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A nostalgic 80s coming of age I was all in The Saturday Night Ghost Club is a slim novel filled to brim with the most nostalgic, relatable story of coming of age Set during the 80s, this made the story an even better match for me.Niagara Falls is magical, slightly dark, and a bit haunted this is where Jake Baker grows up, mostly with his uncle Calvin His eccentric uncle is a conspiracy theorist.Jake is turning twelve during this particular summer, and he decides to initiate himself and two friends into the Saturday Night Ghost Club I don t want to give away any of the charm of this most memorable book You will love Jake and his friends You will love the story of their summer spent finding themselves The messages are poignant, and the writing silky smooth.It s been compared to Stand By Me, and I completely get it It reminds me a touch of that, but in an even relatable way I strongly recommend this solid, heart rending novel for anyone who yearns for perfect storytelling.I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.My reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com Thank you to Ruta at PRH Canada for sending me an early copy of this book per Craig s request.Five stars Why just five This book.I honestly don t know how to review books I love this much because I don t want to spoil all the reader discovery for other people, so let me just calmly and collectively try to explain to you why this book is one you must have I know a few of my friends have already ordered it from Canada and they re the smart ones they know as soon as possible.First, you can read Craig s book Cataract City if you want to get familiar with his literary style that book is very Dennis LeHane meets Robert McCammon and I love it so, so much Secondly, The Saturday Night Ghost Club is EVERYTHING It s EVERYTHING you want in a story It s nostalgic, it s magical, it s supernatural, it s emotional wreckage on your heart like you can take your heart out of your chest and slowly squeeze it for 275 pages worth of time and that s how this book feels This book smells like your childhood, if your childhood had a smell and you took the essence of it and bottled it up and then sprinkled it out onto a page in the form of words.Have you ever read any John Bellairs Like the little boy Johnny Dixon who has this great relationship with his eccentric, old uncle and they happen to find themselves in the middle of some kind of haunted mystery THAT That But then, you know the best parts of a great coming of age tale, Like Boy s Life and The Body the parts with boys being boys or boys noticing a girl for the first time and your heart just sings because it all feels so real and so familiar to the point of being this tangible feeling that lifts you up out of your real life and sucks you into the story and you just want to live in it forever and never want it to end That.This book.I have no idea when this book will be available in the US or the UK Craig doesn t even really know at this point But I know people are getting it from Canada, so why wait Go live your best bookish life, NOW and buy it and READ IT Now You won t regret it I can t wait to read it again and again so hit me up for buddy reads. [Ebook] ♰ The Saturday Night Ghost Club ♪ A Short, Irresistible, And Bittersweet Coming Of Age Story In The Vein Of Stranger Things And Stand By Me About A Group Of Misfit Kids Who Spend An Unforgettable Summer Investigating Local Ghost Stories And Urban LegendsGrowing Up In S Niagara Falls A Seedy But Magical, Slightly Haunted Place Jake Baker Spends Most Of His Time With His Uncle Calvin, A Kind But Eccentric Enthusiast Of Occult Artifacts And Conspiracy Theories The Summer Jake Turns Twelve, He Befriends A Pair Of Siblings New To Town, And So Calvin Decides To Initiate Them All Into The Saturday Night Ghost Club But As The Summer Goes On, What Begins As A Seemingly Lighthearted Project May Ultimately Uncover Than Any Of Its Members Had Imagined With The Alternating Warmth And Sadness Of The Best Coming Of Age Stories, The Saturday Night Ghost Club Examines The Haunting Mutability Of Memory And Storytelling, As Well As The Experiences That Form The People We Become Hauntingly beautiful, wistful, magical I do love me a good ghost story and pretty much anything in relation to things that go bump in the night then you can most definitely count me in THE SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB by CRAIG DAVIDSON was such a fabulous, short, memorable and bittersweet coming of age story that packed quite the punch in such a short amount of time The book comes in at a whopping 246 pages which is brimming with so many wonderful attributes that definitely stirred up this readers emotions and memories.I absolutely loved how irresistible, nostalgic, magical, and emotional this story was The supernatural, ghost stories, and urban legends was so intriguing and I thought it ingenious in its relation to the whole story in general I felt such warmth and love towards these characters and this book Traveling Friends Read Norma s Stats Cover coverlove I absolutely love the cover of this book and attributed solely to me needing to read this book Title Intriguing, suspenseful, and absolutely loved how meaningfully the title plays so fittingly into storyline.Writing Prose Well written, engaging, captivating, and readable Plot Suspenseful, emotive, gripping, perfectly paced, nostalgic, ghostly, magical, memorable, thought provoking, held my attention fully and extremely entertaining.Ending A bittersweet and satisfying ending that filled me with such warmth and love.Overall An irresistible, unforgettable, enjoyable, entertaining, suspenseful, and fabulous read It was an absolutely magical book brimming with pure nostalgia Would highly recommend Review can also be found on Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading Find all of my reviews atWhat follows is an account, as I choose to remember it, of my twelfth year on this planet the summer of the Saturday Night Ghost ClubWhen I received this from my Book Fairy, it was like A new selection from an author who has never failed me What could possibly go wrong Well, allow me to take you on a journey that will hopefully eventually get to the point but since it s me maybe it won t.Many years ago I came across a free book written by someone I had never heard of and I thought it was the bees knees A few months later I read well pretty much the same book, but a well known version written by a famous author I overlooked it because hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right Then it happened again and again Yes, the writing was good, but the concepts storylines characters took inspired by to a level I wasn t comfortable with so I washed my hands of that person So what does that have to do with Craig Davidson He s too gooooooooooooooooooood to have to resort to riffing on others old work Dude is so good he writes under THREE names that I m aware of hell he could write under a dozen for all I know His stuff is the original, envelope pushing type of book other people borrow from in order to attempt to write their own, less than, pieces And the Saturday Night Ghost Club It s basically this kid That part gets a pass because pretty much every coming of age story about a male human child could be this kid Telling this guy s story Remember him Uncle Red Even my friend Trudi who loved this book and who called dibs ages ago on being the Annie Wilkes to Cutter Davidson Lestewka said the same thing in her review There just wasn t much to this story either in substance or page count The characters felt hollow and future Jake s profession made it glaringly obvious what Uncle C s problem was what everything was leading up to not to mention I cared absolutely ZERO PERCENT about the inserts regarding his patients and their brain issues Oh, and the big reveal Yeah.While some things were awesomely reminiscent of true urban legends spread throughout my youth like KFC having to drop the term chicken due to creating some sort of mutant that was pretty much only breasts and legs Other things that I would usually dismiss ended up really getting under my skin like a teenage girl in the 1980s taking medicine for depression bi polar disorder her diagnosis is not disclosed Sorry, in the 80s puberty would have been blamed for this child s mood swings So there it is Sucks that I suck, but I do and so does this rating Twelve year old ostracized Jake Baker is soft around the middle, last to be picked for any gym game and pretty much only has a friend when a kid moves to town in the summer and hangs around with him until school starts and the new kid then makes real friends with the other kids at school But still, Jake is happy in in his own way, knowing he s on the outside, looking in, knowing to do his best not to be noticed but also knowing he s loved by his mom, dad, and Uncle Calvin In fact Uncle Calvin is the person he spends the most time with Calvin isn t like most adults and is in many ways, like a big kid Calvin owns a store that deals with the supernatural, the scary, the occult and even has a special phone where he communicates with like minded people about super secret spooking happenings Calvin s best friend is Len, who owns the video store next door and Len, Jake, and new to town siblings Billy and Dove Yellowbird start attending meetings of Calvin s Saturday Night Ghost Club.Jake and Billy really hit it off when Billy moves to town and Jake feels inklings of first love for Billy s fourteen year old sister Dove Dove cares about Jake too but not in that way because she knows they are both too different and want different things in life Still, Jake has friends, even if he knows they ll leave him behind once school starts The story is narrated by Jake, as an adult, a successful neurosurgeon who can now look back on the summer of his twelfth year with both the wisdom of his medical training but also with the knowledge that many things about the human mind and brain cannot be explained As the group attends the Saturday Night Ghost Club meetings, adult Jake lets us know that if only he d been paying better attention, he would have realized things about Calvin and the ghost stories that he told, that made them even scarier and horrible than they seemed on the surface, to his twelve year old self This is short bittersweet story There is real hurt and sadness in the past but at the same time we are left with a family and friends that love and care for each other and the future looks good for these friends and family This summer of Jake s twelfth year just shows part of what allows Jake to grow up to be the man he becomes, always a son and a nephew, even as he also becomes a husband and a father Thank you to Penguin Books Penguin Publishing Group and Edelweiss for this ARC. There s a tremendous sense of nostalgia that pervades every page of Craig Davidson s The Saturday Night Ghost Club Not only does the book take place in the 1980s, but the storytelling seems to hearken back to a simpler time, when we were far less aware of the horrors that could take place in our very own communities, horrors which didn t involve monsters or ghosts or creatures from another dimension Looking back, I am struck by how precious little it takes to convince an unwilling outsider and the new kid in town to agree to any plan, even one that involved following a gangly middle aged man into haunted territories Jake Baker grew up in Niagara Falls in the 1980s The town, which came alive in the summer thanks to tourism but was fairly deserted in the winter, was one of those places where not much happened, where people had to live to pursue a better life, and everything and nearly everyone had seen better days A loner who was often bullied by his peers, Jake spent a lot of time with his uncle Calvin, a kind but somewhat goofy and eccentric man who owned a shop in town specializing in the occult and the mysteries of the beyond.It was Uncle Calvin who helped Jake wrangle the monsters hiding in his closet, let him watch scary movies at least until his parents found out , educated him on the existence of ghosts and other shadowy creatures, and taught him that there were mysteries in this world that didn t have easy answers The summer Jake was 12 years old, he became friends with Billy, the new boy in town, and Dove, his erratic, mesmerizing older sister, and Calvin welcomed all of them into The Saturday Night Ghost Club, a group determined to look into some of the mysterious stories of their town.But the they start looking into these mysteries, the Jake becomes confused by Calvin s behavior and his lengthy disappearances He learns what it is like to have a friend you can depend on, and he is drawn to Dove and her brave yet uneven mood swings and actions And then Jake learns that behind many mysteries there are real truths, truths we may not be ready to bear the burden of knowing, yet we must all the same The brain is the seat of memory, and memory is a tricky thing At base level, memories are stories and sometimes those stories we tell allow us to carry on Sometimes stories are the best we can hope for They help us to simply get by, while deeper levels of our consciousness slip bandages on the wounds that hold the power to wreck us So we tell ourselves that the people we love closed their eyes and slipped painlessly away from us That our personal failures are the product of external forces rather than unfixable weaknesses.Tell yourself these stories long enough and you will discover they have a magical way of becoming facts Although The Saturday Night Ghost Club delves briefly into matters of the occult, ghost stories, and the like, at its heart, this is a coming of age book about a boy who learns perhaps earlier than he needs to about the horrors that both defy explanation but are, at the same time, very real This is a book about the bonds of friendship, about understanding fellow misfits, and how people who are truly good at heart may have their own battles to fight.I thought the book started a bit slowly but once it shifted away from the ghost stories and the occult and focused on relationships and the real stories, it grabbed my heart completely Davidson did a terrific job telling this story and it felt very true to its time and place, yet at the same time when the chapters shifted to look into the future, those felt very real as well While the book is compared to Stranger Things and Stand By Me , I would only make that comparison in terms of their stories about friendship And while reading The Saturday Night Ghost Club , I was reminded of my favorite quote from Stand By Me I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12 Jesus, does anyone See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.Check out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at Okay this book definitely had its flaws but It just got to me I can t help but give it 5 stars. But a secret can be hidden from everyone save its holder, and the brain is not only a storyteller, it is a truth seeking organ Craig Davidson, or perhaps you know him by his pseudonym, Nick Cutter, has proven that a bloated page count does not always indicate a meaningful story The Saturday Night Ghost Club barely surpasses the limit for a novella s page count, and yet, I m certain I ll be pondering the lessons in this story for months to come Knowing that Cutter typically writes gory, frightening, horror stories, I wasn t sure what type of content this book would contain, but color me endeared to find that this little ball of 1980 s nostalgia introduced us to a new side of the authorMemory is another word for story, and nothing is reliableAnn Marie MacDonald, Fall on Your KneesThis was SO much than I expected it to be The 206 page count may be small, but the narrative packs a mighty punch Be reassured, friends who don t like horror and gory stories, because this one is not such a book The focus of this story is on the bittersweet aspect of coming of age, the perception of our surroundings, and how those perceptions change over time with life experience I don t want to give anything away, but this was a story I devoured at the speed of light, and I think you ll be pleasantly surprised at the warm fuzzies, and overall wide range of emotion, that this book brings out in the readerMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. Take a trip back in time with me Let s stroll down memory lane to summertime in the 80s Is there anything quite like that coming of age time where everything seems possible including ghosts This book was such a perfect fit for me and my nostalgia for the 80s A group of misfit kids banding together for a summer adventure involving ghost hunting count me in You will fall in love with Jake, Billy and Dove trust me you won t be able to stop it You will feel so much emotion for Uncle C Calvin Craig Davidson s writing is so vivid, so descriptive that you are pulled right into the story memories The story is dark, filled with magic and slightly haunted It s written about that magical time in childhood when everything is on the cusp when childhood remains rooted but that adult awareness is there, still just slightly out of reach This is a quick read and one that I would urge you not to miss if you grew up in the 80s and embrace the nostalgia it packs an emotional punch that will stay with you