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Rightfully Ours is a tender tale of teen romance filled with suspense, adventure, and humor It is a Christian romance in which two teens initially become close friends and confidantes As they spend time together, they discover they are attracted to one another and soon realize their morals are challenged as they struggle with temptations against the virtue of chastity.Amazingly, while digging, the couple finds a buried treasure gold Even incredibly, over time, they discover the rare treasure of true love, which is precious than gold.I enjoyed this book and its characters, who seem very authentic to me They are like all of us slightly imperfect, yet striving to become better versions of themselves They desire to live virtuous lives and eventually discover that they cannot stay chaste on their own, but must rely on the grace of God to give them the strength they need to do so.Rightfully Ours is a fast paced, exciting book that will hook you and keep you reading It is not just for youth, but is a great read for adults, too If you have a teen, read this book first before you give it to them I recommend it for older or mature teens, due to the intimate scenes described in the story It is filled with non preachy messages about the beauty of authentic love, which Pope St John Paul II defined as the theology of the body This does not mean that the book contains theological terminology, but it does mean that it deals with the issue of sexual temptation and assists teens in handling that It also helps them understand the meaning of true love I highly recommend Rightfully Ours for both teens and adults. When Carolyn Astfalk unearths a newspaper clipping about a treasure hunter who struck gold, she turns it into a young adult romance novel That took some doing, but as Edison said, Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration A keen observer, Astfalk soaks her written pages with reality Rightfully Ours, like her other romance novels appeals to the senses, especially those associated with food You can smell the baking cookies and feel the bite of a January freeze Her understanding of human emotions transports her readers into the minds of her characters as they experience blessings in the guise of disasters and conflicts The reader cannot take for granted that a happy ending awaits in the last paragraph. #Epub ⚣ Rightfully Ours ⚫ Sixteen Year Old Paul Porter S Relocation To Pennsylvania Is A Temporary Move During His Dad S Deployment Or So He And His Brother Think, Until Devastating News Lands On Their DoorstepPaul S New Home With The Muellers Provides Solace, Especially In The Form Of Rachel, His Friend And Confidante Their Abiding Friendship Deepens As They Work Side By Side To Uncover What Could Be Lost TreasureWill They Acquire The Strength Of Character And Virtue To Take Only What Rightfully Belongs To Them Or Are They In Way Over Their Heads, With Than A Few Lost Artifacts At Stake Themes Include Premarital Chastity And Overcoming Temptation When A Young Man Or Woman Recognizes That Authentic Love Is A Precious Treasure, They Are Also Enabled To Live Their Sexuality In Accordance With The Divine Plan, Rejecting The False Models Which Are, Unfortunately, All Too Frequently Publicized And Very Widespread Letter Of His Holiness Pope John Paul II To The Young People Of Rome, Sept , Catholic Christian FictionCatholic Writers Guild Seal Of Approval, Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk, rightfully belongs on your Want to Read list In Astfalk s third Christian fiction novel, she introduces us to two teenagers Rachel Mueller and Paul Porter At the beginning of the book, when Rachel and Paul meet, they are only 14 and 16, respectively Throughout the story, we see a deep friendship blossom between the two characters As they get to know each other, we see that friendship grow into love, young love.Rightfully Ours deals with the virtue of chastity head on yet in a manner that would make any teen want to be like Rachel and Paul These two characters serve as excellent role models for teenagers coming to grips with burgeoning love and sexual desire, contrasted against all that they have been taught concerning morals and virtue.I found Rightfully Ours enchanting, with a little bit of mystery As the story unfolds, Rachel and Paul discover than each other They enjoy digging around in Rachel s garden, only to discover something very interesting Can t give too much away, but let me say that what they found is very interesting, for it had the capacity to change their lives As I continued to read, I wondered how they might handle such responsibility.As I turned each page, I kept wondering if Paul and Rachel would remain true to their morals, or give in to societal pressures They were only teenagers What endeared me to this story is that as I continued to read the book, I learned that Rachel and Paul would come to discover that their love for each other is worth than any earthly treasure, and that their chastity was priceless.If you have a pre teen, or teenager, then you NEED to get a copy of this book Read it yourself, first, then pass it on to your child This wonderful story can serve as the impetus for having that all too uncomfortable, yet necessary talk with your child Using Catholic fiction, with characters that your child can relate to, will make that talk go much smoothly, for having read this book. Carolyn Astfalk s name is one I have come across many times over the last few years Catholic authors I respect, and other Christian book reviews have raved about her books I had actually purchased all three of her books but had not got around to reading any of them yet I have almost 400 books in my to be read list on Kindle, and another 200 on Play books So occasionally I lose sight of books I want to read But I just finished an anthology that is coming out later this year called Secrets Visible Invisible 7 Amazing Stories from authors at Catholic Teen Books Even before I had finished Astfalk s contribution Behind The Wheel , I had bumped this book to the top of my Kindle list so that it would be read next The short story was excellent, and this novel is amazing This book took me completely by surprise I had bought it because of a recommendation from an author but had not even read the description I started reading it because of how much I loved the short story that has two of the characters Paul is living in the guest house Granny flat at the Mueller s He is 16 and has had to move to Pennsylvania because his single parent, his father has been deployed overseas again His older brother Sean is working for a Gas company, but the company will not allow Paul to stay with him Rachel is the Muellers oldest child and is 14, her and Paul will attend the same school Paul s mother died when he was young And his father dies during this story He has two male influences on his life, his older brother and Mr Mueller This story focuses a lot on relationships Rachel and her younger brother James Rachel with her parents Rachel and Paul s growing friendship and eventually romance Paul s relationship with his brother And many It is also the story about premarital abstinence, chastity, and overcoming temptation It teaches lessons about respecting each other in relationships It also teaches about the value and purpose of work Weather that work is Paul s in an orchard as a summer job, or Rachel building her own garden and roadside stand to sell the fresh cut flowers Oh, and some buried treasure.This book is the 5th I have read from Full Quiver Publishing It is a publisher dedicated to books with a Theology of the Body focus All the books I have read from this publisher are great reads They are clean and uplifting I appreciate the publisher s goals and their books are excellent.This was the first novel I have read by Astfalk It is an excellent read I cannot wait for my children to be a little order to share this book with them I believe it will help teach my daughters and son s valuable lessons The characters are incredibly well written The story was fascinating and it was very hard to put the book down In fact, I gave up both my breaks and ate lunch at my desk, so I could keep reading it When you consider that this is only the authors third novel it is even that much impressive I recommend this book and know it ill not be long before I dip into another tale from the pen of Astfalk.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More Note This book is part of a series of reviews 2018 Catholic Reading Plan In this refreshing YA romance, readers have the chance to get into the head of the romantic hero Paul lives in the Muellers guesthouse during his father s deployment He and Rachel, his landlords daughter, find their friendship turning into something deeper while they struggle against temptation and Rachel s dad s opposition to their relationship, they discover historic artifacts buried beneath Rachel s flower garden I found Paul to be a likable character than Rachel, perhaps because she is a few years younger than he and a little immature Review based on publisher s ARC I received this book as a part of a Goodreads giveaway I liked the idea of a lost treasure, teenagers finding artifacts on a property, the general concept behind the book, or rather what the blurb made it appear was the general concept of the book Unfortunately, the blurb concept seemed to be just about the only thing I liked The initial premise, how the two main characters met, was highly implausible, taking me from, I could maybe suspend disbelief for a little while, to There is no way that this would ever happen, in about three pages or less Big brother works for a fracking company Father is in the military Big brother s going to loose his job if he doesn t find a place to stash his brother Brother gets taken in by the family who own the land that the fracking company is working onbecause the fracking company foreman suggests it There s to it than that, but just in case you actually still want to check out the book, I m trying to avoid spoilers In spite of this glaring issue with the plot, I still tried to keep going But, on top of the unrealistic situation that causes the characters to meet, the characters themselves were shallow There was no depth They were very one dimensional, stereotypical teenagers written by someone who has not been around teenagers in a very long time, if the descriptions are anything to go off of As if that was not enough to put the book down and walk away, then it lead into the religious overtones that appeared almost forced on the story I don t mind religion in books I mind religion being shoved where it isn t needed, and that s definitely what this felt like It added nothing to the story If anything, it subtracted from the already lacking story It was at this point that I was done There may be some out there who like the book, or there may simply be people giving this positive reviews because they received the book for free As y all know, however, I only do honest reviews Honestly, this isn t one that I will be keeping Even at free it wasn t worth it to me. I won a copy Rightfully Ours, by Carolyn Astfalk from a Facebook giveaway I began reading it on Saturday morning and finished it on Monday afternoon I found myself picking it up in spite of a flurry of activities, anxious to discover what came next As I read I thought, This would be a great book for teens to read Even though it s been almost fifty years since I fell into this age group, the feelings and thoughts of my youth came back in vivid memories as I read Carolyn wrote how my brain tells me that I felt I liked the style of the writing The main characters had flaws so they didn t feel like cardboard caricatures It had just the right amount of descriptive scenery to transport me to rural Pennsylvania, but not so much that I skipped those paragraphs I thought the feelings between Paul and Rachel developed at a speed that felt real Often times, one party feels differently and it takes time for the relationship to morph from friendship to deep feelings of affection I liked the way Carolyn handled those thoughts and reactions, as well as how innocent situations can escalate out of control I also liked the way the author wove her beliefs into the story without it feeling preachy It sent me a clear message about the struggles that some teens face and their wish to discover a way to handles their passions Coming of age stories fall into one of my favorite categories for novels, and this story lived up to my expectations I would recommend this book for teens, especially those in a dating relationship, and for those who wish to understand them I plan to pass on Rightfully Ours to a local high school library so teenagers can enjoy this fast moving, readable novel with plenty of action and a mystery that held my interest. Rightfully Ours is a novel for older teens about the importance and beauty of chastity This is the first book I ve read by Carolyn Astfalk and thoroughly enjoyed her writing style She is an accomplished Catholic romance writer and has brought her skills to the YA market This book is full of relatable characters, touching family traumas, teenage passions, and an intriguing mystery While an enjoyable story, this book deals with an important subject matter that teens face in our society purity I look forward to reading from this author. Well written and enjoyable, this story takes an honest look at the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of teens in a serious relationship As Paul s and Rachel s feelings for each other grow, they confront new emotions and urges that they don t always know how to deal with Like every child raised Christian, they know what they are supposed to do but in some moments, they don t understand why Sometimes they are confused and make poor choices, but through all the temptations, challenges, and even failures, they both develop an understanding of the value of chastity By the end of the story, they have a clear, solid, and mature grasp of its worth Rightfully Ours provides a thoughtful analysis of intimacy from a teen s point of view, making it a great book especially for teens who struggle with sexual temptation and for parents who want a deeper consideration of the trials teens in love face While all the characters are realistic, Paul was my favorite Rachel is fourteen when the story begins, and Paul is sixteen He lost his mother as a child and has a father in the military The story line surrounding this aspect had me considering what it must be like for the children of military men and women on active duty, and for those that have lost one or both parents I found myself understanding deeply and truly appreciating the sacrifice our service men and women make for our country.I enjoyed watching Paul and Rachel s friendship develop At times, they misunderstand each other and jump to conclusions or wistfully wonder if the other feels the same way They support each other and grow together while facing challenges and while embarking upon a treasure hunt in the flower garden It all felt so real.Mostly, I like the message of developing a strong conviction about waiting for marriage, rather than allowing oneself the temporary thrill of partaking in something that isn t rightfully ours I also like how the story tackles the real temptations and challenges a teen in a relationship could face, the behaviors that increase the trials, and those that safeguard from falling.This story has so much to offer.