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~E-PUB ☦ The China-America Alliance ♠ The Following Persons Have Commented On This Book Ken Kimmell, President, Union Of Concerned Scientist, Dr Westman Makes A Compelling Case For The Need For Collaborative International Leadership By The US And China He Reminds Us That The Common Interests Of The US And China Far Outweigh The Differences Ross Rojek, San Francisco Book Review, Our Civilization S Future Depends On Finding Shared Common Values Between The Great Nations, Especially China And The US This Book Provides A Framework For How That Can Be Achieved Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review, Dr Westman Shows How The US And China Hold The Keys To The Future Of The Condition Of Mankind And The Health Of The Planet However, The Question Is Does Mankind Have The Strength To Stand United As One For Humanity And The Future Of Our World And Jess Todtfeld, Former Producer ABC TV, NBC TV And FOX News, This Book Promotes Collaboration Between America And China In Ways That Most People Are Not Contemplating Dr Westman Shows How These Two Economic Powers Can Positively Influence The World Lost in the recent flood of headlines about relations between Russia and the United States is the fact that if we, as human beings, are going to survive, grow and flourish and provide a promising future for our children, we must work toward a better understanding and greater harmony with China The case for this is made in the highly informative expose, The China America Alliance by Dr Jack C Westman It Is an extremely well researched exploration into the ways in which China and America are similar and different, currently interrelate and depend upon each other s resources, and how we must continue to build a partnership that will address the overwhelming and precarious challenges before us Dr Westman s eye opening trove of information and insight is both a call to arms, and a compendium of information that builds a case toward mutual sustainability in all areas.A quick survey of the author s background, experiences and credentials is evidence enough that he is perfectly suited to write this book A graduate of the University of Michigan, where he earned his medical degree, Dr Westman currently presides as Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health In addition, he serves as President of Wisconsin Cares, Inc., an organization dedicated to public policy formation, and has been President of three other professional organizations Dr Westman has spent time living in Japan and other Eastern countries He has been extremely widely published and is very well respected in this field.Dr Westman s argues that Chinese American co operation is vital not only with regard to world peace, but also in holding back destructive national and International problems, forecasts and forces that threaten our very ability to survive He uses the words and examples of experts from all areas political, environmental, psychological, social and The author contends that while both nations employ dramatically different approaches to problem solving, they both share similar belief systems and cultural values Dr Westman believes the great danger is that these intrinsically healthy values have been corrupted by modernization and technology Environmental sustainability, nuclear proliferation and a breakdown in family values in both China and America can all be properly addressed, but according to The China America Alliance we must be willing to be honest about our own weaknesses before we can most effectively work together For Dr Jack C Westman, our willingness to learn and change are essential for a vision of a viable future world order Written with great compassion, care and concern, The China America Alliance is a strong beacon of hope and light. Make no mistake about it, the world has grown smaller and we have become almost one family all striving for happiness and tranquility Accordingly, to meet the vast amount of challenges all humans face, we will need to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility and collaboration.In The China America Alliance, Jack C Westman believes that China and the United States must show the way in fostering broader cooperation in bringing about sustainable national prosperity and security through their deep global influence and strengths.Westman maintains that although there may exist barriers to collaboration such as dogmatism, intolerance of instability and ambiguity, financial benefits of status quo inefficiency, weakened social capital and the failure of families and schools to develop the motivation and skills individuals need for teamwork, these can be overcome with the right approach Thus, the principal theme of Westman s discourse hinges on the strategies as to how we can achieve practical collaboration between China and the United States in several diverse areas.To begin, Westman examines unrealistic and realistic thinking that are embraced to evaluate and set priorities for our personal and global lives As he points out, it is vital that we distinguish between unrealistic and realistic thinking and to recognize that reality is very often difficult to perceive or define Consequently, probing and straight forward discussions are indispensable for solving a multitude of problems.From here he proceeds to analyze the meaning of knowing yourself and as he states, just as knowing the facts in a business transaction facilitates closing a deal, knowing the facts about the human personality enhances self knowledge and understanding other persons This in turn will facilitate social and political negotiations, which no doubt is an essential element in diplomacy Basically, without understanding what makes people tick as to the way they think or act, it thus becomes very difficult to foster interpersonal relationships.Westman goes on to review the evolutionary progress of homo sapiens wherein sensuous human thought mastered over our sensual passions The power of thought has led us to release ourselves from robotic knee jerk reactions and this has led to our success in comprehending and adjusting to changing realities.Next on the agenda is the acceptance and realization that chaos is inherent in the Universe and as we are a part of an interdependent global ecosystem, which is on the edge of chaos with an expanding number of ingredients that are likewise in chaos However, if we look to the business world, we notice that adept organizations are quickly able to adapt to being on the edge of chaos According to Westman, the challenges that business, government and international relationships cannot be effectively resolved just by attending to and controlling every detail The solution is rather by self organization guided by common values and objectives and in this way they can they be managed.Westman follows this train of thought by bringing up the theme that America is declining and this is not only the result of policy failures but notably the failure to develop human capital China s rise reflect the inevitable historical shifts that occur in world power structures and consequently we must acknowledge that China s progress with a single party system rule and state planning demonstrates that the democracy model is not the only workable one Further, as we witness every day, Americans may believe that their society is a model for the rest of the world to follow, nonetheless, it is very much branded as dehumanizing, materialistic, individualistic, erotogenic, and seduced by violence with a diminishing capacity for empathy It thus would be beneficial for Americans to appreciate fundamental Confucian values where decency and consideration of the interests of others by individuals is higher in East Asian countries.Considerable ink is devoted to the importance of the family which is the foundation which the American social contract was built The Chinese likewise understand this importance and thus share this common ground with Americans.To get a better understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, Westman dedicates several chapters to the history and evolution of modern China This is followed by parenthood and a comparison of the demographics of America and China.The final chapters present a road map as to how American and China can better collaborate and overcome barriers which include the applicability of fundamental East Asian and American values to the decision making process, engaging young and older people to find ways to engage in activities that give them meaning and purpose in life, global and environmental challenges, possibility of a nuclear disaster, and generally a attainable vision as well as a hope for the future.The China America Alliance is an ambitious work and where Westman really shines is his ability to synthesize with ease the vast repository of facts and references contained in the book Wisely, he carefully stays away from creating movements or espousing ideologies and avoids taking sides in many of the controversies between China and America He rather believes that both America and China must equally share in universal responsibility and as a result there will be a growing number of concerned and responsible individuals that will help in improving the general atmosphere between the two great powers However, we must also realize that positive change is very slow in coming and constantly demands ongoing efforts and appreciation of the the respective cultures of both countries.FOLLOW HERE TO READ NORM S INTERVIEW WITH DR JACK WESTMAN In the unfolding Ideology Age the greatest competition will be for the minds of people At last someone is addressing the diminishing schism between China and America Dr Jack Westman s erudite and compassionate, humanistic overview of the differences and similarities between China s and America s government focus on the capitalistic nature, becoming economically similar and that collaboration between the two giants, could alter the international tensions over the globe Dr Westman offers a ray of informed hope Dr Jack Westman is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health He is president of Wisconsin Cares, Inc., an organization devoted to public policy formation and has been president of three professional organizations He has written over 150 professional publications and thirteen books His ability to analyze public opinion and offer his depth of introspection and advice about public policy and interaction is due in part to his training as a psychiatrist But it also reflects his extensive research evident in the copious reference bibliography at book s end devoted to this very prominent and timely analysis of global powers Reading Jack s book offers the reader the sense of being present in a meaningful conversation with a well informed and caring mind.As he states in this immensely readable book, My professional life as a family psychiatrist has been devoted to resolving interpersonal conflicts and working with schools and communities to support child and adolescent development and family well being Because advocacy for children and families frequently involves conflicts with the status quo and challenging established policies and institutions, I have been active politically at the state and national levels through Wisconsin Cares, Inc., a family advocacy organization, and professionally through Physicians for Social Responsibility, an organization of socially active physicians I have traveled in China and other East Asian Nations and lived in Japan All of these experiences brought home to me how important the increasing and extensive business and professional relationships between China and the United States are in the global scene today They made me aware of the importance of recognizing and understanding how the social and economic problems in both interdependent nations affect each other and what we can do to collaboratively resolve them Jack continues to discuss the relationship between America and China The 20th century brought commerce, transportation and communication to levels that have literally made neighbors of all persons on Earth It brought dramatic examples of the economic and political interdependency of all nations It brought awareness of the fact that human beings are gradually destroying the Earth and its atmosphere that we all share and that ways exist to deliberately or accidentally destroy life on Earth as we know it China is not a fully totalitarian nation because of the influence of the National People s Congress on the State Council of the People s Republic of China and because of its capitalistic economy Although seemingly idealistic, the possibility that a collaborative Chinese American alliance could ease international, especially Middle Eastern, tensions should not be dismissed In fact, a positive global future requires it Throughout this book when I use we as a pronoun I am referring to both Chinese and American citizens As we move further into the 21st Century, there is a growing realization that our descendants will live in a world that we knowingly shape through our actions and through our inactions now The overriding challenge of our age is global unsustainability Our human enterprises are on a collision course with the limitations of the Earth Jack closes his treatise with a most cogent comment The business, professional, scientific and intimate relationships of the American and Chinese people provide a solid foundation for inducing collaboration between the politicians in the two governments in promoting global harmony The future of the human species depends upon it On a daily basis this book becomes increasingly important for all to read and absorb Highly Recommended. The China America Alliance makes a compelling case that the USA and China hold the keys to the future of the condition of man and the health of the planet.However, the question is Does mankind have the strength to stand united, and fight as one for humanity, and the future of our wonderful world In this fascinating book Jack C Westman examines in depth, the similarities and differences which makes an alliance between China and America the way forward, not only for global peace, but also enabling them to turning about the destructive influences which are sweeping our world, and threatening its future for our decedents Thoroughly researched, this book is overflowing with theories, examples and quotes from great people throughout the history of the world, who each have been passionate about their work or beliefs, humanitarians, scientists, leaders, politicians, psychiatrists, cosmologists, the list goes on Asia and America both share remarkably similar cultural values Deep down they both believe in old fashioned family values, the importance of stability for children, good neighbourliness, and supporting local organisations and businesses However, somewhere, each has lost its way in this modern world of instant gratification and materialism, which has become a throwaway society, where all around are examples of lack of accountability, chaos and violence It is this that has set mankind on a downward spiral which could potentially be fatal for the future of the human race.It is time to open our eyes to the truth, which is that human beings cannot be separated from our environment, for us to survive we must do something to help our environment now The author explores how we can proceed by looking at realistic and unrealistic thinking, and examining how Asia and America can achieve this, by working together for global peace.However, to go forward we must be able to examine ourselves objectively, and the roles we play, discovering who we are and what impact we have on the environment Global unsustainability is rising alarmingly, with air and water pollution, global warming, the destruction of our seas by disposing of our rubbish in them Then there is the ever present threat of nuclear weapons I found this book absolutely fascinating and compelling reading It has laid out a firm strategy for China and America to independently rekindle their cultural values, then work together to control hostile and corruption in both societies, and achieve mutual economic dependence. A Recipe for World Peace Just when you think the world is going to fall apart, Dr Jack C Westman has come along to give us some hope In his new book, The China American Alliance East Asian and American Cultural Values Promote Global Harmony he tells us how if these two countries combine their efforts, they can lead the rest of the world toward global harmony in all areas the financial market, sustainability of our natural resources, and a return to family values.Westman doesn t come to this subject lightly He has an MD and a BS from the University of Michigan and has been practicing psychiatry for over 30 years He has held many positions both nationally and internationally, and is widely published and very respected in his field This is his thirteenth book and it is very well researched.As mother, it was a sobering read for me Westman says that one third of our children are failing in some area of their life Violence and suicide are on the rise Air pollution and global warming are destroying our environment, and nuclear disaster is a constant threat.But Westman has a solution America and China have a lot in common which he explains in the book and by working together in an alliance, these two countries have enough power and knowledge to be the front runners in bringing about global change But we have to start at home, and even smaller, within the family.Westman says Awareness that all human beings depend upon each other and their physical and social environments is vital to understanding our present situation and how to go about resolving our critical problems Whether directly or indirectly, you and I are affected by our respective nation s struggles with joblessness, illiteracy and homelessness This book is an incredibly detailed game plan, written by a man who has been there, done that It should be given to our nation s leaders, to the leaders of other nations, to teachers, professors, doctors, scientists, and to parents Anyone who wants to see our countries move towards a better place for our future generations, needs to read this book It s eye opening and thought provoking A must read that I highly recommend.