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All the military equipment is labelled with its model number and the country that sold it to either side Even though it s a work of fiction I thought that was an effective device. As much as the remarkable story that Freedom Hospital tells, it doesn t feel very effective The advantage that comic book format has over other mediums is the power of the visuals Hamid Sulaiman s visuals are sketchy minimalistic and communicatingwith negative spaces rather than drawn lines The style is effective at places, evoking a rebellious street mural kind of poignancy But at many other places, where the critical drama happens, it falls short One wonders if a Joe Sacco kind of attention to detail could have helped The overall effect of Hamid s style is to make it feel like a skim through an otherwise deeply humanist tale. @PDF ê Freedom Hospital ⚡ JOE SACCO MEETS PERSEPOLIS IN THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL FROM A NEW INTERNATIONAL TALENT, HAMID SULAIMAN WINNER ENGLISH PEN AWARD It Is SpringAnd , People Have Died Since The Start Of The Syrian Arab Spring In The Wake Of This, Yasmine Has Set Up A Clandestine Hospital In The North Of The Country Her Town Is Controlled By Assads Brutal Regime, But Is Relatively Stable However, As The Months Pass, The Situation Becomes Increasingly Complex And Violent Told In Stark, Beautiful Black And White Imagery, Freedom Hospital Illuminates A Complicated Situation With Gut Wrenching Detail And Very Dark Humor The Story Of Syria Is One Of The Most Devastating Narratives Of Our Age And Freedom Hospital Is An Important And Timely Book From A New International Talent It is hard to find the right words to say about this book The war in Syria is atrocious and abominable, and we need to know about it I am not going to say, that in face of war only non fictional writing is justified No, quite the contrary, some of the greatest pieces of art are dealing with human suffering in war times Guernica , Im Westen nichts Neues , Apocalypse Now , etc etc Freedom Hospital is a legitimate personal expression of an artist about the Syrian civil war Yet I doubt that it is either useful for understanding it better or a great piece of art And the only way for me to judge this book is by taking it as a piece of art Much of my depreciation of this book is a problem I have with the whole genre graphic novels and comics I can t stand trivial text If this genre is to be a compound of two diverse arts, the art of literature and the art of drawing, then I expect the artists of this genre to try to excel in both of these involved arts And the conversation text in this book is commonplace in an embarrassing way, trivial, artless, below mediocre, simply bad Now if the pictures were great, they might save some of the negative impression I had from the book And I must admit that unlike the text, the pictures do attempt at being art It can arouse an impression of dark times in a dark place Nothing unexpected in view of the topic, appropriate But why are the characters so flat, so indistinguishable This doesn t make sense, as the dramatis personae in the beginning of the book and the development of the story treats the characters clearly as individuals, as distinguishable And the same is true for the locations Undamaged houses and rubble are hardly distinguishable either I do believe that the author is mourning over the loss of his country Syria, and he is clearly in favor of the political anti Assad opposition not in favor of the islamist opposition, though , but he treats the country without love when he draws it.All in all this seems to be a rambling book to me I need to get my information and my art about the tragedy of Syria from somewhere else Any suggestions Hartes aber sehr gutes und wichtiges Buch only downside a mix of fiction, real eventsYet a powerful insight into the once proclaimed democratic revolutions Whilst the book is vey anti Assad in the beginning, it shows the true nature of war and how nearly all participants turn to monsters withandsufferings and retaliation. Freedom Hospital A Syrian StoryHamid Sulaiman, Francesca Barrie Translator This graphic novel gives an insight into Syria s internal war and turmoil during the 2010 13 period Yasmin is trying to start and run an independent hospital for the victims of the fighting, but with the chronic shortages of supplies, anything resembling normal health care is out the window Drugs, equipment, staff, quality, are simply not available It s chaotic and dangerous.Unfortunately, it doesn t seem like anything new or significant We have become acclimated to war and turmoil for the last 150 years or so If one counts the Cold War as war, then most of the twentieth century has been war after war after war Intellectually, we know that war is destructive and can crush human life and spirit, but politically we support war We can argue that some wars must be fought, but we know there will be casualties, death, destruction, and sorrow.Another sad data point from the front. It s critical to understand the complex war in Syria, a revolution that began as a hopeful resistance of a tyrannical leader turning arms on his people, that turned into a conflict between a tyrannical government and terrorist groups of the Islamic brotherhood, backed by the money and military power of Russia and the US However, if I hadn t already read about this, I think this book would confuse me, and graphic novels are known for their ability to make complex topicsunderstandable in that regard, this failed The art was minimalist and sketchy, which could give an atmosphere of chaos and mess, but could also just confuse the narrative The characters were so blurry that I could never tell who was who, much less find a way to connect and care for them, especially when the entire text was dialogue driven only However, it is an important topic and one could do worse things than pick this up I admire the writer and what he endured, and it was a very fast read. another great graphic novel about middle eastern conflict although sulaimans style of completely black and white,formal than cartoon, is different to almost all graphic novels i ve read before, i really enjoyed it except for one frame parodying the sistine chapel with two characters passing a zoot,gosh i couldnt help but cringe good for basic knowledge of the early stages of the syrian civil war, leaving u with lots of pointers of where else to research etc also highlighting hypocrisy from some of the powers involved, the way it points out where the arms are sold from Dope book, Hamid Though difficult to follow in parts, Freedom Hospital gives a crushingly real view of the current climate in Syria explained in a clear way that helped me better understand said climate A beautiful and horribly sad book, but so important.