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Meanness is as much an epidemic as the coronavirus and maybe as deadly The spread of this disease and the lack of a true diagnosis as a hazard to others is disturbing What Mark Lipton does is expose the underbelly for what it is A perversion AMERICA CONFUSES HEARTLESSNESS FOR STRENGTHMark Lipton s is a break thorough Nice Guy himself, with real experience in the real world In Mark Lipton s brilliant book, entitled Mean Men , he tells it like it is, synthesizing decades of research exposing what we confuse as strength This heartless behavior is unacceptable It reveals dark truths about the psychological disorder and epidemic that rules with profit and me first Climate collapse, poverty, social injustice, and trauma are just some of the dividends of this form of behavior WHAT HAPPENED TO NICE GUYS I recently wrote about the counterpart, the Nice Guy and quoted Wikipedia s definition When used positively, and particularly when used as a preference or description by someone else, it is intended to imply a male who puts the needs of others before his own, avoids confrontations, does favors, gives emotional support, tries to stay out of trouble, and generally acts nicely towards others In the context of a relationship, it may also refer to traits of honesty, loyalty, romanticism, courtesy, and respect LET S SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER NO MORE BULLIES I want leadership that is both STRONG AND COMPASSIONATE Don t you It s very insightful It helped me understand and cope with a toxic situation But the focus America s Self Made Man is a misnomer American entrepreneurs don t have a lock on the Mean Man syndrome Lots of societies value the List of Ten Characteristics of Entrepreneurs and men all over the world overuse them to the point of psychopathy They are the high functioning politicians, entrepreneurs, corporate and nonprofit leaders we see everyday, everywhere It s just part of the human condition The book also explored why society ignores and even allows these bad behaviors and the effect it has on workplaces and society at large Recognizing a problem is the first step In the era of MeToo, I hope we will stop giving these jerks a free pass This is book defines the problem from a behavioral science perspective and provides rich examples I d love for someone to write an entirely different book documenting the efforts of those who are calling these people to account In spite of society s contempt for this behavior, organizational rules and social norms actually insulate these jerks and make bringing them to account a monumental task I want to read the stories of those who succeeded. This book has the tagline of the perversion of America s self made man , but this has nothing to do with sexual activity Instead it claims to serve up the disturbing truth behind some of America s most celebrated success stories.Icons such as Donald J Trump, Lance Armstrong and Steve Jobs come under the author s gaze, noting that whilst many will describe them as ambitious, visionaries, entrepreneurs and talented, there are many other words that are not always present Words such as mean, manipulative and toxic are allegedly relevant, but tend to be forgotten Forgotten or tacitly understood and forgiven The author wonders whether this is because America loves a winner and thus any sins can be ignored when an iconic hero is winning Does this make the average American complicit and even approving of such behaviour, which has been likened to a major psychological disorder This is an interesting book that may raise the ire of many readers, whether through disagreement or by realisation of what has been going on As a non American outsider, this reviewer can remain a bit aloof I cannot state whether the author is correct in his observations, but certainly it may match a lot of the perceptions formed over time based on media coverage The media, however, is not infallible and always right.The style of the book was something I struggled to get on with It could have been a little direct and focussed at times A accessible style may have made it easier for readers to possibly recognise their own failings and seek to repent and change too It was a bit too easy to get distracted and put down, which is a shame when there is apparently an important story to tell It demands an uninterrupted sequential read, yet seems to place barriers in the way. I received a copy of this book from Goodreads and Mark Lipton Thank you very much to the author and I apologize, it was a very informative book, but the style was a little too text bookish for me While I agree with everything the author says, I found my mind drifting It would definitely be a great research book for a student writing a paper on the subject. Mark Lipton looks behind the curtain at behaviors and decades of psychological research regarding men who have been incredibly successful Donald Trump, Lance Armstrong, Dov Charney, Mark Pincus, Steve Jobs, etc yet who are known for being arrogant, abusive, rude, manipulative and toxic.Lipton also explores why these types of behaviors often go unchecked by Board members, shareholders, and senior executives He examines the impact on morale, turnover, company profits, scandals, etc.Lipton s quote, The silent acceptance of mean pollutes the global society sums up the importance of speaking up and speaking out and finding ways to change abusive, manipulative behaviors so that mean individuals aren t rewarded and glorified. 3.5 This book was not quite what I expected I thought the book would explore the coarsening of our culture and society s increasing tolerance, nay, veneration of assholes To a certain extent, the book does address this in passing For the most part, though, the book gives a taxonomy on mean people almost all of whom are male While the author discusses real life examples of mean men, he does so in a superficial manner for illustrative purposes If you are looking for a business consultant type book to help you identify and mitigate against mean people in the workplace, then this book will be a good resource If you are looking for a cultural study, this book will be a bit of a disappointment. ^EPUB ☛ Mean Men ✘ Winner Of The Axiom Award For Business CommentaryThe Troubling Psychology Behind Some Of America S Most Famous MenSteve Jobs, Dov Charney, Lance Armstrong, Donald Trump Each One Has Reached The Pinnacle Of American Success Is It Because They Were Ambitious Visionaries And Talented Entrepreneurs Most Americans Would Say Yes To Both But What Else Do They Have In Common They Re Known For Being MeanThough Heralded As Great Leaders, Each Of These Men And Many Have Also Been Exposed As Toxic, Raging, And Manipulative Yet, Because America Loves A Winner, We Look Past Even The Most Outrageous Behavior From Our Heroes If It Generates A Gold Medal, A Windfall IPO, Or A Political Victory But At What Price Does Our Complicity Come And What Role Does Gender Play Is Meanness At This Level Reserved For Men Drawing On Author Mark Lipton S Extensive Experience As Adviser To Major Corporations, Start Ups, Government Agencies, And Not For Profits, Mean Men Synthesizes Decades Of Psychological Research To Expose What Really Drives This Subset Of America S Leaders As Surprising As It Is Alarming, The Book Reveals Dark Truths About A Psychological Disorder That Rules Many Of Our Boardrooms, And Challenges The Status Quo With A Effective Humanistic Approach To Leadership