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As the song goes Holding out for a Hero and along comes Captain James Warriner and all our wishes have been granted Virginia Heath has created the most unpretentious hero I ve ever read about and I was swooning over Captain James, Jamie, with every page Captain James was a wounded soul, a young man of 27 not long since returning home after fighting in the Napoleanic war and then being held captive for months and during his escape he was shot several times leaving devastating injuries to his thigh Through sheer arrogance and stubbornness Jamie managed to save his leg but he is left with scars, deformity and a painful limp His physical scars have spread deep and his mind is left unsettled and the strong, courageous young man now fears of the dark and of his own sanity He cannot see past his imperfections and feels he is completely useless to anyone His only joy at the moment is his painting His view of the beauty and wonder of nature kept him strong through a turbulent childhood and now he fills his days with artwork.Cassandra Reeves is the daughter of the new parish vicar Cassandra, Cassie, is a loner especially with the lifestyle of constantly moving due to her father s job and his disposition Cassie has been brought up by her father for many years since her mother fled the shackles of her controlling marriage Sadly, Cassie is now left to cook, clean and obey her father and his beliefs When Cassie can get away she loves nothing that riding out in the countryside on her pretty pony called Orange Blossom and also her love of writing stories gives her escape to another world On one of her rides this is when Cassie and Jamie meet under funny and embarrassing circumstances.Since this unexpected acquaintance with Cassie Jamie has been fighting with his feelings An instant attraction was felt but due to his self confidence in his imperfections Jamie makes a complete hash and his demeanour is quite obtuse Cassie was also struggling with these new feelings from her brief encounter with the former soldier.Can the young couples love of nature and creativity guide them though tough times that lay ahead Can they each rescue each other from their own personal darkness I loved Jamie s character and could sympathise with his self doubts This chivalrous man with toned physique wasn t afraid of showing his gentler side but I think this combination of his personality traits was perfect for Cassie With her own troubled upbringing and feeling very vulnerable Cassie needed a strong man to help her overcome her obstacles but Jamie s tender side gently healed Cassie s mental torment.Virginia Heath s wonderful wit wound beautifully throughout the storyline creating a gorgeous romance that made you smile, made your heart beat, made you sigh with pleasure but then the tempo of the story grew and you were left gripped with tension Loved it 5 5 Received this arc in return for an honest review , 3 on the naughtiness scale , 5 as I Utterly loved this amazing book.I literally could not put this awesome book down, was completely drawn in to the story and emotions of the characters as they unfolded having read 1 which I loved I knew what I may expect but it still blew me out of the water and I so very much enjoyed it, definitely cant wait to read 3 in the near future as the characters unfold definitely adore this series and the author who wrote them cannot fault a single word any who love Historical Romance will love this it has everything from humour to tears in every setting truly wonderful read I must admit I did weep myself along with the characters but gladly come the end was weeping I joy.Thank you for writing this book and giving me the honour to give an honest review in hope that others will also love this book and its series and also find your other beautiful books Virginia xxx Gosh, I really liked this one.I selected A Warriner to Rescue Her because of the high marks awarded this author s work by my fellow reviewers, who, I m happy to say, didn t steer me wrong The four Warriner brothers are outcasts in their community due to the sins of their forefathers and no matter how hard they work to redeem the family s name it s an uphill climb Things are made worse when a militant reverend moves into their town and is set on making an example of the scandalously Wild Warriners.Captain James Warriner is back home recovering from a debilitating leg wound that nearly cost him his life The injury has left him with deep physical scars as well as the nightmares associated with how he was hurt which continually plague him Jaime s only comfort recently has been his love of painting and riding on his brother s lands While out riding through the family s orchard Jamie is surprised to hear a woman s voice calling out for help Searching the area he comes across a pony wandering the path and a pair of stocking clad legs hanging from the branches of a tree Jamie is reluctant to help the woman out of the tree as his leg injury will make it difficult to support her weight, but his gentlemanly honor won t let him leave The rescue attempt goes about as poorly as Jamie predicted and he soon finds himself down on the ground with the distressed woman falling on top of him Uncomfortable with being seen as a hero by the beautiful if chatty young woman, Jamie excuses himself from the scene and hopes the whole thing will be quietly forgotten.Miss Cassandra Reeves cannot forget the handsome man who saved her from her own silliness Her own Sir Galahad wasn t too happy when she landed on him and Cassie feels guilty about possibly injuring him during the rescue It s not the impression Cassie hoped to make with the first person she s met in Retford since she and her father, the Reverend Reeves, moved to the small town Hoping to apologize for trespassing on the Warriner lands and perhaps make a better impression Cassie walks to the Markham Manor the following day and is met by the very friendly Countess of Markham and the still gruff Captain Warriner In her nervousness, Cassie becomes a fount of information about the incident in the orchard, her recent move from another city and her love of writing stories.Please read the full review at Romantic Historical Reviews The second in a four book series this story is every bit as good as the first.When a story makes your heart race, makes you cheer, laugh and cry, makes your stomach churn, makes you dream about the characters, makes you want to reach for the book as soon as you wake in the morning and every spare moment after that, you know the author has a winner on her hands.Such a book is A Warriner to Rescue Her Jamie and Cassie are wonderful together Both are damaged by their experiences in life Jamie by the war and Cassie by her home life but together they can overcome any obstacle on the way to a loving relationship.The villain of the piece is a despicable character whom I would like to bury in a pit full of venomous snakes I was given an ARC in return for an honest review. Sweet traumatized hero and lovely heroineJamie is a war veteran that was severely hurt on the leg He has traumas from his childhood that were accentuated during the war and he considers himself unworthy Cassandra is pure sunshine She is bright and beautiful inside out She has an abusive father but, to escape from her harsh reality, she writes sweet stories for children where animals talk Jamie has an artistic talent and ends up illustrating her story Two soulmates that have to overcome their fears and a few misunderstandings to have their HEA Very sweet read 4.5 Stars as reviewed at Roses Are Blue Warriner is one of four brothers who had been trying hard to bring their farm back to prosperity, and to eradicate the stain on their family name after years of cheating, neglect, and waste by their now deceased father When older brother, Jack, married an heiress, their financial problems were solved, and Jamie now had time to go back to something he loves painting beautiful scenery and wildlife As a child, Jamie suffered terrible abuse and punishment from his father for indulging in such a girlish pursuit, but he refused to give it up When Jamie became a soldier, he was badly injured, and now limps and has almost constant pain In addition to the physical wounds, Jamie suffers from what we now call PTSD, and has trouble sleeping This all contributes to making Jamie moody, abrupt, and distant Cassie Reeves is the new vicar s daughter As she s out riding, exploring the area, she manages to get herself tangled and stuck in an apple tree, which happens to be on Warriner land Jamie hears her cry for help, and comes to rescue her Despite his painfully injured leg, he begins to climb the tree, but Cassie panics, and the ensuing scenes are truly delightfully funny Jamie can t get away from Cassie quickly enough, and abruptly tells her to stay off Warriner land Cassie, seeing Jamie limp, believes that she caused the injury, and feels terrible.When Cassie calls the next day to apologize, Jamie is initially annoyed, or so he thinks Soon, he finds himself a little charmed and intrigued with the self deprecating young lady Somehow, when Jamie learns that she writes stories with talking animals for the children in her church, he finds himself illustrating them As they meet regularly, barriers begin to drop, and they become genuine friends The fairy tale stories mimic their own acquaintance, and Cassie casts Jamie as the hero, much to his surprise.I do love to read about a wounded hero, and Jamie has so many issues that he feels make him unsuitable to pursue a relationship with Cassie, though they both clearly want to Though Cassie is lovely, she is so insecure, and feels that she is not pretty enough, and is too flighty for someone like Jamie To make matters worse, Cassie s zealot father has taken an instant dislike to the Warriner family before even meeting them, based on gossip he heard It turns out that he is irrational and cruel, and metes out horrible punishments to Cassie when she doesn t live up to his exacting standards He is truly an odious villain, and he totally creeped me out.I read A WARRINER TO RESCUE HER in one sitting, and adored every page, as it ticked all the boxes of things I love the romance was slow building and sweet, the passion was there, I cared about and rooted for Cassie and Jamie, and there were a few scenes with the subtle humor I love The scene where Jamie is finally willing to show Cassie the scars on his hip and leg is priceless, as that s not what she finds holding her attention I highly recommend A WARRINER TO RESCUE HER, and eagerly anticipate the next installment from Virginia Heath. An enjoyable, quick read with humor, charm, and a romance I believed in. This is the second book about the Warriner brothers and I loved it James, aka Jamie, was badly wounded fighting Napoleon and lives in pain with a bad leg His black stallion is as grouchy as James While out riding, he comes across a dun pony with no rider He discovers a young woman, Cassie, stuck in the tree that she climbed to get apples for her pony Unfortunately, the tree limbs weren t strong enough and they end up falling out of the tree Cassie is the daughter of the new vicar who is not a good father.After meeting the vicar, Jamie understands Cassie s need to escape the vicarage She writes children s stories and Jamie, an artist, offers to illustrate them for her They spend time together, but eventually her father finds out and is furious I won t ruin this wonderful story by telling you Of course there is a HEA and 2 brothers waiting for their HEAs. If he d had any breath left in his lungs, he probably would have screamed in agony All that came out instead was a weird hiss Jamie thanks to his ancestors and over a decade of growing, he was now an ox of a man An ox of a man with a useless left leg.This is book 2 in Virginia s Warriner Series Well were do I start I loved it as I knew I would from start to finish, it made me laugh and also made me cry, I love the way Virginia writes she makes you engage with the characters.Jamie Warriner or as he said to Cassie Captain James Warriner, who fought Napoleon and was in prison for 6 months when he was shot at when he escaped the prison and from that he has a limp he also has a lot demons as well, he is afraid of the dark and has a lot of guns in his bedchamber and he doesn t like anyone going into his bedchamber He comes across as being rude and abrupt but he doesn t mean to be underneath he has a good heart because he likes painting and drawing pretty things and he helps Cassie with her book, Jamie has a stallion called Satan or as Cassie has named him in her book Stanley.Cassandra Reeves or Cassie, is the only daughter of Reverend Reeves I will come onto Cassie s father is a minute , she is desperate to leave her father just like her mother did when she was a baby When Cassie get nervous she babbles a lot and she likes to write but she has to be careful because her father doesn t like it, and she also like to wear pretty things, like silk stockings and rose bud garters and she doesn t like being locked in confined spaces.Jamie and Cassie meet when Cassie is stuck up a tree trying to get rosy red apples for her pony Orange Blossom, and all Jamie see is these pair of legs with silk stockings held up by rose bud garters Jamie does get Cassie from the tree but not in a graceful way From here Jamie helps Cassie with her children s book which is called Orange Blossom and the Great Apple Debacle, he does all the illustrations and they merge their names together with the help of Letty to Cassandra James.Now I come onto Cassie s father The Reverend Reeves, who is the most horrid father that has ever existed, who treats Cassie as a servant, to do all the household chores and if she steps out of line then her father recites bible versus at her and locks her in her room He also doesn t like the Warriner s in his words he calls them, debaucher s, cheats, vile sinners and kidnapping He also says that those Warriners sound exactly like sort of people who could do with hearing the benefits of God s word, and also These Warriners are in desperate need of my guidance.There is funny scene with Satan and Orange Blossom that gets a bit fruity by the river bank.I will give this 5 5 stars I would love to give stars I absolutely loved this book.I am now looking forward to the next Warriner bookThis book is to buy at.co.uk on 1 July ^Download E-pub ↞ A Warriner to Rescue Her ⇔ Tempted By The Damsel In Distress Captain James Warriner Is Startled To Find A Curvaceous Beauty Caught Up A Tree In His Orchard Despite His Shattered Leg, He Rescues Miss Cassandra Reeves, Then Is Determined To Have Nothing To Do With The Enticing Vicar S Daughter Except When Cassie Seeks Jamie Out To Apologize, They Find Themselves Persuaded To Work Together On Her Storybook Secret Liaisons With The Dashing Soldier Make Cassie Wish Jamie Would Rescue Her Once By Making Her His Wife