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Outcasts was such a cute book!! Each character was written to perfection. I loved the banter between Aiden and Riley. So, outcasts is set in high school where Aiden is your typical bad boy and Riley is also your typical shy nerd girl. They meet in a way where I just laughed out loud. So, they are at school and Aiden runs into Riley, which makes her fall. Thus starts their first argument where Aiden says Riley shouldn't have been in his way and Riley says he should apologize or ask if she's okay since he ran into her. Then they are being chased and he basically kidnaps her (just for short period of timeI swear!). Aside from that, Aiden's dad is getting remarried, which he does not approve, and Riley's mom somehow suggests to her friend that she would love to be a bridesmaid, which she also did not approve. Spoiler Alert: Riley is a bridesmaid in Aiden's dads wedding! They definitely had their ups and downs but they deal with them together. I really enjoyed this book, thank you kindle unlimited. Outcasts is a beautiful story which deserves to be out in the world touching readers hearts the world over.. one feels the trepidation of 2 hearts realising they're about to begin an amazing journey through trials and tribulations which two people become aware that their process to building and sharing an immense love for one another.. is definitely unfolding and blossoming as with any journey there will a Rollercoaster ride of the readers experiencing the curiousity, the butterflies, the laughter, the sorrow, the confusion, tears.... but it's the euphoria and the climax that will have folks recommending this story for years to come.
I read Outcasts on a social reading app called Wattpad and it was truly an amazing experience which has me wanting purchase the story when the publishers release it.. This was a amazing book. I first read it on wattpad but thgen got the book ! Nope

Maybe I misunderstood but it appears like the ma!e love interest gives the main character her first kiss and then goes over to her bullies house to hook up with her right after... Even if they're only officially friends at that point, unacceptable ( READ E-PUB ) ♵ Outcasts ♾ Outcasts Srie TVAlloCin Outcasts Est Une Srie TV De Ben Richards Avec Liam Cunningham Prsident Richard Tate , Hermione Norris Stella Isen Retrouvez Toutes Les News Et Les Vidos De La Srie Outcasts The Outcasts FilmAlloCin The Outcasts Est Un Film Ralis Par Peter Hutchings Avec Victoria Justice, Eden Sher Synopsis Aprs Avoir T Victimes D Une Blague Humiliante, Deux Meilleures Amies, Mindy Et Jodi, SOutcast Srie Tlvise Wikipdiaoutcasts Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisSociety Treats Disabled Persons As Outcasts La Socit Traite Les Personnes Handicapes Comme Des Parias These New Outcasts Faced Discrimination, Humiliation, And Loss Of All Their Civil Rights Ces Nouveaux Parias Faisaient Face La Discrimination, L Humiliation, Et La Perte De Leurs Droits Civiques Traduction Outcasts Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso Traduction Outcasts Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi Outclass ,outlast ,outset ,outstay , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques The Outcasts Wikipdia Victoria Justice A cute read, but it would have been better if Aiden's relationship with his father improved towards the end. I get that Aiden's angry and heart broken about the whole new family thing, but they're all nice people and if only he gave them a REAL chance, especially Anna (stepmom), instead of opening his mouth and slashing every now and then, everything would have turned up right and better.

Nevertheless, it was a fun, quick read and I really enjoyed Riley's and Aiden's banters. I also loved the friendships. I actually have a lot of things to say on how this book could have been better since I actually liked it. But since I'm looking for a bit of a fluffy read, I think this is quite good despite the flaws. ❤ Poorly executed

I feel guilty leaving only 1 star I know the author is only 19.... but then maybe a better editor was needed? This was written like I imagine a high schoolers fiction story would be written. Each sentence had the same basic structure and it was overly descriptive in a very juvenile way.
Basically every paragraph could have been pared down to one more complex better written sentence.

As for the plot very basic bad boy meets nerdy girl. I don’t know if it was due to the structure of the writing or not but Riley the MC read like she was autistic (she reminded me of an MC I’d read that had Aspergers) very monotone and robotic in her commentary, not very aware of social interactions.

Sweet teenage angst

This book was, in simple terms, cute. I enjoyed the banter between Riley and Aiden. Not to mention that Aiden is the typical hot bad boy that most young girls wish existed in their lives. The story line was good, relatable, and entertaining. I wasn't really a fan of how long it took to describe the main characters, and even when the description took place it was very vague, but I guess that's what a reader's imagination is for. I did enjoy this book a lot, would definitely read it again. Was this written by a 14 year old love smitten girl that has never been in a relationship and thinks that this kind of relationships are what people actually want because no thank you. Also the pacing was so fast. The "love" if that's what you want to call it was ridiculous. Nope I do not recommend this book. Just absolutely terrible

This book was so boring. I kept reading, hoping it would get better. Plus I don't understand why there were random chapters from a minor characters POV? Definitely do not recommend.