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All I can think is how hard I m falling.And if I ll let him catch meReading is a very personal process Some books you will like, some you will hate Some authors will have a direct connection to your heart Cassandra Giovanni seems to be one of them for me.Every book she writes is a hit for me I can always relate to the characters and I love the messages she delivers with them Behind the Lens might be the best demonstration of her work so far Basically,If you love stories about people overcoming their past and their fears in order to become who they want to be, this book is for you.If you love stories about musicians and bands, this book is for you.If you love flawless writing, this book is for you.If you love a sweet love story, this book is for you (((Free Book))) ⇬ Behind the Lens (Boys of Fallout, #2) ⇳ Natalie Scott S Life Is Simple With No Strings Attached As A Band Photographer, She S Made Metal Music Her Life, And Life On Tour Means No Relationships At Least Not Ones That Last And That S The Way She Likes It She Only Has One Rule Don T Date Or Otherwise Screw Around With The Client But She Never Said Anything About Love Brent Andrews Knows Natalie S Rules And He S About To Make Sure He S An Exception To Them All Of Them Even Ones She Doesn T Know She Has I really liked it. Behind The Lens Boys of Fallout Book 2 by Cassandra Giovanni 5 stars Natalie loves her life of photography and metal bands She may get slack from many people for it, but when it s your passion, who can stop you She has one simple rule, due to chaos of the past Never date anyone you work for Touring with Makeshift Chemistry, Natalie finds herself in an all too familiar situation with a certain Brent Andrews He s not your typical douchebag metal head, and I instantly fell in love with him He wants nothing then to get Natalie to break her rules, win her heart over, and let him in completely The past has a way of creeping it s way in, but with the help of Brent and the band, can Natalie rid her demons once and for all It s super cool to see them pull together as a family, and show Natalie they have her back, and they protect what s theirs Cassandra did a fantastic job of intertwining her love of music and photography into an amazing story of love, loss and friendships, and Im absolutely a fan of everything she writes Favorite Quotes I m not falling I feel like I ve landed.When he sings, parts of me shift back into place, and somehow, I feel like the holes in the fabric of who I am come together.Because ever since I met you, every day I ve felt like I m a better person like I m actually living my dream, when before I was just walking in someone else s.My Review Behind the Lens was a high angst, music based, melodrama NA romance I longed for a balanced emotional tone but I found enjoyment in Ms Giovanni s observant and descriptive details of the various characters nervous mannerisms and behaviors As excessive tension is just not my cup of tea, I was extremely impatient with Nat to find her voice, although I was entertained by Ms Giovanni s bantering band mates, as the levity was a welcome respite from the characters stresses I was languishing and near despair but held out for that highly desired HEA And I earned it. I practically salivate when I find out that Cassandra Giovanni has a new book She s set my standard for great coming of age stories and has completely pulled me into the world of the boys of fallout To me Behind the Lens is obviously an effort of passion and love for ones craft, reflecting Giovanni s love for photography and music The story feels genuine and heartfelt, everything just flows and unfolds with great consideration Our heroine Natalie has good cause to be guarded, and Brett, one of her newest clients, gives her good reason to break her don t date the client rule Beyond this being a fun read, as we see Brett and Natalie fall into each others lives and their quickly developing camaraderie, there s a sensual chemistry between them that comes through in their sweet banter and thoughtful conversations The story line is well paced and we get the right amount of history to explain why Natalie feels the way she does This is truly a story where the main character undergoes a transformation and comes to understand and accept herself Natalie is already strong and level headed but she learns to allow herself to take back what s hers and face her past A lot of this comes from her relationship with Makeshift Chemistry, she forms a connection with the entire band and I love how they have her back Behind the Lens is a 5 star read about being true to oneself, finding ones voice and following the muse I can t wait to see who gets the next story in this highly recommended series I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I am absolutely loving this series Natalie falls in with another band with heartbreak and anger still weighing heavily on her shoulders The band excepts her for who she is and become very protective of her especially when things start to unfold Love blooms even though she fights it Cassandra Giovanni pulls you straight into her world making you feel as though you are right there experiencing it right along with the characters. I devoured Behind the Lens The characters in the band were realistic They were truly best friends who fought, argued, played, and laughed while traveling around the country and playing with music Natalie has rules that she makes her self follow after getting burned with one of bands she traveled with Brent has taken it upon himself to break all those rules but he is breaking them for the right reasons The attraction between Natalie and Brent is undeniable Yet, it takes some time for them to admit it I enjoyed that they didn t quickly fall in love, fall in lust, or just fall They worked through their relationship they struggled to find a way to be together without pushing all the boundaries that Natalie set for herself I also liked that Brent didn t let her rules get in the way of them being together He could tell when he should push her, when to comfort her, and when to just get out of her way This is the second book in the Boys of Fallout series but each book is its own story Each book is a different band member s story I definitely recommend picking them up and reading each one. Behind the Lens by Cassandra Giovanni is the second book in her Boys of Fallout series This focuses on another band managed by Fallout Records and a talented photographer, Natalie Scott, and the lead screamer in the band, Brent Andrews Told from Natalie s POV we learn about her past relationship and the lasting scars it has left on her and her trust issues She may be falling for Brent slowly but surely but she is determined to keep it completely professional and to never go through what she went through with her last band boyfriend, Jace Smith.Brent is steadily falling for the bands photographer The shots she takes are amazing they capture everything and about their time on stage, the audiences involvement and emotion while they re playing, and the backstage moments that capture just how much of a cohesive unit they are When he learns the extent of the issues Natalie had with Jace, the band takes matters into their own hands and take back Natalie s power.Jace was a bad guy in this book but had such a redeeming moment that I m hoping he might get a book that can turn that one moment into Well paced with a few brief glimpses of characters from the first book in the series, Out of Beat, I felt that this book flowed much better than the first and held my attention throughout and I already really liked the first book I m excited to read in this series Enjoy Natalie is a free lance band photographer, that is, she travels with bands and photographs their lives on tour She has a bad history from dating a member of a former client and now has a hard and fast rule about never dating clients She is now on tour with a new band, Makeshift Chemistry, and is fighting the chemistry with one of the band members Brent, is one of the band s vocalists aka the Screamer, and Natalie s unofficial tour guide.he is also intrigued by her While the rest of the band members treat Natalie as one of the guys, including her in their taunts, teasing and fights, Brent is always patient and protective He admires Natalie s work but is determined to discover the reason behind her aloofness When Brent and band mates finally discover the reason for Natalie s rule , they take it upon themselves to get justice for Natalie Will Brent and Natalie find their HEA if the guys can get her some justice from her ex I love the camaraderie between the band members and Natalie, and that the relationship between Nat and Brent was a slow burn The story was well written and kept my interest IMO, this was better than book 1and I really liked that one as well Narrator did a great job.I accepted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.