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This is the first in the DI Cormac Reilly series set in Galway, Ireland Reilly is trying to find his feet at the police station, after having moved from Dublin to be with Emma, his partner, who starts a demanding new job After a high flying career, the move which might be viewed as a step down for him proves to be significantly difficult than he expected He is viewed with suspicion by other officers, there are problematic politics and tensions which prove to complex and hard to decipher, and the only person willing to connect with Cormac is a colleague he trained with, but who is being shunned by others Reilly is only being offered cold cases, such as the disappearance of 15 year old Maura Hughes in 1975 20 years ago when he was a rookie officer, Reilly arrived at the scene of the death of Hilaria Blake, a terminally ill woman who had overdosed on heroin, with her neglected and badly abused children, 15 year old Maude and 5 year old Jack Upon taking them to hospital, Maude disappears and Jack was taken into foster care His efforts to investigate were blocked and he is now being offered the opportunity to look into it as a cold case for which there seems to be no logical reason to do so.Jack Blake grew up happy in his foster home and is now living with medic, Aisling Conroy Aisling s life descends into a harrowing mass of horror when she is informed by the police that Jack committed suicide by jumping into the river Maude has recently returned from having spent her life in Australia, and is unconvinced that her brother committed suicide, and she draws in a confused and reluctant Aisling to look deeper into the circumstances of Jack s death The police refuse point blank to countenance any other scenario other than suicide, despite being offered video evidence gathered by Maude that proves that Jack was nowhere near the bridge at the time he is supposed to have jumped However, to Reilly s consternation, Maude is arrested for the murder of her mother 20 years ago for no reason that he can fathom To add to the pressure on Reilly, there are unfounded rumours swirling around in the station that he had slept with Maude and allegations of misconduct in his time in Dublin Reilly finds that Maude and Jack had been failed by everyone in their childhood as a curtain is lifted to reveal Ireland s dark history with the church He encounters the poisonous and evil Domenica Keane, and learns of the presence of a paedophile Will Reilly be able to battle the sinister hidden agendas and obstacles within the police station and find out what happened to Hilaria in the past and Jack in the present Dervla McTiernan gives us a promising beginning to this new series as Cormac begins to establish himself in Galway, only to encounter a real can of worms in his new workplace Despite all that he comes up against, including betrayal, his focus and determination to get to the truth is undiminished Although we do not get a real sense of Emma, his commitment to her and their relationship gives us a strong sense of his character, he does not drop into a state of blaming Emma for his woes or wanting to return to Dublin He feels for Maude and all the responsibilities she was forced to shoulder as a child for Jack and her incapable, ill mother, and the lack of action that shames the Church and the Ireland of that time I found the story a little slow at the start but was soon caught up in the grip of the compelling and tense narrative Great to have a new voice in Irish Crime on the scene Many thanks to Little, Brown for an ARC. 4 Stars.Cormac Reilly is a young PO when he is directed to Maude and Jack Blake s house one evening He is unprepared when he finds their mother, Hilaria Blake dead, upstairs The little boy Jack, has bruises all over his body and is clinging to his older sister Maude, who is malnourished and is very protective of her brother and also insistent that he be taken to the hospital Once there, Maude vanishes.Years later, Jack is all grown up He and his girlfriend, Aisling Conroy are both happy in their careers, planning a life together, when Jack s body is found his death ruled a suicide Immediately afterwards, Maude returns for the first time and she insists that Jack would never have taken his life and requests that the police investigate further She and Aisling do the same Unfortunately for Maude, the police have other plans for her.Cormac Reilly is now a DI in Galway, Ireland, he investigates cold cases and has been assigned to re open the death of Hilaria Blake and once he does so, he realizes why Everything in town is connected, don t you know Darkness and Fear lie at the heart of many in this novel and figuring out their motive is key A truly refreshing detective story, The Ruin has been in my queue for months waiting for me to read After finishing it, I had to ask myself, what was I waiting for This was a very well written mystery suspense that was completely gripping, fast paced and enjoyable I loved the different perspectives of all of the characters and truly enjoyed the writing style of Dervla McTiernan.A huge thank you to Edelweiss, Penguin Publishing Group Penguin Books and Dervla McTiernan for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.Published on Goodreads and Edelweiss on 11.11.18. In 1993, Cormac is a young Garda, called to the scene of a possible domestic Inside a dilapadated house he finds two young children Maude, fifteen and Jack only five, both paifully thin In an upstairs bedroom he finds a dead woman, with the needle still stuck in her arm Fast forward twenty years, Cormac now a seasomed Garda, recently transferred to Belfast, find himself embroiled in a suspected suicide, concerning once again Jack and Maude.This is a well thought out, tightly plotted police procedural The first in a new series featuring Cormac Although I didn t feel i got to know Cormac particularly well, I did like that he transferred because of his love interest Emma, putting her job first A clever and appreciated turn around of gender politics It was rather the dark atmosphere that captivated my attention Also the characters of a now grown Maude, and Aisling, a young woman training to be a surgeon She is also Jack s love interest, provided an additional focus There is also something going on in the Garda station, concerning someone Cormac has considered a friend This additional thread, along with the investigation kept the plot moving quickly A good start to a new series, that I believe if kept to the same standards as this one, will be very successful Reminded me a little of the books by the successful, Denise Mina.ARC by Edelweiss. Dereliction The Ruin is a fantastic police murder mystery with multiple fascinating plot threads that the brilliantly drawn characters weave in and out of Each and every character adds intrigue, suspicion, hidden agendas and background to the story The plotting is very clever, and delicate layers of deceit from suspects, family and the police, ensure this is a captivating read from the first page to last.As a rookie cop in 1993, Garda Cormac Reilly attended a remote house on a call of domestic violence to find a dead mother, from an apparent drug overdose, and two children, 15 year old Maude Blake and her 5 year old brother Jack, both malnourished and both with bruising Jack is so bad that Cormac takes him to the hospital in Galway along with his sister Maude absconds, Jack is left alone and placed into foster care, and over time even a distressed Cormac manages to let the thoughts of them drift from his mind.In 2013, Garda Cormac Reilly returns with his partner Emma, to Galway after a stellar Detective Sergeant career in Dublin, to a situation where his boss has placed him on cold cases Within the police station, Dervla McTiernan creates an enthralling atmosphere of internal politics, mistrust and suspicion of police corruption everywhere Cormac feels it difficult to navigate and even his old friends are keeping secrets A suicide is called in on St Patrick s Day and the person is identified as Jack Blake Maude returns from Australia for the first time in 20 years and with Jack s pregnant partner Aisling, they question the evidence that relates to the supposed suicide and the glaring holes in the evidence The police seem totally disinterested in pursuing any alternatives to suicide Shortly after Cormac is handed a cold case, to investigate the death of Jack and Maude s mother from 1993 Cormac knows he s a pawn in some greater game but is determined to conduct himself appropriately and not jump to decisions hastily Dervla has written such an enthralling plot that is just mesmerising in its twisting possibilities I could connect with all the characters and really empathise with particular ones, and the dilemmas some face is deeply moving The dialogue between the characters is flawless and Dervla uses it effectively to advance suspicion and suspense while keeping slang out for the benefit of a wider audience I can t recommend this book highly enough and really impressed this is a debut novel.I first received this book from Little Brown Book Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC version of the book in return for an honest review. For a first book, this was amazing However, in the grand scheme of unsolved crime, police procedural and historical mysteries, this left something to be desired After thinking on it, I think it was because the author attempted too much Impressive, mind you But rather than doing a epicurean feast mostly well, I tend to prefer simpler fare prepared very well.It begins with a scene from 1993, when a brand new police officer guarda, in Ireland is assigned to a call for a minor domestic It turns out that it is the falling down home of a fifteen year old girl, Maude, her six year old brother, Jack, and their quite dead mother It jumps forward twenty years and one month to 2013, and the perspective of Aisling, a young surgeon in training who has just discovered she is pregnant, a dream killer for her pediatric surgical residency The next chapter switches to the viewpoint of the officer, now a detective, as he roots through the cold case files in the small station at Galway.We know eventually the stories of Aisling and the officer, Cormac, are going to intersect, and they do, but not before Maude also reappears Meanwhile, both Aisling and Cormac have their own trials to deal with, which rather prohibits either of them from paying solid attention to the investigation.Unfortunately, that lack of attention is the result, I think, of some choices that served plot over character Cormac was easy to believe as a person however, he was completely unbelievable as a hard hitting, elite task force, Type A detective So that was weird, since we were supposed to be in his head and we have this incongruity We were told quite a bit that he was part of an elite Dublin force, he climbed the ranks, guarda in Galway are jealous, etc., but we weren t shown any such thing, and his behavior in this small town force seemed distracted and lackadaisical, particularly as he delegated all sorts of grunt work to another guarda, Fisher And don t get me started on his surprise about child abuse and inability to work a social worker file.It s little things like that that interrupted my sense of story I d follow along, and then be told how something was, and then Logic Brain would come in and say, Wait, Wut Stupid Logic Brain A couple times I wasn t sure I believed striving Resident Surgeon either, but then filed it under Grieving Partner.Anyway, it s stuff like that that definitely makes it Not Tana French. Really, marketers talk about setting someone up to fail Although, honestly, word is that the last Tana French also was Not Tana French, so there you go I guess it s like Tana because it is also about the historical roots of a mystery McTiernan tries to do a ton in this book mild spoilers view spoiler child abuse, drug trade, the thin blue line, mental illness, sexism, cultural rigidity, etc hide spoiler Refreshing and Back to basics well constructed crime novel that is believable and entertaining A cracking good read for those who enjoy crime mystery novels The Ruin is a debut novel by Dervla McTiernan and what a complex and fast paced novel set in Galway I rarely read crime novels but every now and then like to test the waters and I couldn t resist picking up a copy of the Ruin and so glad I did as it has an interesting and believable plot, great characters and plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader interested Set in Ireland the author captures a wonderful sense of time and place and she doesn t shy away from the dark and disturbing A book of lies and secrets and the man of the moment is Detective Cormac Reilly who is drawn back to a case he has worked on in his earlier career when he discovered the dead body of Hilario Blake in her crumbling Georgian home and the two children she left behind still haunts his memory.I think readers who enjoy Police procedure novels or crime novels are going to really enjoy this one as it s well written and full of suspense and I for one look forward to the next installment of the Cormac Reilly Series. |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♺ The Ruin ♹ It S Been Twenty Years Since Cormac Reilly Discovered The Body Of Hilaria Blake In Her Crumbling Georgian Home But He S Never Forgotten The Two Children She Left BehindWhen Aisling Conroy S Boyfriend Jack Is Found In The Freezing Black Waters Of The River Corrib, The Police Tell Her It Was Suicide A Surgical Resident, She Throws Herself Into Study And Work, Trying To Forget Until Jack S Sister Maude Shows Up Maude Suspects Foul Play, And She Is Determined To Prove ItDI Cormac Reilly Is The Detective Assigned With The Re Investigation Of An Accidental Overdose Twenty Years Ago Of Jack And Maude S Drug And Alcohol Addled Mother Cormac Is Under Increasing Pressure To Charge Maude For Murder When His Colleague Danny Uncovers A Piece Of Evidence That Will Change EverythingThis Unsettling Crime Debut Draws Us Deep Into The Dark Heart Of Ireland And Asks Who Will Protect You When The Authorities Can T Or Won T Perfect For Fans Of Tana French And Jane Casey This is actually a brilliant book for an author s debut, and if she can keep up the standard we are in for an excellent series I always like an Irish setting This book begins in a dilapidated ruin in the Galway countryside, twenty years in the past, with a dead body and two damaged children and I was instantly gripped Cormac Reilly is the young Guard who has to deal with this situation and it comes back to haunt him twenty years later.The mystery in this book was the why than the who as it became increasingly obvious who was going to be responsible Actually having guessed who the main culprit was the story became tense On than one occasion I was saying things like No Don t give it to HIM as he continued to mosey around in the story as though he had done nothing at all.As you can tell I got emotionally involved which is always a sign of a good book This is a very good book and I highly recommend it to other mystery lovers 4 The truism that a lawyer should never ask a question to which he did not already know the answer did not apply to detectives If anything the opposite rule applied You had a plan going into every interrogation, but sometimes it was best to follow your instinct, Ireland s loss is Australia s gain Author Dervla McTiernan and her family have migrated to Perth, Western Australia Although this debut novel is set in cold, rainy Ireland, one character did flee for many years to the Kimberley, a long, long way north of Perth, to a very different climate Garda Cormac Reilly didn t move quite that far in the novel, but he did shift across Ireland from Dublin to Galway with his girlfriend, Emma, a research scientist She was excited to win a prestigious grant, but the work is based in a lab in Galway, so he has gone with her His 20 year career as a detective sergeant in Dublin was far complex than anything the Mill Street Garda station is likely to offer him, but ah, the things we do for love, eh Of course, crime isn t restricted to the Big Smoke, and even the loneliest, most remote outpost can be dangerous Galway is hardly remote, but it s different The book opens with a prologue from 1993, when young Reilly was called to an old, once grand home, where he met two young children whose mother was dead in bed He takes them to the local hospital and can do no.Then the story moves to 2013, where we meet Jack and Aisling, a young couple in love who are setting out their future togetherI looked up how to pronounce Aisling, since I don t know anyone by this name, and it s roughly ASH ling, ASH lin, or ASH leen, depending upon whom you ask I like to be able to hear the names in my head when I read The ASH is enough for me But I digressThe author has done a wonderful job of keeping the timeline easy to follow by introducing each section with the date The first main action happens on St Patrick s Day, March 17, and the following chapters move into April Very easy, and thank you I mention this because there is a fashion for shifting times so often that it s easy to get lost, and many readers really dislike it.Whenever Cormac remembers something from the past, he is remembering it, and it s discussed as the past Straight forward But the story s not that simple Well, a good mystery never is, is it There s a reported suicide that doesn t seem to be getting the attention it deserves, and Reilly can feel a chill in the squad room Who s trustworthy, who isn t The initial quotation about not asking a question unless you know the answer is from where he s about to interview someone he s pretty sure he shouldn t trust He makes a bit of a show getting out his notebook, referring to notes, jotting things down patiently He explains that some people were too clever They lied when they should stay quiet They thought ahead, saw the risks, and moved to tie them off They could never quite see how the slow setting down of questions and noting of answers could drive them into a trap of their own making It s a bit like the trick of not filling a conversational silence to encourage someone to reveal just a bit Like the old saying, give him enough rope and he ll hang himself Good story, well told, and I did mention the rain and the cold, didn t I They walked home together, hand in hand It was cold, but the rain held off and there was such simple pleasure in that The cold settled about her like a cloak, chilling the sweat on her brow and stiffening her hands The sun was still out, but it was a winter sun all show and no substance and clouds were gathering Welcome, Dervla I hope you enjoy your move to such a sunny place Now, about all that rain, For anyone else wanting to know how to pronounce Irish words, this fellow is very helpful. A well done mystery that sees Cormac Reilly moving back to Galway when his girlfriend gets a large grant that requires her moving there He had started his policing career there and one of his first cases was the drug death of young single mother Now, 20 years later, the son of that woman is dead, a suspected suicide But something is at work here Neither death is what it appears The dead man s girlfriend and his sister start their own investigation into his death There are a lot of characters and initially I struggled to keep them straight And something is off at the Garda station Does someone have it in for Cormac What are they trying to keep covered up This one keeps your attention It s plot than character driven It s fast paced and complicated, not one where you can let your attention stray There are multiple themes, including vengeance, betrayal and neglect I listened to it and the narrator did a good job I ll definitely come back for McTiernan s next offering in the series.