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What a freaking fabulous series, I was hooked by the first few pages of book 1, and I have not been disappointed for a split second on any of the 3 books The Story of Savannah Ana and Jackson has been one filled with such a variety of emotions that it is a wonder they survived, there is great sorrow, pain, misery, tears, laughs, loving, and so muchI advise you to read the books in order so that you can totally follow them along this journey, through the good times and especially through the bad times It is one of those stories that you cannot wait to finish, but you also dread it ending.The author defines her characters in an exceptional way, Ana is at the start of the story a very withdrawn person but by the end of the series, she gets some spirit and fights for her happy ever after, although at times she did feel like giving up on their relationship I really got each of the characters in the book, even the baddies, each had been described so well you felt you knew them personally.A totally terrific series, and I was blessed to have been given copies in return for an honest review I can only say DANG I AM A VERY LUCKY LADY to get these to read. [[ READ BOOK ]] ★ Tribulation and Truths (Chastity Falls, #3) ↞ This Is An Alternate Title Cover Edition For BONGIIWhen Ana Revealed Her Suspicions To Jackson About The Circumstances Surrounding His Father S Death, She Never Expected It To Be The Catalyst For A Series Of Events That Could Change Everything It Was Supposed To Save Him, Not Push Him Away But Now Ana Is Left Watching The Person She Loves Than Anything, Lose Himself To VengeanceJackson Has Spent Most Of His Life Loyal To The Man He Calls Uncle But Since Learning That Marcus Donohue Might Have Been Responsible For The Death Of His Father, Jackson Is Consumed With The Need For Revenge Even If It Means Hurting The People He Loves, And Going Against Everything He Believes In, To Uncover What HappenedWill The Truth Finally Set Jackson Free Or Will It Ruin His Last Chance At Happiness With Ana And A Life Out From Under The Shadows Of The Donohues Tribulations Will Be Overcome, Truths Will Be Revealed Welcome To Chastity Falls Title Tribulation and TruthsAuthor L.A.CottonGenre New Adult Contemporary Romance, SuspenseSeries or Standalone Series Chastity Falls 3 Rating 5 StarsReviewTribulation and Truths is the third book in the Chastity Falls series, so while the author does a fabulous job of integrating past events into the new book, it s recommended that you go back to the beginning and read the two previous books before this one so that you enter this one knowing all the players and where they stand At the end of Salvation and Secrets, Ana reveals a truth to Jackson that irrevocably changes him forever That what he has spent his life believing about his father, and the way he died was a lie Changing his relationships with people he believed to be family, as well as his relationship with Ana in the process This book picks up right where that one left off in the aftermath of that truth and what Jackson then chooses to do about it What I love about this series is that just when you think things are finally about to even out, that maybe, just maybe this couple and them as individuals will be able to move on from everything that they ve already had to face and beat, another bomb gets dropped, another piece put into play and BAM, we re knee deep in the suspense again One minute happy and swooning over how sweet and amazing Jackson and Ana are together, and the next, biting our nails wondering what their fate will be It s this style of writing that gave me one hell of a book hangover at the end of the last book and did the same thing again here As I stated in the previous review, L.A Cotton has ruined me Lol The level of feels I had in this, both bad and good ones was insane and even with the time in between finishing this and reviewing it, I still feel it I feel these characters and their struggles Its equal parts insane and awesome and I love it Now, where would a story be without the characters In this case, the three I m touching on being the three that stood out the most to me in this Jackson Pierce Wow I didn t think I was ever going to reach a point where I was ready to give up on him, my love for him probably just as powerful as Ana s, but in this book, with some of the things he did, I gotta say, I wanted to turn around and hit him with the book Or rather the kindle that I was reading said book on LOL The problem when I m reading well not really a problem per say is that I look at the character motivations as they re doing things I don t like, which in the end makes me sympathize and understand the things they do when all I really want is to hate them and beat them with books Jackson, I understood what he was doing Why he felt he had to pull away in order to achieve a better ending for him and Ana It all made sense to me even though I wouldn t have taken the same steps he did, or treated the people around him the way he did By the time it was done, I didn t want to hit him any, but God I did for a while This is one book boyfriend that frustrated the hell out of me Love you Jackson Ana My ballsy heroine The one that despite knowing that dealing with Marcus was basically dealing with the devil, knowing full well what he was capable of, still stood tall and stood by her man, even when he was pushing her away in an effort to keep her safe This was the Ana that s been present through all three books, but that was only shown in small little intervals as she gained her strength back from what brought her to Chastity Falls to begin with, and recovering from what she went through with Jackson in the first and second books It was so awesome to see She was overcoming her issues, with the help of her friends and the love of Jackson and becoming stronger for it It s not often I connect with the heroines in books, I tend to lean toward the men, but in this series, in this book with Ana I did She was what kept me grounded when I wanted to beat her other half Last but not least Marcus I ve got a thing for twisted characters and especially like it when they re written in a way where you just love to hate them This guy, the games he was playing with people much higher up on the food chain, the twisted way he dealt with his family along with what he orchestrated with Jackson s dad, was the epitome of sadistic jackass He was the perfect dark counter to the light that was Jackson and Ana along with their friends Witnessing him get what was coming to him drove me with this book eventhan Ana and Jackson did And by books end, I was quite content with the way it all played out claps For what the author was tackling with this series, combining multiple genres, the pacing was amazing There were moments in this where it did slow down a bit, but not enough for me to say that it dragged at any point Point A got to Point B nicely, everything wrapping up rather well by books end and like the others I ve got to say, with the way the book flowed, it was over a lot faster than I was expecting Not because it was short, or not enough detail was given, but because it was just executed phenomenally.This is one book where each title holds true to what takes place in the book, so just like this one says, there will be tribulations for everyone in Chastity Falls, and also a whole boatload of truths I felt that title all the way through, so kudos to the author on that Another neat execution All of the answers that I was after through each of the books was wrapped up and answered here and while I won t go into specifics, there was a happy ending too and one that I wasthan a little ready for Even with the little nugget I found once their story was finished I m probably gonna be in a minority when I say this but Bring on Braiden I am so ready 3If you re a fan of suspense driven books, ones that keep you on the edge of your seat, but that also contain solid characters and just the right amount of romance true love then this book is for you The series really It was all of this and so muchSometimes, I even felt like I wasn t reading a book but thrown right into a television show, with the way these books read It was worth every moment spent My thanks to the author and all those involved for letting me read an ARC of this before official release. What a great ending to Ana and Jackson s story If you think they will easily get their HEA, you would be wrong From the very beginning, one obstacle after another seems to impact their relationship, and in this book, it s no different Tribulation and Truths picks up almost right where the last book ended As Jackson was finally at a point of leaving the Donohue s behind, he is drawn back in, not out of fear or loyalty but for revenge He wants the man who raised him as his own to pay for what he took away from him As he makes his elaborate plans, he is drawn back into the darkness of the life and further away from Ana Will the two of them survive and finally get the HEA they deserve I have loved all the other books in the series, but this one may be my favorite In the other books, I got a glimpse of how dangerous the Donohue s are, but I got to see just how dangerous they really are L.A Cotton gives us an in depth look into all their illegal activities in this one Ana has continually grown through each book, and I love the strong woman she has become There were times I got really angry at Jackson and really wanted to slap him around a little bit However, I do understand why he didn t confide everything to Ana I know he was trying to protect her, but that doesn t mean he didn t exasperate me like he did Ana The pages flew by as Jackson would uncover another secret The ending was fantastic While some questions were answered, there werethat came to light I am curious what characters are now going to get their own books I know Braiden is finally getting his, and let me tell you, I am counting the days until that one comes out But, I hope Dennis will get his own story as well.The Chastity Falls Series is a romance, but it s different from others in the same genre L.A Cotton has added suspense and mystery which makes the book even better She does a great job of writing her characters in a way that makes me connect with them on an emotional level whether I love them or really detest them She has even made me feel something for a character, Braiden, who on the surface appears to have no redeeming qualities yet I hold out up that there may be something good underneath all the bad If you enjoy a romance with tons of angst, mystery, and suspense, I highly recommend reading the entire series Read and Reviewed for Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews We re back in Chastity Falls again This time it is Jackson s senior year and Braiden is gone and Jax finds himself moving up in the family Marcus is relying on himand , but after what Ana told him before summer, Jax is merely biding his time Ana is feeling that strain too After everything she and Jax had been through already, this just might be the straw that breaks the camel s back.We re back with the usual cast of characters A few arefront and center, like Dennis A few are new like Perkins and Frankie And a few are missing, thank goodness But the drama is far from over as far as Jackson and the Donohue s are concerned.I ll be honest, this book was ok But I think that the best book so far has been the first one I don t know if maybe it s my age and I m just not into the drama or something Which is most likely the case But the drama seemed to go on forever and ever I would have told Jackson to look me up once he got his stuff together because I wouldn t be able to handle the constant drama and secrets and shady business But that s me, and I tend to get really frustrated with my characters when they re all drawn into that mess when they could walk away from it Also, what s up with Jackson throughout this book He really frustrated me All hot and cold Yeah, I d have jumped off that rollercoaster and said SEEYA But that s me personally It s nothing to do with the writing or the story, it s just I m a 40 year old woman looking at a college kid in a story.Ms Cotton s world of Chastity Falls gets bigger and bigger The Donohue s aren t the big fish, not really And we re just scratching that surface She s left so much room for expansion in this series We KNOW that Braiden is getting a book INTERESTING Honestly, I m interested to see how that one goes I d love to see her take a very disliked character and redeem him I do so LOVE a redemption story And potentially, I see a Dennis story as well So, we ll see how this all unfolds So would I recommend this book I would It is a good ending to this part of the series I think it answers many of the lingering questions as it pertains to these two characters The heat level is mildly steamy, so not for the youngin s. Thanks to my own writing, my reading of this ARC has been disrupted, but I ve finally been able to sit down for a couple of hours and get through it While it is a fantastic ending to Jackson and Ana s story in Chastity Falls, I have to admit that I struggled a little bit to get into it at first I can t put my finger on what the problem was, but once I got past it, I whizzed through the story, eating up every word Leaving off from book two, Salvation and Secrets, TT gets us back into the action Jackson and Ana have moved away from The Fallen and Marcus Donohue a little by getting their own place, but things are far from over Jackson is hell bent on finding out the truth about his father s death, and to be honest, I don t blame him one bit.This book, in my opinion, was theintense out of the three in that there was a lottension between the characters, not just Jackson and Ana, yet it was lacking the Oh my God, there goes my heart gut wrenching moments that the first two in the series had This isn t a bad thing because it s the series coming to a close, well for these two characters anyway, and it can t all be let me rip my heart out and sob myself to sleep as it s tying up all the loose ends that need to be dealt with.Speaking of all these loose ends, Cotton ties them up brilliantly Truths are indeed revealed and all the tribulations our characters are dealt are overcome, yet I have to admit, not always in the way I expected She still managed to keep me guessing in places, especially when I didn t expect it Even the supporting cast of characters had their issues dealt with except Braiden There s a little teaser about him that excites me.I have loved the journey Cotton has taking us on with Ana and Jackson in Chastity Falls, and I can t wait to see where else she can take this series if she does withfull novels There is so muchshe can explore with it and the characters involved. Reviewed for Our Kindle Konfessions I have to admit that I had only recently discovered LA Cotton and the Chastity Falls series, but it s one of my favourite series this year Tribulations and Truths is the third part in this series and it s just as good if not better than the two before So Tribulations and Truths picks up straight after Salvation and Secrets, Jackson has learnt the truth behind the death of his father he is reeling but detriment to make that person pay for the senseless murder of his father but first he has to agree to do the one thing he really doesn t want to take up Braiden s role in the family business Jackson s thirst of revenge starts to affect his relationship with Ana once again other forces are still fighting for them to be apart With truths finally being revealed will Ana and Jackson really make forever With each book I fall in love with these characters a little bitand it s not just Jackson and Ana that I love it s Dennis loyalty and lack of words, Elena outrageousness and Cassie secret new man was a shocker too.Once again this book was the right blend of angst, sexiness, suspense and one great ending Lianne writes the best endings ever, they are not cliff hangers but leave you begging forThe last three words made my heart stop I m really sad to be leaving Chastity Falls I needJackson and Ana 3 I finally got my hands on this one, I ve been dying for this book And the wait was so worth it I ve enjoyed this series immensely All the suspense, the angst, romance, and drama kept me on the edge of my seat L.A Cotton definitely knows how to keep us coming back forAna and Jackson s have been a roller coaster from the beginning of the series, but in Tribulation and Truths, this ride is taken to another level I felt bad for the both of them In one hand, I got Jackson wanting to get his revenge But in the other hand, I got how terrifying the whole thing was for Ana I love how they kept fighting through the obstacle to be together And to say their relationship was put to the test, is the understatement of the year Do you think their love will survive Do you think they ll be strong enough to maintain their relationship even when the odds are against them I guess you re going to have to read to find out Be sure to 1 Click this one ARC PROVIDED FOR HONEST REVIEW Book 3 in the Chastity Fall Series to understand what is going on in this book, Book 1 2 must be read Wow you got to be on the ball when reading this series, there is a lot you have to take in, a lot of secrets and hidden truths I am not going to leave any spoilers, especially for those that haven t read book 1 2 But L.A Cotton has done an excellent job with this story, it kept me hooked from beginning to end, i kept having to put it down so i wouldn t finish it Love Jackson and Ana, their story so well told.I can t wait to read whats next Amazing I absolutely love Ms Cotton s writing style The way she weaves a tale sucks you in from the very first word This series is one of my favorites and Ana and Jackson s story was beautifully done I can t wait to see what this fantastic author has in store for us next