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I m usually a big fan of Cullen Bunn s work mainly his non Marvel stuff, to be honest but this one just felt like an under performer to me.I liked the idea of Venom teaming up with the X Men, as it s a combo I don t think they ve ever done before, so there are points for originality on that front, but it soon became apparent this was just an extended prologue to the Venomized mini series and one with some holes in it, at that One thing I did like about it was that they ve finally explained why other people than Peter Parker got spider powers when bonded with the Venom symbiote It has ALWAYS bugged me that the Venom symbiote endowed people with spider powers because, well, it didn t give Peter Parker its original host spider powers he had them already Cullen Bunn has a slow burn at the beginning if this were prose, it would suffer from far too much exposition The crossover with Venom and the Venomverse is entertaining and X men has been experimenting with cosmic storylines in X Men Gold and Cable as well Yet, like the other two titles, this doesn t seem to know what to do with the arc, dragging out of the set up for far too long, and the ending seems unnaturally truncated t both Venomized and to get a B team out in the X men Blue arc While not terrible, this is an unfortunate trend where X books seem lost and pulling at gimmicky straws. Read as single issues Let s get this out of the way I liked Venomverse a lot, but it felt like the ending was heavily truncated in order to facilitate the expansion of the story into this crossover and Venomized After reading this, I wish it hadn t.Poison X drags the X Men Blue team and Venom into space after Corsair and the Starjammers are infected with symbiotes and hunted by bounty hunters It sounds like a good premise, but it drags like hell The villains aren t particularly compelling, and there s no real tie in to the overall Venomverse story until right near the end This is one of those crossovers that has enough story for about 2 issues and drags it out to five instead.The art s kind of all over the place as well, with multiple artists on each issue It reeks of being rushed to get out in time, and the final reveals are so obviously temporary that it takes all of the tension out of the proceedings.Poor Not unreadable, but definitely dwindles all the of the faith and momentum that Venomverse began. Nothing good comes out of the Venomverse, not even Cyclops and the Starjammers could save this mess. Ok so this started SLOW Like really slow To the point that after issue 2 I was like zzzzzBut then I continued and OMG did this get good Loved this crossover and the changes that happened in it The stakes are genuinely high and I really liked the enemies and the Klyntar It definitely made me interested in picking up some of the venom comics Very surprised with how this ended THAT ENDING OMG Loved it and very surprised The Annual that leads things off has a slightly interesting premise Symbiote clad bounty hunters have captured the Starjammers, and the baby X Men must go off to space with Ed Brock hey I guess he s Venom again to save them.That promise is never really fulfilled Basically, we get fights with a bounty hunter, then with the symbiote crew, then with Poisons, and none of its really interesting.And what s a Poison anyway There s about one speech balloon worth of background on them, apparently growing out of the Venomverse crossover, but generally they re so opaque that they make you not that interested in the crossover by the end And this is apparently all a setup for yet other crossover, Vemonized, because we don t get any closure at all here.Overall, this is a pointless comic that is so beholder to Venom crossovers before and after it that it s a waste of money. I haven t read the Venom storylines that tie into this one, but this wasn t bad I m a big Venom fan, and it was interesting to see him interacting with the X Men, even if it wasn t the X Men I d have preferred for the team up This leads into the big Venomized event, which I plan to read eventually The Starjammers are kidnapped by symbiote aided bounty hunters, and the X Men find themselves rushing to the rescue Venom is recruited due to his experience with symbiotes This story mostly takes place in outer space and on other planets One sequence was no doubt inspired by the cantina scene in the original Star Wars film, and Venom fit right in to that motley hive of scum and villainy.The ending leaves much to be desired as this is a setup for the next big story than anything self contained, but still not bad. I m curious about what Magneto s going to do when he finds out the teenaged x men went gallivanting around the galaxy without telling him and then lost someone. (Download) Ù Venom & X-Men à Spinning Out Of The Events Of Venomverse, The Children Of The Atom And The Lethal Protector Team Up To Take Down An Extradimensional Threat This Is It, Folks, The Team Up You Ve Been Asking For X Men Blue And Venom Must Band Together In The Cold Reaches Of Space To Protect Our Universe From A Threat Diabolical Than You Can Imagine But Will Eddie Brock, His Faithful Symbiote Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast And Angel Be Enough To Save This Universe COLLECTING X MEN BLUE AND ANNUAL , VENOM A real hard entry into the Venomverse as the X Men and Venom find themselves on a mission to save the Starjammers from vigilantes with Symbiotes A definite improvement on the previous volume sees Cylops get the X men in a desperate mission, leaving them, way out of their depth 6 out of 12.