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!Free Kindle ⚑ Kestrel Island ⚆ Some Friendships Are Worth Risking Your Life For In A Sleepy English Seaside Town, Sophie Watson Isn T Expecting Much Excitement But When She Befriends A Strange And Charismatic Girl Called Sienna, She Is Drawn Into A Thrilling Adventure Where The Future Security Of The World May Be Under Threat To Find Out The Truth, They Must Go To Kestrel Island The Plot They Uncover Is Dastardly Than They Could Possibly Have Imagined What Evil Menace Lurks On Kestrel Island Will Sophie Find The Courage She Needs To Survive Or Will The Secret The Girls Uncover Put Them In Mortal Danger One Thing Is Certain Sophie S Life Is About To Change Forever If You Like Fast Paced Thrillers, Witty Heroes, And Evil Villains, Then You Ll Love Following Sophie And Sienna As They Fight Against The Odds To Save The World From Certain Disaster To Find Out Whether They Can Do It, Scroll To The Top And Click Buy Now Interview With The Author Why Did You Decide To Write Kestrel Island I Wanted To Write A Good Old Fashioned Adventure Story, With Heroes And Villains And A Thrilling Climax Kestrel Island Is The Story Of Year Old Sophie S Journey From Cautious And Risk Averse Schoolgirl To Courageous Hero Who Saves The World It S Also The Story Of An Unlikely Friendship That Develops Between Sophie And Year Old Sienna And The Close Bond They Form As They Fight To Survive Who Would Be Most Likely To Enjoy The Book The Book Was Written For Boys And Girls Aged , But I Hope It S A Book That Anyone Could Read And Enjoy It Is Intended To Be A Thrilling Adventure, With Twists And Turns, Dastardly Villains And Desperate Escapes, As Our Heroes Try To Save Humanity From The Menace That Is Brewing On Kestrel Island What Are You Working On At The Moment I M Currently Writing The Second Book In The Sophie Watson Adventure Mystery Series It S Late October And Sophie Is Back Home In Hampton Spa, Looking Forward To Halloween But A Strange And Terrifying Creature Has Been Sighted In The Woods On The Outskirts Of The Town, And When Sophie Decides To Investigate It Leads Her Into Another Thrilling Adventure When I started reading this I realised how long it s been since I ve read a book set in England, and the beginning of this one reminded me of my own family holidays to beach towns in the UK, without all the exciting adventure This book is for younger readers although Sophie seems rather grown up for a 12 year old , I still really enjoyed it and will be looking for the next one in the series Thanks to A.B Martin and VRO for a copy of this wonderful book. I found the structure of the book dissatisfying Elements of the plot appear and disappear without any organic connection between them or they seem to have just been put there so that there s that too included the the conservationists struggle, for example The dialogue is also not very convincing, with surprising decisions for the characters lines both in terms of moment and of content The relationships between the characters are too superficial, there s no depth to them, and in order to justify a young timid girl s decision to follow her new friend to a distant island, they need to be convincing Also, even though this is a part of series, the denouement is too shallow and leaves the reader dissatisfied.To finish on a somewhat lighter note, the book is indeed light paced and reads easily and quickly, with some suspense However, due to the above reasons these qualities leave the afore mentioned dissatisfaction I guess it would go well with the targeted audience but I see no harm in putting effort into creating convincing, elaborate literature to the younger generation I d even say we, as authors, translators, editors, have the obligation to do so. This book is suitable for children It s straightforward and not complicated.Some parts are funny e.g The show was over It was time to look at some of the other amusements I like the simplicity in the names, like Jessica and Sophie They are easy to remember The name doesn t have to be complicated to make a good story Finding something extraordinary within the ordinary makes a good story. I received a free copy of this book from Voracious Readers Only This was a really interesting idea but needed development Everything happened very quickly with no real link between events or development of the characters. I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Voracious Readers Only and the author I thoroughly enjoyed this book.This is a great story for young readers It will grab and keep their attention The first half of the book has great descriptions of the characters and the setting There is lots of action in the last half of the book and I could not put the book down. I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review.I really enjoy this book even though it is for a younger audience I managed to read it in a few hours The main characters were very likeable and I will pass the story on to my daughter Highly recommended for adventure loving readers. A very simple and easy read The story lacks depth and flow and the plot is sketchy at best.I received a complimentary copy from VRO in return for an honest review. Delightful Mystery Sci FiBored with yet another political crisis I read this small book for a lark Delightful, well written story had just enough reality to be fun, absorbing. Quick read Good book for young adult readers I teach middle school and can see some of my students really enjoying this book.