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It is stubbornness, Vorus realised That is what sets us apart We Macht will fight on when there is no hope of victory We are stubborn bastards, worse than mules It is not even a matter of courageHac a tiempo que ten a agregado este libro en mi lista y menos mal que decid leerlo, fue el mejor libro de fantas a que le en lo que va del a o A grandes rasgos, el libro es protagonizado por los Macht, una raza de soldados sin igual similares a los espartanos que se emplean como mercenarios para luchar en diferentes guerras La historia comienza cuando el hermano del emperador de una tierra lejana contrata una fuerza de diez mil Macht para comenzar una guerra que le permitir hacerse con el trono la trama es much simo m s compleja que este burdo resumen, obviamente.En The Ten Thousand Paul Kearney nos presenta un mundo que toma elementos de la antigua Grecia para construir una brillante historia de fantas a oscura Eso fue lo primero que me llam la atenci n, el worldbuilding de este autor es comparable al de me pongo de pie Brandon Sanderson aplaudo y me vuelvo a sentar las diferentes leyendas son muy interesantes y a la vez se sienten reales porque se ven reflejadas en la forma de actuar de muchos personajes El hecho de que el autor tome cosas de la antigua Grecia tambi n le juega mucho a favor, ya que es como leer una reformulaci n de los antiguos mitos los nombres de los protagonistas, las t cticas de batalla, las armas que utilizan todos llevan nombres tomados del griego antiguo Esto ltimo es lo que le da ese tono de fantas a realista a este libro A pesar de que se mencionan ciertos aspectos sobrenaturales y de fantas a como armaduras legendarias, razas humanoides y dioses , es una historia en la que no hay magia.Pero sin lugar a dudas lo que m s disfrut de estos libros fueron sus personajes The Ten Thousand es protagonizada por varios personajes complejos que crecen mucho a lo largo del libro Rictus, un joven que lo pierde todo y se une al ej rcito para terminar su vida de forma honorable Gasca, otro chico bonach n que busca labrarse una reputaci n como soldado Jason, comandante del ej rcito Macht y Vorus, un Macht renegado al mando de los ej rcitos del emperador Estos personajes son impresionantes y permiten conocer las diferentes perspectivas dentro de los ej rcitos adem s, ninguno de ellos est a salvo en ning n momento prep rense para llorar mucho Para terminar, The Ten Thousand es uno de los mejores comienzos de trilog a que he le do Es una novela que no te da respiro ya que pr cticamente todo el libro narra la interminable lucha de los Macht por conquistar el imperio Los personajes son brillantes y complejos, y esa combinaci n de fantas a y mitos griegos resulta excelente Hay much simos giros inesperados y ning n personaje est a salvo, George R.R Martin estar a orgulloso de lo que logr Kearney con la crudeza de muchas escenas Si est n buscando una historia al estilo Game of Thrones, entonces lean este libro No se van a arrepentir.Voy a escribir una rese a completa de toda la trilog a en cuanto la termine Toda la trilog a est disponible en espa ol. This was my first read by author Paul Kearney and I will say that I enjoyed his writing style Kearney presents a nice balance of description without getting too verbose, and the story was easy to follow The Ten Thousand is a fantasy version of the real life march of Xenophon s army through ancient Greece, and the military conflicts in this book mirror the style of the popular Greek phalanx I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys military fantasy, and would also recommend Michael Curtis Ford s novel by the same name.Things to consider before reading this book this is a zero magic GRITTY setting detailing battles and conquest.so this might not be the book for you if you are offended by fiction showcasing extreme violence, harsh language, and rape. The Macht are a people out of legend in the land of the Kufr A hardened mercenary centered people that live for war and make a living through it Where would be a better place to go when you re looking to overthrow a kingdom And to be honest, the plot has a couple twists and turns, but this is basically it The Ten Thousand reminded me a lot of Steve Erikson s Deadhouse Gates There s an epic force that has to make it s way through an entire continent,which is the only way to safety, but which encounters one obstacle after the next.Throughout the book, we follow Rictus, from the legendary Isca, which is noEarly in the book, he finds himself in a mercenary company and heading to the land of Kuf to fight among what becomes known as The Ten Thousand Being from Isca, Rictus has developed a fighting prowess that is matched by few Rictus is young and cocky, but a really fun protagonist to follow He makes mistakes, but he s easy to root for and has reasonably explained talents.Paul Kearney has a knack for plotting and although I alluded to it being simple, that s not entirely the case It s definitely straight forward, but Kearney does a great job setting up a great climax, but leaving you with enough loose ends that the ending is just as rewarding and extremely surprising in this case.In addition, Kearney doesn t bog down the narrative with info dumps He keeps the world flowing around the characters, so we re let into his highly imaginative story one step at a time I mean, there s even a glossary and a number of interesting races that he explores, but Kearney does it with such ease, the pace is kept nicely.Why Should You Read The Ten Thousand If you like low magic, and really there s none, but high military action with multiple imaginative races, you ll really enjoy The Ten Thousand It s fast paced, it can be gory at times, but the world is all it s own and the story is epic while keeping the epicness of the page count low.4 out of 5 Stars Kearney can certainly write His descriptions are rich and fluid, and he creates a strong sense of another time and place which is a common failure of some Fantasy writers Readers should go into this book prepared for a non Fantasy tale, regardless of the marketing label We could spend hours arguing about what is and isn t a real Fantasy story, but the common expectations of the genre will not be met for most For me, this is only a Fantasy novel in that it s not taken from some direct historical setting Aside from the invented place and race names, this doesn t feel anything like a Fantasy tale That s not necessarily bad in my case, because I love historical fiction, and that is what this book feel like to me Go back to the era of Ancient Sumeria, add some races, and that s the extent of the Fantasy elements Many other readers will be bothered at just how Macro this story is Authors commonly write along a spectrum with the emphasis being on characters on one end and the plot on the other end with exceptions, of course The Ten Thousand is extremely far on the plot end of that line While there are characters who are important and who feel real , each of them ultimately feel minor In fact, you could see this book as actually lacking in a protagonist This is a detriment to the novel, I think I think it s so far to the edge of that scale, that readers lose interest in the fate of the Macht the army at the center of the story Lastly, readers should go into this knowing that this almost exclusively an Ancient World war story If you dislike that sub genre, avoid it I think that this mixture of his talent as a great writer but let down due to the type of tale he has written leaves me too conflicted to give a Star Rating, so I am leaving it blank. I ve toyed with reading this before but was never fully committed until recently when i read a 10 10 review on a fantasy fiction website.Based on a real campaign way back when just after the dinosaurs died out, The Ten Thousand is a retelling of when Cyrus the Younger attempted a coup on his brother who ruled the Persian Empire in 401BC In the book Brother A hires a mercenary army from across the sea to aid in his attempt to overthrow his King brother Brother B learns of the impending attack and takes his even bigger army to meet them half way What follows is a brutal, bloody and dirty war The Macht mercenaries could give Gerard Butler and his 300 a run for their money as they carve up the opposition as if they were Star Wars droids.There is very little depth to the story The hiring of the Macht and the invasion all happen within the first hundred odd pages with little regard for character development, emotional interest, world building and no back story of the two brothers I understand one wants to overthrow the other to reign supreme but a bit of family history would have been nice So instead of a deep, intriguing plot the book is full of battles, rape and manly banter which becomes repetitive I found The Ten Thousand a tedious read, which struggled to hold my interest I won t be bothering with the other two books in the series. I almost gave it 4.5 stars, but I figured I d round up since this book was so good.A fair warning, this is COMPLETELY a military fantasy book If you don t enjoy large battles, guts, blood, and death, then look elsewhere because this book is chalk full of all the above Technically you could almost call this a historical fantasy, since it purposefully mirrors events in Greek history This book follows a large group of mercenaries as they fight for an usurper to the throne of the largest empire around There are many large scale battles and Mr Kearney does an astounding job writing them Too many times authors glaze over the battles or leave you scratching your head after a convoluted fight scene, but not Paul This books has many things that surprised me The whole world was fairly fleshed out with many different cultures There was even a romance subplot which I didn t expect from a military fantasy book whatsoever There are twists and turns that take you by surprise, both good and bad.The only thing I had an issue with was the POV setup It starts off with many different POVs and then slowly focuses down to the most important characters This makes it a little hard to follow for the first third of the book but once the view narrows, it gets a lot better.Overall, a beautiful military fantasy book that is probably in my top 5 for that sub genre, which for me, is saying a lot. I m glad I started this I went in to it not expecting much but I loved everything about this book The story revolves around the Macht army, who are hired by a rebel self proclaimed King with an eye on his brother s Empire Let s just say if the Macht got even a glimpse of what awaited them across the Sea they would have declined this contract with a no, thank you but then where would the epic story be This was beautiful writing, where every sentence had meaning The world building is superb, and I loved the whole different races thing I love how the book was true to the map, i m a sucker for stuff like that The battle scenes were some of the best I ve come across in fantasy Paul Kearney chooses to tell the story through multiple character POV s, from the King s themselves down to the foot soldiers Notable characters Rictus of Isca , probably the main character of the book, his character started out a young lad but by the end, due to what he saw and went through, all innocence got washed off him this could be said for many of the others Jason , my best character, just an awesome character all round We see the politicking of the leaders of the Macht through him Gasca , friend of Rictus, young lad looking for adventure, looking for brotherhood that he didn t get from his real brothers, finding it in the army with men dying of thirst but who ll share their last water with him We see the lives of the foot soldiers through him Tiryn , Concubine to the rebel prince, a really complex character Vorus , A former Macht, now loyal servant to the High king, who is faced with exterminating his original people for his new King Another very complex character He was compared to George Martin yes, no character is safe major or minor Compared to Erikson yes, he gets you attached to his characters, he pulls your feel strings, I was fighting back tears in the middle and the end of this book Give Paul Kearney a try if you haven t yet, i m definitely a fan of his now. Wasn t going to a written review for this, but it as a book its bugging me Good points are its well written, great battle scenes.bad points not much in way of character building at all in this story.Theres enough goodness in this to make me want to read the next one to see how that pans out. I ve been in a reading slump of late I think I m harder to please now, maybe I ve just read too many books over too many years I don t know Now I look for a book to draw me in at some basic emotional and intellectual level I don t care if it s deep or if it s brain candy it seems that somehow I need to connect or something So, I ve had a lot of mediocre reads and not a few disappointments lately This happily isn t one of themI ve had this book on my shelves for some time, I ve nominated it for group reads in a couple of fantasy groups but it s never won so I just kept putting it off Last week I decided I d go ahead and read it I have the next 2 in the series setting on my shelves I m glad I did.This is an excellent read First let me say this is not a light book You won t find jokes and a snarky hero, you won t find a jaunty adventure What you will find is a gritty, realistic story of war In the beginning there are really no good guys or bad guys here This is the story of mercenary troops in war These are men who fight for pay are dangerous to even be around and are described by one of their commanders as the scum of the Earth.when not at war.The book is very much a retelling of the story in Anabasis by Xenophon He tells the story of 10,000 Greek mercenaries hired by Cyrus the Younger in 401 BC to overthrow his brother In an ironic twist the Greeks won the war but in the last battle their employer Cyurs was killed leaving the Greek army alone in hostile Persian territory They had to fight their way back to the sea Xenophon relates how he was elected one of the new leaders of this army.Here the Macht is are a legendary people who live across the sea from the Great King s Empire of Kuf This is a fantasy retelling and the Empire is populated by three species different from each other and humans Inside these are different castes of people The Kufr rule here, at least the top caste do They are taller than humans with golden skin The Macht are thought of as barbarians, but also they are seen as horribly dangerous warriors.The Great King s brother hires a great army of Macht to overthrow his brother and take the throne This is the greatest army of Macht ever brought together, and they must cross the empire I.LIKE.THIS.BOOK.This is a fantasy story with fantasy races set in a fantasy world If however you like you re fantasy full of overt magic you probably won t care for this one There are no wizards shooting firebolts across the battle field No one has a healing potion There is really only one piece of what I d call overt magic in the book and it s simply described It could end up being turn out to be a piece of lost technology from a past age of the world see Arthur C Clarke s statement, Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic I d call this military fantasy and have established a shelf for that The story is told with lots of sweat, swearing, blood, viscera, stink and violence The story breaks out of the gate at a full run and seldom slows down The characters are there and I think very well filled out, but it s largely done on the run as is our outline of the world.The story isn t openly hopefully The people in it are flatly human even the other races species of humanoids You ll see the worst on humanity here but oddly you ll also see other things See there s an odd truth about us humans and that is that pressurestruggle, brings out what we really are Like the super soldier serum that Captain America took, pressure, struggle, hardship makes usof what we already are The craven, the selfish, the ambitious becomeso The noble, the honorable, the brave also becomeso.The book has an almost anticlimactic ending though I won t say how yet it s also oddly satisfying and apropos.I m giving this book 5 stars and enthusiastically recommending it Be aware going in that it s a military book full of fighters Anyone who s ever been in the military or probably had family in the military will know to expect crudity and foul languageand as I said, blood, sweat, tears and stink The book almost seems to wreak of unwashed bodies, excrement, fear sweat, urine, blood and the battlefield covered with sun bloated corpses It pulls no punches But it tells an enthralling story Know that going in and you ll get an exceptional book.Recommended. ^FREE PDF ☠ The Ten Thousand ⇨ Tough, Gritty Fantasy To Compete With George RR Martin, Steven Erikson, And David Gemmell By A Critically Acclaimed And Highly Praised Author The Start Of A Brand New Epic Series Retelling Of The Classic Greek History From Xenophon Supported By Targeted Marketing, Including ARCs, Advertising In The Genre Press And Online SupportOn The World Of Kuf, The Macht Are A Mystery, A Seldom Seen People Of Extraordinary Ferocity And Discipline Whose Prowess On The Battlefield Is The Stuff Of Legend For Centuries They Have Remained Within The Remote Fastnesses Of The Harukush Mountains In The World Beyond, The Teeming Races And Peoples Of Kuf Have Been United Within The Bounds Of The Asurian Empire, Which Rules The Known World, And Is Invincible The Great King Of Asuria Can Call Up Whole Nations To The BattlefieldHis Word Is LawBut Now The Great King S Brother Means To Take The Throne By Force, And In Order To Do So He Has Sought Out The Legend He Hires Ten Thousand Mercenary Warriors Of The Macht, And Leads Them Into The Heart Of The Empire