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All I can after reading this book is wow It s a stunner Definitely the best book I ve read this year or maybe ever So much in this book I would have said I already knew in my head But God has really met with me as I ve read it and applied his truth to my heart in a fresh way Christ is in me and I am in Christ Life changing The author writes in a very powerful, readable style that draws you in Some of his illustrations I hope I will never forget riding a bike with the pedals of faith and repentance faith in God s promises and repenting of those things we try to put in His place in our lives I am coming away from this book convinced than ever that God loves me, he is for me and he is not disappointed in me In Christ I am accepted, and I can hide myself in Him He is awesome I pray like Jonathan Edwards that I can daily examine carefully what causes me in the least to doubt the love of God and keep my precious union with Christ always before me and affecting everything in my life. (((READ E-PUB))) ↽ Union With Christ ↴ To Experience Why The Gospel Is Good News And Answer Life S Most Foundational Questions About Identity, Destiny, And Purpose, We Must Understand What It Means To Be United To Christ If You Are A Christian, The Bible Says That Christ Has United His Life To Yours, That You Are Now In Christ And Christ Is In You This Almost Unfathomable Truth Is The Central Theme Of The Bible From Genesis To Revelation Yet Few Christians Today Experience Or Enjoy This Reality Union With Christ Reveals The Transformational Power Of This Ancient Doctrine While Addressing The Basic Questions Of The Human Heart Who Am I Why Am I Here Where Am I Headed How Will I Get There Nothing Is Practical For Living The Christian Life Than Union With Christ The Recovery Of This Reality Provides The Anchor And Engine For Your Life With God For Your Destiny Is Not Only To See Christ, But To Actually Become Like Him A complete paradigm shift for me To explain all that this book offered me, I d have to admit much to my embarrassment how little I understood the goal of our life of faith before I read it I ve been floundering for a few years, to be honest, wondering what was the ultimate goal of my growth I realized I was never going to reach full, satisfactory sanctification I ve grown a great deal in self control and in displaying the fruit of the spirit, but I m never going to be perfect I felt defeated I realized, too, that I wasn t sure what to do with all the knowledge I was acquiring Was this the purpose of my life of faith to continue learning clarifying my doctrinal positions I did not realize, had never fully appreciated, that the true goal of my life of faith is to live united with Christ To experience fully that which I have already received If this doesn t sound radically transformative, it s because I can t explain it, can t stir your heart the way that Rankin Wilbourne can This book is full of clear illustrations that helped reframe the life of faith and renewed my spirit I know I will look back to this book as a shift in my life, as yet another watershed moment in my appreciation for the sheer glory and generosity of God s grace There aren t enough stars to express my gratitude for what this book has given me. Tim Keller describes Union with Christ as simply the best book for laypeople on the subject That s too right I enjoyed Todd Billings s book on the subject, but it can be difficult to access for many John Owen s communion with God again is excellent but, though worth the effort, almost everything Owen writes is difficult.I loved this book In it, the author explores the important, even essential, doctrine of how we are joined with Christ Christ is in us, we are in Christ, if we are believers That is not just an obscure theological maxim, but a living truth that has significant implications for how we live.I particularly liked the third chapter, which explores two songs playing in our heads One song is the way of extravagant grace, the other the way of radical discipleship I find myself drawn to both concepts I love Brennan Manning and I love Dallas Willard The author demonstrates that these are not mutually exclusive concepts I readily and willingly will endorse this book Whether or not you ve ever heard of the concept of union with Christ, I think you will benefit from reading it. Just so very good Highly recommend I d say this book would do good for spiritual maturity than any other theological book outside the Bible I will definitely re read this book regularly. Incredible book that I look forward to re reading again in the future I took so many notes Both challenging and encouraging A book that unpacks complex doctrine and gives a detailed picture of union with Christ, the depth we need to recover and hear today as the heart of the gospel Highly recommend Amazing overview of a much neglected by central component to the Gospel The main idea of this book is that the secret to holding together both the grace of the Gospel and its demands is union with Christ We can rest complete assured of the Father s love for us because we are united with Christ We can pursue the radical demands of obedience free of fear and obligation, motivated by love, because we are hidden in Christ Union with Jesus is the goal of the entire Christian life not justification or sanctification they are means to the end The author writes beautifully, quotes extensively, and presents a thoroughly biblical case for his argument Would highly recommend this to new Christians who are tempermentally intellectuals thinkers, or to Christians who have been attending theologically shallow churches that recycle the same five felt needs every year and never preach the major doctrinal realties of the Christian life. Tim Keller called this the most best book on the topic for a layperson and I would definitely agree I have not read too many books on union with Christ, but this one was by far the most accessible for the layperson If you want to know about union with Christ, and are looking for a place to start, this book is it. This is a book every Christian should read, especially if you tend to avoid the theology section It s written for a regular person of the pew but contains such a wealth of help for the daily walk Even if you do tend to wade into dense texts for fun, this is a most necessary book that can and should encourage and challenge the modern Christian. Wilbourne does a fantastic job with a difficult subject I greatly enjoyed my reading of Union With Christ and would recommend this book to others Regardless of where you are in your journey of following Jesus this book will prove beneficial and helpful to you Come plumb the depths of what it means to have union with Christ.This book will require you to use your imagination because union with Christ is an enchanted reality And we live in a disenchanted world We must use our imaginations if we want to fully inhabit and experience the Christian life We may know what God has saved us from, but have we lost sight of what God has saved us for Union with Christ means the reality of knowing God and living in communion with him doesn t begin when you die Eternal life begins in this life when Christ joins his life to yours John 17 3.Union With Christ reveals the transformational power of a difficult to fully grasp concept that you are in Christ and Christ is in you while addressing the basic questions of the human heart Who am I Why am I here Where am I headed How will I get there That you are in Christ to use the phrase the Apostle Paul uses some 160 times and that Christ is in you, changes how we approach every day life and reframes our most basic human questions about identity, destiny and purpose, says Wilbourne If nothing is central or basic than this union with Christ, then why is this neither central nor basic to many of us Why do most Christians only have a vague sense of what it even might mean continues Wilbourne I want to help retrieve this biblical and historical theme because I am convinced that just as the loss of it has had great and grievous consequences, so will the recovery have profound and boundless benefits Combining a rich knowledge and appreciation of historical theology with a penetrating analysis of how God brings about transformation, the book is set up in four parts Part I Union With Christ What Is It And Why Do We Need It Part II Union With Christ Where Did It Come From Where Did It Go Part III Union With Christ What Problems Does It Solve Part IV Union With Christ Day By DayPerhaps one of my favorite parts in the book comes early in Chapter 3 as Wilbourne describes the gap and tension between two seemingly conflicting views we can easily fall into This is a tension most followers of Jesus can feel in today s culture and honestly one that I have felt as well There are two dominant voices on offer today one we will call the way of extravagant grace, just believe, and the other we ll call the way of radical discipleship, just obey The true self is beloved by God and has done nothing to earn or deserve it The false self draws its identity from past achievements and the adulation of others But here was Jesus saying, If you love me, you will keep my commandments John 14 15 , and, You are my friends if you do what I command you 15 14 Preachers of grace as I hope to be tell us it s not what we do that makes us right with God it s what Jesus has done At the same time, Jesus himself says to us, Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father Matt 7 21 Which is it come and rest or come and die The song of grace without union with Christ becomes impersonal, a cold calculus that can leave you cynical The song of discipleship without union with Christ becomes joyless duty, a never ending hill that can leave you exhausted.Union with Christ connects you to a history far longer than you could ever trace on a family tree It stretches from eternity past to eternity future and puts everything in between into a fresh perspective It tells you that God s love for you stretches back before creation He chose us in him.About Rankin Wilbourne Rankin Wilbourne is senior pastor of Pacific Crossroads Church in Los Angeles As a former commercial banker, Rankin understands the gap between the gospel preached on Sunday and the world people face on Monday, and he s concerned with drawing connections between what we believe and how we live Growing up near New Orleans, training at Princeton Theological Seminary and spending time as the Minister of Teaching and Missions at First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga, Rankin now resides with his wife, Morgen, and their three children in Los Angeles.Union with Christ The Way to Know and Enjoy God NOTE I received a free copy of this book for review purposes by the publisher I was not required to write a positive review and the thoughts expressed here are my own.