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Series Daniel Pitt 1Publication Date 4 10 18I can hardly begin to tell you how excited I am about this new series and I almost missed it It takes place in a later time period than I normally read, so I almost passed it by However, it is by an author whose writing I enjoy and it featured the son, Daniel, of the lead characters, Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, in another series that I really enjoy so I decided to give it a try The writing is great, the plot is excellent and I came to really like and appreciate the characters I couldn t tell for sure which characters would be recurring in the series, nor could I decide if I thought there would be a romance between Daniel and Miriam since she is almost his mother s age It will be a delight to find out what is going to happen next Daniel Pitt, twenty five years of age, is a newly minted lawyer with a degree from Cambridge 1910 is an exciting time in which to live Women are beginning to be and insistent about their rights and the field of forensic science is in its infancy They are able to identify an individual by their fingerprints, bullets can be matched, they can tell human blood from animal and x rays have been invented Daniel grew up learning about honesty, honor, and integrity from both his father and his mother His father, Thomas Pitt started out as a Bow Street Runner and moved on to the newly formed police force and he is now knighted and is the head of the Special Branch I have read and loved the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series and can highly recommend it as a series Daniel has just wrapped up a really tricky murder case when he s ordered to another courtroom to assist another lawyer, Kitteridge, in yet another murder trial This one isn t going well and neither lawyer really believes that the defendant is innocent They think that, in a stretch, he could be, but they aren t convinced of it Besides, the defendant is a total jerk and nobody, including the lawyers, likes him When he is convicted and sentenced to hang, they aren t surprised They have twenty one days to find a reason to appeal the verdict and keep him from being hanged.As Daniel investigates and makes and discoveries, he becomes convinced that Graves is really innocent However, he has no idea how to prove it He believes that his only option is to find out who the real murderer is and his investigation leads to some real soul searching on Daniel s part The client is a writer and he is writing an expose that could ruin his father It isn t true, but can Daniel prove that It was a really great read and there wasn t a dull moment in it I thoroughly enjoyed it.Please check out my reviews at Blog Page I requested and received this e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher. When an author writes a multiple book series featuring a character, or in the case of Perry s original Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, a couple, the decision must be made whether to keep the protagonist s in a time bubble or to allow them to age Perry began her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Victorian mystery series years ago with THE CATER STREET HANGMAN, first published in 1979, and in that one upper class Charlotte meets Thomas Pitt, a lowly policeman While they solve this first mystery, they fall in love and will later marry.Over the years the Pitts have partnered in solving many crimes at least 32 of them because that s the number of books in the series and in raising their children This all started in Victorian times and now Perry begins a new series set in the Edwardian era, 1910 for this first book, featuring their son Daniel, all grown up and a junior barrister at the law firm of Fford Croft and Gibson As the book begins, Daniel is on his own for the first time as defense in the trial of Roman Blackwell, former policeman who had worked with Daniel s father before Thomas became head of Special Branch Blackwell, now a private detective with his own moral code, is still a friend, so Daniel feels a special pressure to save Blackwell.Well, this particular trial is not the real plot of the book, although it is quite interesting and takes up the first two chapters However, it s just setting us up to see where Daniel is at this point in his career and to give him a personal relationship with Blackwell and Blackwell s mother, who are somewhat important to the rest of the story and probably will feature in the books to follow.The main plot revolves around Daniel s next case He is assigned to assist senior barrister Kitteridge in the defense of famous author biographer Russell Graves, who is accused of the brutal murder of his wife The trial does not go well for them and Graves is convicted and sentenced to be hanged in 21 days, hence the title of this book Now Daniel has only that amount of time to find the real killer and save Graves from his fate To do this he will be enlisting the help of investigator Blackwell and Blackwell s mother, who knows the in s and out s of London society, and also the assistance of a very interesting character, Miriam Fford Croft, daughter of Daniel s employer, the owner of the law firm where Daniel is a junior barrister.Miriam is perhaps the most intriguing person in this book, as a 40 year old single woman who is educated and knowledgeable about both medicine and chemistry Limited by the times she is living in, Miriam had passed all her examinations but was not awarded her degrees and is not recognized by her male peers But she makes a perfect sidekick for Daniel in helping him solve this crime Her observations lead to some crucial insights into what s going on.This book has the best of two worlds for me in mysteries 1 There are compelling courtroom scenes, which I have always enjoyed, and 2 there is the usual methodical investigative procedure, with the search for physical clues and the interviewing of key suspects and witnesses Lots of twists and turns here and a few red herrings A very attentive reader can probably figure out the murderer before the Big Reveal, but this is still a compelling read and a good beginning to the Daniel Pitt series.I ll be looking forward to watching Daniel mature and even grow older, as his parent did before him BTW, not to worry, fans of Charlotte and Thomas They have cameos in this book They aren t totally out of the picture but they have passed the crime solving torch over to their son. [Free Kindle] ♾ Twenty-One Days (Daniel Pitt, #1) ☹ In This First Book In A New Series, Thomas Pitt S Son Daniel Races To Save His Client From Execution, Setting Him Against London S Special Police BranchIt S , And Daniel Pitt Is A Reluctant Lawyer Who Would Prefer To Follow In The Footsteps Of His Detective Father When The Biographer Russell Graves, Who Daniel Is Helping Defend, Is Sentenced To Execution For The Murder Of His Wife, Daniel S Pitt Family Investigative Instincts Kick In, And He Sets Out To Find The Real Killer With Only Twenty One Days Before Graves Is To Be Executed, Daniel Learns That Graves Is Writing A Biography Of Victor Narraway, The Former Head Of Special Branch And A Close Friend Of The Pitts And The Stories Don T Shed A Positive Light Is It Possible Someone Is Framing Graves To Keep Him From Writing The Biography Maybe Even Someone Daniel Knows In Special Branch The Only Answer, It Seems, Lies In The Dead Woman S Corpse And So, With The Help Of Some Eccentric New Acquaintances Who Don T Mind Bending The Rules, Daniel Delves Into An Underground World Of Dead Bodies And Double Lives, Unearthing Scores Of Lies And Conspiracies As He Struggles To Balance His Duty To The Law With His Duty To His Family, The Equal Forces Of Justice And Loyalty Pull This Lawyer Turned Detective In Directions Than He Imagined Possible And Amidst It All, His Client S Twenty One Days Are Ticking Away I have read over 50 books of Anne Perry from the early Pitt when his son was just a baby to his reading Wind in the Willows 20 years before Kenneth Grahame wrote it This is lot like her other series The Monk books with Rathbone the lawyer which set earlier in 1850s Here we have switched centuries to 1910 only four years from WWI this the next generation of Pitts Daniel who has not followed in his father s footsteps but gone to the dark side of law a barrister often hated by the police Thomas is now Sir Thomas Pitt Head of Special Branch which for Daniel a conflict of interest Perry is one of few authors of Crime that has moved her stories forward aged the Dective too unlike Poirot who never change or Miss Marpel ITV in the 1990s tried to make TV series of these books but only did one it was washout I don t remember it much but do know it stunk the actor was ghastly as Pitt Shame as if done well they have huge amount of books This first in series of books about Daniel.Russell Graves is on trial for bashing his wife s head in burning her face he is horrible cold unlike man even by Kitteridge his defence Daniel is his junior in the case.A case that goes to a guilty plea thus the title But for Daniel it unlucky it is not end but the beginning of his troubles , because Graves is not guilty he s been framed so Daniel trays found out who Victor Narraway Thomas Pitt s former friend is in the frame worse still so may be his DadI don t care what Anne Perry says that this new series it s not because if don t know who Narraway is or secret societies from earlier Pitt books you be completely lost Perry will keep you in the dark till last few pages.I remember one where the murder did not appear title three pages of end of the book had not been in it title then.So expect the unexpected They say, if we listen close enough, the dead will talk to us, they will tell the story of their death and it will be the truth and nothing but the truth Daniel Pitt, a young attorney with a losing murder defense case dumped in his lap will have only TWENTY ONE DAYS to save the life of his client, a man, while unlikable may very well be innocent, as he claims.Russell Graves will die if Daniel cannot prove he did not murder his wife and the clock is ticking The year is 1910, long before modern day forensics could have made his job easier The deceased was brutally murdered, her face and torso burned beyond recognition But something wasn t quite right about the remains of the fashionable socialite and Daniel will use all the help he can get from friends and family alike to either prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that his client is a murderer or discover a most bizarre twist in the case that will shock the world.TWENTY ONE DAYS by Anne Perry takes us back in time and details what detective work was like pre modern forensics An intriguing case, a mesmerizing mystery and a murder that may or may not be as it seems Add one fresh, young attorney who won t give up and you have a wonderful read that will test even the best amateur sleuth s abilities From the unpleasant defendant to the rookie attorney to the myriad of unlikely twists, this is one read whose British flare is magnetic Expect the unexpected as the wheels of justice grind out one man s fate before time runs out and rules will be bent to their breaking point A mystery lover s dream, filled with tension, unanswered questions and the dogged determination of one Daniel Pitt.I received an ARC edition from Ballantine Books.Series Daniel Pitt Book 1Publisher Ballantine Books April 10, 2018 ISBN 10 0399179887ISBN 13 978 0399179884Genre Historical SuspenseHardcover 320 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News The first Daniel Pitt novel is a spin off of Anne Perry s long running mystery series set in Victorian England, featuring Thomas and Charlotte Pitt Their son Daniel is now a lawyer working for the small law firm of fford Croft and Gibson and he is fresh off a big win when he is unexpectedly called in to assist the esteemed lawyer Kitteridge in a murder trial after unforeseen circumstances have created a vacancy When this trial is lost and their client sentenced to be hanged, they have twenty one days in which to find some new piece of evidence or legal grounds for appeal to stay the execution Daniel takes over the investigative role while the experienced Kitteridge looks into the legal aspects In the early 1900s, forensics is very much a fledgling science and it s interesting to see how this plays a role in trying to solve the case There are plenty of satisfying twists and turns to this mystery and some remarkable characters, but one of the biggest draws is the historical setting which gives the reader a glimpse into English society in the early 1900s A good start to what will most likely be a popular new series for Ms Perry to pursue.Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for providing me with an arc of this new Victorian mystery. The Pitt Dynasty continues A brave new beginning for Daniel and Charlotte s son Daniel Now a junior barrister he greets his situation with a devoted fervency and honor After defending a family friend, Roman Blackwell, he is called by his Head of Chamber, Marcus fford Croft, to assist Toby Kitteridge with the defence of one Russell Graves He is accused of the heinous murder of his wife.Graves, a biographer, presents facts in such a way that truth appears to be lost It just so happens that at the moment he is working on the biography of Daniel s uncle, Victor Narraway, his father s predecessor as Head of Special Branch.Daniel is confronted with defending a person whose writings could damage the reputations of those he loves and could bring down the nation He has to face the very real challenge of doing what is right and just, over against his personal considerations.Daniel and Kitteridge race against time to have Graves case negated Ably assisted by fford Croft s daughter Miriam A brilliant doctor and chemist Therein hides another story I do hope we see of Miriam Of course there s a brilliant twist at the end The development of Kitteridge s and Daniel s relationship is also well with watching.A fantastic new series that builds on its loved fore runners A NetGalley ARC I absolutely loved this race against the clock story for several reasons First, Perry draws Edwardian era London with the same finesse she loans to her Victorian mysteries The research Especially in budding forensics is exceptional I also really loved Daniel I have to tell you that a much as I love Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, it is about time for someone else to take the stage and Daniel is the perfect hero A junior barrister assigned to his first case, he has the same curious nature as his father late of the Police and now a knighted member of the Special Branch in foreign investigations and the refined energy of his mother and yet is someone completely his own He s idealistic and passionate and I really fell hard for him He is a very worthy successor Having just dazzled in the courtcase of the very likeable to the point that he sticks around Roman Blackwell, Daniel is sent to the Old Bailey to assist Toby Kitteridge, a lawyer a decade senior in a hanging case Russell Graves is sentenced to death for the murder and subsequent disfigurement of his wife and Marcus fford Croft of Daniel s firm beseeches Daniel and Kitteridge to win an appeal They have the traditional three Sundays 21 days to prove a man confoundedly unlikeable seriously, this guy is the worst innocent Just because a man is a brute, doesn t make him guilty Things get a little dastardly when Daniel discovers that Graves is a notorious biography writer, renowned for taking heroic stories down a notch The fiend seems to have some rather incriminating evidence that could destroy Daniel s father s reputation I just absolutely fell into this story and gobbled it up I LOVED that it balanced a clever and airtight mystery I had NO idea of the twist at the end with a very smart 21 chapters of intense quicksand and, of course, a rousing Old Bailey courtcase Daniel seems to want to be a detective like his father than a lawyer and this book proves that he is well equipped in both and I am SO stoked for this new series Also, there is a perfectly AWESOME and intellectual woman named Miraim who, though unmarried and well in her 30s, is just a cracker jack scientist and helps Daniel break open the truly pivotal moment in the case This was my favourite Anne Perry in years Over the years I have enjoyed several of the Charlotte Thomas Pitt books by Anne Perry The author has now started a new series, featuring Charlotte Thomas son, Daniel Pitt Daniel has just finished his education to be an attorney and he s glad his father is proud of him One of his first cases involves assisting a senior attorney with a murder case Russell Graves is accused of murdering his wife Graves is to be executed in 21 days for the killing Daniel has to pull out all the stops and use the investigation techniques he picked up from his father to try and find the real killer before time is up Can he discover the truth before Graves is executed I enjoyed this book At times things moved a little too slowly, but once action kicked in again it saved the plot from becoming boring Daniel is a bit naive, but I imagine his character will develop nicely as the series moves along I like the fact that she is aging her characters and starting Daniel out in a series of his own Gives the books a dose of realism The ending had some sweet surprises that I did not expect I like Daniel as a main character He s just coming into his own and using the skills his parents taught him as well as his education He is a bit too naive at times though I m sure he will mature as books are written in this new series I did find some places where the plot got a bit confusing because it referred back to events in Charlotte Thomas Pitt novels that I haven t read But it wasn t important enough facts to lessen my enjoyment of the story Can t wait for the next book in this series I loved the first few Charlotte Thomas books when I was a teenager Reading this book makes me want to go back and re read them and enjoy the books that I missed in the series over the years I voluntarily read an advance readers copy of this book from Random House Ballentine via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 4 here is a new series starsUp until this book, I had not read an Anne Perry book I am happy to say that I will be changing that in the near future I found the book set in 1910 Victorian England to be a wonderfully paced novel that had just the amount of intrigue that held one s interest.Daniel Pitt is a new untried lawyer He is thrown, because of circumstances, into a murder trial of a man who is accused of murdering his wife and then horribly disfiguring her by burning her face Russell Graves, the accused, is an arrogant belligerent man but Daniel feels, even though Graves is pretty awful that he is not a murderer So Daniel, with the help of others tracks down the story and the man who is Graves is exposed as a biographer who intends to harm others through his scurrilous writing and unfortunately, one of his targets is Daniel s beloved father Aided in his investigation is a wonderful group of people that I am sure we will see in the future novels in this series.Daniel puts the pieces together and finds that in possibly clearing Graves, he will indite others who have been ever so harmed by Graves Twenty one days all the time he has to find Graves innocent but twenty one days is also the time it will take to turn Daniel s world upside down Thank you to Anne Perry, Random House Publishing and NetGalley for an arc of this new series novel.