion and a tractor, and it just feels mean She only died bout 20 years ago, which means she still has living children and grandchildren who remember her I sure wouldn t like to read descriptions like that about my grandma, no matter how big she was Mrs Dionne may have had unpleasant sides to her character, but I think Wood is a good enough writer that she could have illustrated them a lot respectfully.Reason 2 The end I almost don t want to talk about it It s disturbing in and of itself, but that s not why I don t like it The thing that happens should be disturbing, no matter the circumstances My trouble is that in this book there s no doubt about who did it, and the person who did it was a real person I happen to believe that Wood s perpetrator may have done some similar, terrible things in real life, but I still don t think it s fair to turn a real person into an even bigger villain without evidence Like, if somebody quietly drains money from his father s bank account, it doesn t automatically mean he ll also commit armed robbery, you know If Wood had kept the perpetrator s identity unclear, the end could have been even unsettling in a better way by leaving you wondering about who the real villain is There were even a couple scenes earlier in the book when two other characters did some vaguely creepy that things could have led to Wood s concluding scenario and made you wonder who to trust THAT would have been a really, really cool way to end a story about the quints, where the lines between right and wrong are kind of gray right from the beginning Instead the conclusion just left me feeling dirty, and not for the right reasons. Emma is seventeen and dreams about being an artist Her parents, however, wish she has a practical career and arrange for her to have an apprenticeship with the midwife One night, she is called to help with a delivery in the Dionne farmhouse Matters turn dramatic when five tiny baby girls are born premature These babies require round the clock care as their health is fragile Emma falls in love with the quintuplets and signs on as a nurse as they defy the odds and survive As the quintuplets garner international attention, Emma needs to define where her place is Another great historical fiction book The Quintland Sisters is a heartwrenching, compelling, thoughtful and intruguing story about the birth and consecutive treatemnt of the first identical quintuplets to live to adulthood Emma loves painting but has to work with the midwife to learn practical skills Attending the birth of the quintuplets alters the path of her life Instead of art, she goes into nursing This allows her to stay on with the girls she has fallen in love with Surviving being born premature, the girls are hailed a miracle and many flock to see them Emma does her best to care and safeguard the girls but feels many may have ulterior motives to attending to them As their fame increases, Emma falls into the background until she finds her own voice Told through diary entries, newspaper articles and letters, the narrative was moving and touching The pace complimented the tone of the narrative Characterization was strong showcasing that a character could be complex, being both at ally and an adversary to the girls I liked the parallels between Emma struggling to to find her identity and that of the quintuplets individual identities being aslomost supressed greatly enjoyed this book.The Dionne quintuplets Yvonne, Annette, Cecilie, Marie and Emilie were the first quintuplets to survive beyond infancy in a time before artificial insemination Born in Collander, Ontario in 1934 their birth cause quite a shock Early on, custody was removed from the parents that alredy had five other children under the guise that they had neither the money or knowledge to properly care for the girls The Dionne Quintuplet Guardianship Act was established in 1935 with Oliva Dionne their father as one of the four guardians Soon a hospital and nursery was built across the street from the Dionne farmhouse exclusively for the quintuplets In a short time, this place was called Quintland and as much as 3,000 people visited per day The girls could be observed while playing in their outdoor playground Quintland generated about 500 million dollars in tourism revenue In addition, the girls image was used to promote a variety of products and also appeared on film severa times Meanwhile, the girls were unaware that they were being exploited for financial gain It is worth to mention that the girls were born amid the Great Depression and their exhibition helped boost their small town economy sustancially not that that makes it right that they were used Its clear now that not one of the guardians truly had the girls best interest at heart By the time they were off display, a chance for a normal life seemed complicated This is a story of triumph but also of sorrow These girls lacked for nothing but were robbed the chance of having any sense of normalcy.Souvenir shop outside Quintland Image from Quintland.com