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I absolutely loved this volume I really liked the resolution to the infection on Earth and it just got even fun when we followed its trail back into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy.Gabby and Deadpool s relationship was hilarious and I really hope it s not forgotten about in the future Also, Jonathan got several degrees awesome at the conclusion of this tale.Oh, and I liked Leonard Kirk s artwork on this volume much than that of the artists from the previous two volumes.All in all, this was a great slice of SNIKTy goodness 4 claws up All New Wolverine has been consistently cranking out good comics I love Tom Taylor s writing, Laura Gabby, and the storytelling has been well done so far per volume each little story contained to 4 5 issues has been great, while still keeping true to the overarching story of Laura as Wolverine We re not doing the claws today This story Immune was especially well done after All New Wolverine, Volume 3 Enemy of the State II all about Laura s violent and uncontrollable murder y past To have this volume as a follow up to that a story all about Lura healing and saving everyone was really special for this character, and really good writing on Taylor s part I 3 Gabby I can t get enough of her, and love love love how she plays off of Laura She is so sweet, and I love the little sister big sister dynamics I can t think of another comic that does this so well Even Batman, with his handful of adopted children none of them play as well together I also love Gabby becoming bffs with Deadpool, because duh, they re both murder y children It s perfect Also, how Gabby told Deadpool he shouldn t worry about his scars 3 Though there was a lot of teaming up this volume Ironheart, all the smart scientist superheroes , Captain Marvel for a sec, All the Wolverines, Deadpool, Agent Fury, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and Fang , this didn t feel too crowded Taylor made sure to keep Laura and Gabby at the story s focus, even though it had a large cast I found that to be very impressive.Groot and Jonathan are adorable and the last page with Rocket taking out the trash was a little wow ing It felt like it needed to be done, but Laura couldn t do it so Rocket did And that took care of that. Gabby continues to really make this book Laura can be REALLY serious so it s good for her to have a little sister to lighten her mood I loved that Deadpool and Gabby are kindred spirits They were a constant delight together I m digging the new costumes Laura looks much better in the X Force suit and I really enjoyed how hokey looking Gabby s costume is It s definitely what I d expect a young girl to design The only thing it s missing is sparkles.Taylor did a good job with the Guardians as well I loved his version of Groot and Rocket Plus, the best use of the Brood since Chris Claremont Leonard Kirk s art was a step up from the last volume Although, the rookie inkers gave Laura an old woman makeover in a few panels. All New Wolverine is hands down the best wolverine series I ve read Not that I read THAT much wolverine but damn this is good So a little alien girl crash lands on earth Right when Ironheart finds her the virus inside her spreads, and everyone around her begins to get sick Right before she dies she has the name of Laura on her lips, and Wolverine is scooped up to try and find out what happened When she gets to the infected island she realizes the situation may be worse than she thought When the greatest minds around the world figure out how to fix it, will it be in enough time Oh yeah, that s just the first half Second half is into space with the guardians of the galaxy Good The character development for Laura is outstanding Especially from reading her X Force stories and X men stories, it s wonderful to see her grow into her own person I also love the side cast, especially Gabby The first half of the story feels like actual stakes are there and the solution is actually pretty great and touching moment I loved the hell out of the guardians and wolverine reaction and Gabby and Johnathan the Wolverine joining the story in space is wonderful Bad I didn t love the art at times Made people look really odd I also thought the 2nd half of the story in space was really fun but also really rushed Another issue probably balance that Again, All New Wolverine proves to be a fantastic series It s no wonder it went over 30 issues To me, Laura is the best Wolverine ever A 4 out of 5. Immune is another strong outing for All New Wolverine and as a bonus, it contains something i ve wanted to see for a long time Tom Taylor writing the Guardians of the Galaxy In fact, back when Taylor first announced that he was working on a new series for Marvel, I was hoping it d be Guardians While i m now glad he was given All New Wolverine instead, seeing him pen a space adventure with Star Lord and co was a real treat.Once again, the character interactions are a highlight, to the point where i d now happily read a book where Laura, Gabby and Jonathan the actual wolverine just wander around meeting other heroes Said book would definitely have to include Deadpool, too Taylor wrote him brilliantly and created yet laugh out loud moments for the series via his immediate and hilarious friendship with Gabby.Unfortunately, the artwork is still a bit of an issue It s decent overall, but Leonard Kirk draws some terrible faces at times usually poor Laura and I doubt having a handful of inkers and colourists onboard helped matters It certainly doesn t look bad, but it d be nice to read another volume that s up there with the first one visually.Minor gripes aside, I can t really fault All New Wolverine and with a new volume having recently hit the shelves, I wont be waiting long to read. I liked the first three volumes of Taylor s Wolverine series, but the fourth one was a disappointment, unfortunately A story about some unknown disease from outer space had little to do with Wolverine and felt like a two issue filler that got stretched out to fill six It also doesn t help that Immune features some of the worst looking artwork in the series to date Aside from a few sweet moments of friendship between Gabby and Deadpool of all people , this volume was entirely forgettable and inconsequential. Flawed but needed World The art is fine, I think this arc lacked details in the art, especially the space issues but overall the art was fine, not the best like Lopez but still good The world building was good, not a lot of world building but rather just widening and cameos and team ups that make Laura and Gabby feel part of the larger MU It s good to see them interacting with others it s fun Story We needed this story, Laura needed this story Wolverine has always been about kill kill kill and slash slash slash but Taylor was able to give readers a story about life and love Following what just happened with Kimura this was a great choice, parts of it were very moving That being said the arc was not without its flaws, the logic behind the story barely escapes and the pacing could be a bit tighter Then we have the space adventure which was kinda meh but at the same time very fun Taylor once again hits the emotion buttons with the Laura Gabby hearts and I love it This series is good because of them Characters It was good for Laura to save this arc, it really allows the character to grow and also gives Gabby a chance to grow with her The cameos this time around was great and the Guardianswhen did they become exactly the movie ones Fun, flawed but needed Onward to the next book Fun with the Wolverines Laura, Gabby and Jonathan , Deadpool, Daken, old man Logan and the Guardians of the Galaxy Damn, so many cameos, but they are all so much fun and they just work As opposed to the big majority of titles, Tom Taylor just knows how to write the perfect line and make the most of every character.Issue 21 was amazing, 5 stars and the highlight of this volume Taylor always gets to me I just love the way he develops relationships, especially between family Those emotional little scenes in between the whole superhero extravaganza are my favorite moments.Also, Wade and Gabby being best friends Perfection.This title is always so much fun to read, so it s a bummer I only have two volumes left Gonna miss this little family. {Free Book} ê All-New Wolverine, Volume 4: Immune Ý From The Stars Comes Death An Alien Ship A Dying Passenger And Two Words That Will Forever Change Wolverine S Life They Fi Re The Gun On A Non Stop Race Against A Deadly Transformative Disease, As Laura Faces A Battle In A Quarantined City Against A Mysterious Villain But When The Sickness Starts To Spread, To What Lengths Will She Go To Help The People In Danger Wolverine Turns To Former Allies And New Friends To Help Save The Day But Her Search For Answers Will Ultimately Propel Her Into Battleagainst The Brood Will Wolverine S Quest End With Her Being Overwhelmed By Hundreds Of Parasitic Aliens Or Will The Guardians Of The Galaxy Be Able To Turn The Tide Join Wolverine On Her Most Amazing Adventure Yet Collecting ALL NEW WOLVERINE Tom Taylor s All New Wolverine continues to be one of the best superhero comics around That s largely about the characters they re vivid and bright and interesting and funny Gabby especially continues to be a delightful addition to the cast.These issues also do a great job of integrating Laura into the larger Marvel universe, with three issues guest starring Ironheart, then three issues guest starring the Guardians of the Galaxy The Guardians appearance was particularly notable because it s so much better than the recent Bendis run Taylor gets them, whereas Bendis just gave us one dimensional stereotypes.Finally, we get one of the best uses of the brood since when Claremont was writing about them way back in the 80s.