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Another story of battles won and lostThis series explores a unique world that could happen or be just beyond our understanding The characters grow and complex as does the intricacies of the Unbounded world Fun reads. The intensity just builds even with this 3rd book in the series Erin Radtke is an unbeatable heroine and the cast of characters, Ritter, Marie, Oliver, Ava, Demitri and Keene just keep taking the hits and giving them back This is an engrossing sequel and I just fell into 4 This is one writer that knows how to bring the drama and keep the story line going and twisting it just a bit to wring out every bit of interest a reader has Perhaps Teyla Branton is now so much writer as she is a magician with words One of the things I really like is that the characters are well written there maybe some romantic angst in the story line, but Ms Branton lets that progress she doesn t keep relationships in stasis they are fluid and as much a hook as anything else This is a rich, powerful and wonderful read Fellow readersENJOY #DOWNLOAD Ã The Escape (Unbounded, #3) ⚸ They Have Become The Guardians Of HumanityRenegade Unbounded Are The Last Line Of Defense Between The Ruthless Emporium And Unsuspecting Humanity, But How Long Can They Continue The Struggle Alone Three Weeks Of Waiting To Free Their Allies From An Emporium Compound In New York City Has Erin Radkey And Her Renegade Friends On Edge Frustrations Run Even Higher When They Uncover A New Emporium Plot Involving The Nations Highest Leaders, A Plan Full Of Deceit Than Erin Imagined Possible With Each Passing Day, The Pendulum Swings Closer To World Wide Emporium Rule And Mortal ServitudeMaking Sense Of Her Personal Life Is Every Bit As Challenging As Being A Guardian Of Humanity Erin Fears That Her Increasing Abilities Will Alienate Everyone Around Her, Including Those Who Love Her Most Her Relationship With Ritter Langton Has Been On Hold These Past Anxious Weeks, And Though Their Connection Runs Undeniably Deep, The Constant Presence Of The Mortal Keene McIntyre Adds To The Tension Between Them Choices Loom Before Erin That Affect Not Only Her Personal Life But How She Does Her JobWith Political Intrigue And Non Stop Action, The Escape Adds Satisfying Dimension To The Unbounded World, Whose Characters And Storyline Has Captured The Imaginations Of Thousands Of Readers While this one starts down a standard urban fantasy trope of increasing the central character s power, in this case it is done without having the entirety of the plot solved by it and gradually occurs rather than immediately manifesting That the love interest is also further explored, in a far adult fashion, rather than silly oh I need rescuing by big strong man despite my independence, helps this book continue the fun of the series The action continues to be well done, the moral difficulties truly pressing in a world of near immortals and the dialogue is fun with real growth Not one to start with since the other two set up the plot of this one, but even then it s still a great read on its own. I m really trying not to just binge read this whole series, but it s tempting The name on this one says it all Escape That s exactly what these books are for me a chance to forget about the real world for a while Lots of action, fascinating characters, and just enough romance to make me want to know what happens next. This is the third book in the unbounded series and the fast paced, nail biting pace keeps you on your toes This book doesn t disappoint Another clean read.The Renegades are on edge as they try valiantly to rescue their allies from a compound in New York City They are scared that if the Emporium have too much power they will not only rule but mortals will be forced into servitude Erin is on a rollercoaster of her own making, her abilities are increasing but she fears that she will alienate everyone around her Although she has deep feeling for Ritter, he relationship with Keene is also on her mind, but with Keene being a mortal, it makes things complicated. Another amazing storyLove the continuance of these delightful characters They re as addictive as curequick Great job on another well written storyline Can t wait for the next one. ExcellentWow, so so good, I love this series The characters are amazing I love the idea that there could be a secret humanity such as this, well, the Renegades at any rate Now for book four This was my favorite of the three I don t know that it s truly a five star book, like four and a half but I liked it enough to bump it up I m definitely invested in the characters now and really looking forward to the next installment. I happily stumbled upon the Unbounded world by accident perhaps it was from a first book freebie After devouring the first book, I immediately had to read the second and learned that book 3 this one was to be published fall 2013 Was I excited Yes, I was I couldn t wait I was sucked into the Unbounded world and will eagerly be anticipating the next installment Sadly, that s apparently going to be an entire year away.This is book three in a series I highly recommend that you start reading book one and two before delving into this one I would not call this a standalone book there are too many characters and ideas that you will have no idea about The characters in the previous books are in subsequent books If you were to try to read this without having read the previous books, you will pretty much be asking who s Ritter Tenika Dmitri Keene etc If you like stories that get wrapped up with nice bows, then I suggest another series All three books have had endings which leave you immediately wanting You do not get the happily ever after that you might want in a romance genre You re going to get a plotline that has a resolution, but immediately a hook is immediately cast for the next installment You re going to want to know what happens with xxx I won t give spoilers but I m going to say YAY to Keene I cannot wait to see of him He seems like such an awesome guy Ritter mmmmm, Ritter, where s my own real life Ritter Erin she s growing a lot I can t wait to see where her character ends up Anyways, can t wait for the next book