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what happens when a half demon breed meets a hunter though the hunter has no idea who or what Cary is but can Levi stay away and can Cary keep who she is away from Levi or will the truth be revealed can she get a job and will she be able to leave Levi so she is not exposed and her life not in danger but how will working for hunters help her keep her demon half a secret can she or will all bets be off find out and then read book 2 Demons Mark kept me on the edge of my seat. Demons wanted her dead 5 DEMON STONESHumans would exorcise her if discovered part demon, part human, and all Cary Yeah Lucky her HOLY HELL UNLEASHED I love, Love, LOVE this story of how Cary Levi meet Having read Demon s Mark book 1 in a box set anthology a while back, I was instantly captivated by them, wanting to know about them and how they met and T.F satisfied that craving perfectly Okay, I just wanted of this couple that s not a couple any way I could But of course, now I want , More, MORE I love, Love, LOVE the ingenuity of this series, the different types of demons, how to find them, capture vanquish them, the mysteries secrets behind both Cary Levi, just ALL OF IT I was drawn into the story so quickly so deeply, it surprised even me My world dropped completely away only to be replaced by a demon filled Detroit, where I became Cary AND Levi, not only living their stories with them, but taking on their emotions, fears, feelings, pain, worry, heat and euphoria too In other words, I experienced everything with them Which now explains why I feel like I had my butt kicked by a demon, but also blissed out from the rocking of my life wink She has this amazing way of telling a story that makes you feel as if she is really sharing her own story with you EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of her stories are well thought out with perfectly detailed descriptions of EVERYTHING from the scenery background surroundings, to the complex characters and their looks, personality history, to the storylines whether they are short or cross over multiple books All of this combines to bring the stories to life, to captivate you hold your attention from beginning to end, to have you feeling, caring, loving or hating the characters, to deeply enhance enrich your reading experience, taking you to new heights and places, in ways you will never expect With her immense, immeasurable talent and true gift for creating writing the kinds of stories that I can t put down or get enough of, T.F Walsh catapulted herself to the top of My Favorite Author list before I had even finished the first book of hers that I read In case you are wondering, the book is Cloaked, the novella that kicks off The Wulfkin Legacy series. @READ E-PUB ⚜ Demons Fever (Hell Unleashed, #1) È A Half Demon Dating A Demon Hunter She S Asking For Danger After Losing Her Dishwasher Job, Cary Stone Finds Herself Broke And Homeless And, Oh Yeah, She S Also A Half Demon Who Has To Stay In Hiding Because Everyone Wants Her Dead Awesome So When She S Offered A Job To Hunt Demons At Argos Inc She Jumps At The Chance To Get A New Lease On Life But In Order To Keep The Job, She Has To Pass A Series Of TestsFailing Isn T An Option And Then There Is The Hotshot Demon Hunter That Is Sexy Motivation To Reach Her Goal But If He Knew She What She Really Was, He D Want Her Dead Too Can Things Get Any Worse Levi Walker Is Pissed Off Seriously After Being The Best Demon Hunter At Argos Inc Since Forever, They Want To Screw Him By Not Paying Him For The Jobs Nope, Levi Decides It S Time To Go Or At Least It Was Until A Hunt He S On Spins Wildly Out Of Control And Causes A Catastrophic Lossand Everyone At Argos Blames Levi Now Faced With Being Sued For The Damage, Levi Begins Pursuing The Evidence To Clear His Name Jumping Right Into The Fray, Levi Soon Finds Himself In Mortal Danger But He S A Fighter Who Ll Battle Until The Endwhich May Come Sooner Rather Than Later, Now That He S Met A Beautiful And Mysterious Hunter At Argos And Can Barely Keep His Mind On The JobWill Levi Stay Alive Long Enough To Find The Proof To Clear His Name And Leave Argos For Good Or Will Cary Prove To Be The Sexy And Dangerous Distraction That He Just Can T Ignore Please Note Demon S Fever Has Been Previously Published In The Boxed Set Dark Fates My Disclaimer I was provided a complimentary copy of this book I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own I am not being compensated in any way Judi E Easley for Blue Cat ReviewWhat it s about Cary Stone s father disappeared a couple of years ago She s out of a job and now she s out of an apartment She s a half breed demon, but she s a great demon hunter.Levi Walker is a kick ass demon hunter trying to catch the demon who killed a friend He offers Cary a place to stay and tries to help her get a job.Will the attraction between them mess up their demon hunt and leave them both jobless Technical Tidbits The cover is certainly eye catching and Levi is definitely a part of the story so we can say it relates.The storyline is good Damsel in distress helped out by tough guy Tough guy and gal come together One of them messes up and they split.The characters are done pretty well We know a lot about Cary We know most of Levi s stuff, too, I think The secondary characters aren t in focus too much, like Brent Moore, Tasha, and Jack They may stay peripherals or they may become important.The pace was pretty fast Things just kept happening.The tension just kept building up This gal didn t get much of a break from the beginning It all starts with her father disappearing Did he leave for her protection or was he taken She s not sure.And this is where you STOP if you don t want to see any SPOILERS The good, the bad, and the ugly and how much it lit up my life There was definitely a feeling that Brent Moore was testing Cary harder than she tested the guys and yet Levi was remembering his own testing and how tough it was It seemed like his was just as tough in relation to him So I don t understand the slant on the testing ahead of time Though having your second testing the day after you get your bandages off following eye surgery is a bit much It s amazing she still had eyes after that.Levi is quite the character First, he s the helpful guy who s giving her a place to stay and really trying to keep his hands off her Not take advantage of her Then he s the super lover once she gives the go ahead Thoughtful, too The whole time he was chasing down that Corvette, he was thinking about Cary still sitting in that restaurant Thinking she would be okay He thought over and over about her Just before he took another turn after the Corvette Then, when she needs a demon stone to get the job she s been testing for, he takes the stone for his own needs.So, why does Brent Moore still give Cary the job when she doesn t have the stone He s a really shady character He seems to be waffling on what she has to do to get a job with him from the beginning He changes the terms of his bargain with Levi, too I just don t trust him I m interested in seeing if he gets worse in the next book To see if he becomes a problem or not.Recommended. When demons possess an innocent and you swore to send them back to hell I loved T.F Walsh s writing and Demon s Fever Hell Unleashed, 1 is her best yet I found action, suspense and smoldering hot sex to keep me on the edge of my chair and not wanting to put it down even when I came to the end I realize T.F Walsh s talent when she can make her characters Cary and Levi come to life and jump right off the pages as the battle rages on, and the inter action between the lovers How could I not love Cary and Levi Cary s resourceful, beautiful and absolutely remarkable in Levi s eyes Cary believes Levi is well handsome, muscle bound and his willingness to put his life on the line for innocent lives is hot.Demon s Fever Hell Unleashed, 1 is the book for you if you enjoy a touch of action, suspense and a sexual heat between two lovers you won t forget I know I can t Life is as low as it can get for Cary Stone So when she s offered a job as a demon hunter at Argos Inc., she eagerly signs on even though she s secretly a half demon herself To get the job, she must pass a series of tests She doesn t want any help, but there s that sexy hunter Levi Walker Levi is fed up with Argos and ready to quit, but one of his hunts gets out of control and he won t accept a loss He s going to find the demon or it will kill him Except it s hard to keep his mind on the job when Cary comes onto the scene Will she prove to be the one to help him or get him killed An incredible start to the Hell Unleashed series It s fast and intense with so many great elements Hellhounds, vicious hunters, and a demon car You don t want to miss this one Cary is a fantastic heroine No matter she has some demon blood, she s determined to save the rest of the world from their evil I sympathized with her immediately and her crappy life She had hit rock bottom when Levi and Argos showed up And Levi, oh my He s in a tough situation himself, and that s not even including the demon targeting him The sizzle between Cary and Levi is fierce And oh, the secrets they re keeping A must read for paranormal readers. This story took a little bit for me to get into, but once I did I didn t want to put it down It was truly original with a demon possessed car and incredibly exciting I was afraid it would get campy and cheesy that it never did It kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happened next.Cary and Levi are two characters that I got deeply invested in and I can t wait to know of their story I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series and I am glad it is already out Demon s Fever is an exciting new tale by TF Walsh that is loaded with danger and romance I am looking forward to continuing with it and I am giving it 4.5 Boundless Stars. Exciting story line and intriguing characters I loved the demon car Can not wait to see what happens in the next book This action packed novel had me hooked from the first sentence to the very last punctuation mark Walsh creates a vibrant yet dark world that I had a blast with The unique plot had me on pins and needles, guessing throughout while also caught up in the excitement of the action The characters were phenomenal as well I loved getting to know all of their quirks The secrets were also endearing Watching the main characters come to trust one another,getting to know each other as I got to know them, made it seem all the personal.Walsh draws readers in with her intricate and intimate storytelling, but keeps them there with the unforgettable characters that she creates This all wraps up in an unforgettable whole that is a fantastic start to this new series. I loved this book with the exciting storyline and characters and can t wait to read.I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book This is book 1 of the new series Hell Unleashed by the author.